two beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century):

“ATLANTIS RITUAL BRACELET”: design channeled by Adam Donaldson Powell, made with silver and gold, semi-precious stones and crytals. Note the Atlantis design featuring concentric circles bridged by a cross formation and the symbols from the Universal Language of Light (as channeled by Laila Holand, Norway).

“TRANSFORMATION PENDANT”: design channeled by Adam Donaldson Powell, in silver and gold with aquamarine. Note the Eye of Horus and the Six-pointed Star (symbolizing that there are many ways to God/Enlightenment but that all are based upon Wisdom) and the “A”-tone as the mantra device.

‎”LEMURIA RITUAL NECKLACE”: design channeled by Adam Donaldson Powell, featuring silver, gold and bronze, precious stones, semi-precious stones and crystals. Note the oars which are symbols of the spiritual journey and Transformation process.

‎”NEPALI NECKLACE”: designed by Adam Donaldson Powell, and made in Kathmandu, Nepal, featuring silver, lapis lazuli and turquoise.



A number of Lightworkers have taken a “short cut” to non-emotional detachment, with a supreme focus upon rhetoric and platitudes in our approach to the new consciousness and new spirituality. In spite of this enthusiasm and impatience, there are no short cuts … and we still have to put ourselves through the practical self-developmental and collective involvement (mentally, emotionally and physically) in order to “anchor” our full change of consciousness and dna transformation.

Our higher selves thus create third dimensional challenges in our lives so that we can learn this important balance – which in turn gives us a true understanding of “detachment”, with a higher form of love: love of individual consciousness development in ourselves, in each other, and in the universe. As psychologists / psychiatrists need to undergo such personal experience and training in order to help others, so must Lightworkers do the same.

Your guides and helpers are there to help you through this, and your new strength will further qualify you to do the “great work” that your soul has consented to do. As you know, the number of persons that will approach you for help will increase many fold from this point in time and onward. Having solid balance and underlying strength on all levels will help you in this work, and will also serve as an example for others to begin and carry out their own processes. We are not responsible for doing the work for others; but rather to inspire, encourage and give help to self-help. That is also the only way we can be effective … both in terms of the individual in question as well as in terms of reaching large numbers of the population in a meaningful (developmental) way.

Remember that sharing your feelings and emotions with your environment and with persons you love is essential to equalizing the playing field so that true love and support of another’s ability to master his/her challenges can better be enabled. In this way, it is the highest form of love and respect.

Many so-called “conspiracy theories” and intuitions that we have embraced are now proving to be both accurate and relevant … and are also now being embraced (or considered) by many more on the planet. Keep up the good work … and know that you are making a difference. DARE TO STRUGGLE … DARE TO WIN!

namaste and adonai

Some of my short spiritual messages for Lightworkers follow:

1) A call to Lightworkers: increasingly rapid and successive changes in our consciousness, dna structure, understanding of our galactic environment, the functions of our pineal gland, revelations about deceptions etc. necessitate a new understanding of and approach to psychology and psychiatry. We need to start educating experts in the medical field about spiritual developments now. There is much resistance but the pace of consciousness change and external influences will soon radically increase both the need for spiritually-developed and spiritually-aware medical practitioners, and make Lightworkers’ work in these areas easier. Many of you have been studying psychology, coaching, NLP, Reiki, aura reading and healing etc. for a long time. Listen to your guides for instructions.

2) We planetary citizens (in all our hybrid forms) continuously define our present and future with our thoughts, words and actions. How are you defining the reality you wish to embrace? Do you wallow in the doom and gloom prophecies, or do you take up your sword and your rose, and create “heaven on Earth”?

3) The long-awaited “Divine Intervention” is not merely an external intervention comprised of teams of higher beings, angels, aliens etc. but includes mostly humanoids. Humanoids must now understand that they themselves create reality (present and future) with their thoughts, words and actions. This cannot be stressed enough. Thoughts, light and sound are building blocks of creation. Life forms are created in other ways than mere biological Darwinian explanations. This means that: 1) humanoids have self-determination, and can at any point in time re-create a new and better reality and existence; 2) yes, we are ALL GOD, i.e. self-creating souls that are manifestations of divine energy, and that never “die” because energy and soul entities can not be destroyed but rather transformed; and 3) once we are able to collectively raise the thought consciousness level on this planet enough we will get the assistance we ask for from external forces, which are waiting with excitement to see if we can wake up from our dreams and see behind the various smoke screens that we are obsessed with. WE ARE THE DIVINE INTERVENTION! Please wake up humanoids. But even if you do not, your souls will continue to live and to evolve in other forms (as they do while you are now still in humanoid form).

Learn to focus and direct your thoughts and energies. That will help your self-manifestation abilities. Adonai!

4) Terra is now at the gateway of the Fifth density, and the signs are appearing all over the globe. Do not be misled by charlatans or those who would attempt to promote fear. I say to you verily: Terra will NOT perish as a world. There will be some changes, but many will survive. Lightworkers have much to do in the years to come. Do not look upon 2012 as an ending, but as a beginning – the beginning of a brave new world with a new consciousness. Dear Lightworkers: there are many who will be confused and who will be in fear amidst the transitional changes underway, and which will be speeding up from now on. Show empathy and help them to understand that which seems “miraculous” and “impossible”. Meditate and ask for guidance. Your questions will be answered in all ways possible. Adonai and godspeed!

Happy New Year 2010 oh precious ones!
You are now smack-dab in the middle of the Great Awakening. Many of you are beginning to see through the veils of deception constantly created by those whose God is greed and power and control of humanity and the Universe. There will be many desperate attempts to deceive you further, including natural catastrophes that are man-created, the appearance of “evil” alien spacecraft (which are – in fact – man-made and flown by humanoids that would deceive you), phenomena galore in the skies created by your scientists and military intelligence that would deceive you, attempts to fool large parts of the world population to believe that the new Messiah has arrived just in time to herald in one new world religion and a new world order, and there will be revelations that will shock you – both in terms of lies and scams that you have been subjected to for decades, centuries and even longer periods of time, but also in regards to the extent of scientific technology and outreach into space that your governments actually have achieved … and have largely kept off the public agenda. You see, my precious Lightworkers – you have been busy running around from one small fire to the next, unaware of the large forest fire that is approaching with great force. But now you know. Spread the word! Battalions of souls in great numbers are required for the work at hand. Godspeed!


NB. This is best viewed with Safari or Mozilla Firefox. Enjoy!

1. Terra (Earth) is a unique training ground for souls. While there will be major changes here it will be reconstituted. 2. Evacuation from Terra is not the same as ascension. 3. There is no point in fearing physical death, as the soul never dies. 4. Anyone can create their own “jump room” through thought projection. Anyone that learns to harness this consciousness can also ascend. Human consciousness knows no bounds in this regard. 5. We are here to learn and develop as soul entities. Choose the “quality of life” truly important to that development and live each moment as fully as possible. Our time on the physical plane is precious but it is also only a dream/an excursion within a greater existence. 6. We exist in other dimensions/planes at the same time as our sojourn here on Terra right now. 7. Know thyself, and consciously seek remembrance of who you really are. 8. Your soul family and guides are only a thought/prayer away. 9. Be here now, and do not fear. 10. Each of us and all things are expressions of divinity. That is all we really need to learn. Godspeed!

CHANNELING FROM (X)ANTHROS: an intergalactic entity

(X)anthros advises: “Food, water and air are essential. Learn about what you are ingesting and how to eat for good health and survival. Develop your telepathic skills and your mental skills. There is a battle being waged for control of your minds and dna.”

SOME THOUGHTS ON THE PATH OF COMPASSION — the way of the Intellect of the Heart.

Namaste my beloved brethren!

As you know, the Path of Compassion is a multi-layered concept full of abstractions for he/she that has a one-dimensional (i.e. 3rd dimensional) perspective and approach. The Path of Compassion is also one that many souls use numerous lifetimes on Terra as well as much time in the Interlife to study. There is no final or finite definition of Compassion, as true Compassion is predicated on constant evaluation of and by the individual Soul and the effects of non-action and action upon the Great Progression within the workings of the First Source and Center.

Humanoid perceptions of “compassion” are only one minute aspect of the Path of Compassion, and taken out of context can even lead to violent passive-aggressive, egotistical and manipulative measures.

The mystical and magickal Tarot (in combination with the Qabbalah) gives a very good basic approach to the study of the Path of Compassion.

Compassion begins with the Self – understanding of the amazing and perplexing state of being both an individual and collective Soul entity (in both the emic and etic perspectives – inside looking out, and outside looking in … if you will). Non-attachment on this level gives insight into the pulse of the First Source and Center, our guiding Life Force. This pulse provides us with the basis of true self-love (a non-egotistical love that is non-emotional) and is truly the passion of Divinity breathed into the individual unit of supreme soul emanation. Now, this emanation of Love provides the individual Soul vibrations with a passionate desire to connect with other emanations of Divinity in one’s social, emotional, physical, psychological, political (and other) environments. This – of course – results more often than not in a series of experiences, attractions/repulsions of energy, confusions of interpretation of states of emanation that “seem” foreign and different than one’s own … and decisions to be undertaken. There is always a decision to be undertaken – even when one does not make a decision to do something then that is actually a decision not to act, and there are cause and effect reactions to all that we think, say, do, and conversely to all we do not think, do not say, and do not do. The first fundamental concept I would bring into play here is then that man/woman is a part of Nature. If we look at incarnated beings as physical emanations representing the attributes of Earth, Fire, Air and Water … and then add in Spirit as the interpretive element then we can begin to understand the beautiful complexity of incarnated Soul experience where the “individual” meets its environments, and attempts to balance personal experience and understanding with the Spirit of the Universal Soul.

Every aspect of the Fool on his/her cosmic Journey is an emanation of both the individual and the collective Soul, just as we are all personalities in our dream-states and we are also all that we identify with and do not identify with in our environments. The Path of Compassion is – to me – ultimately the continuous effort to shake myself out of the consciousness of separation (the idea that the individual and the First Source and Center are extricable and separate in any way).

Throughout this journey, the Fool (like the Soul that repeatedly incarnates) tries on many “garments” and roles in order to more fully understand the multiplicity of being part of the First Source and Center. There are many lessons to be learned and this Path requires much courage. It is not about being “nice” to others necessarily – being kind and nice is, as I indicated above, subject to qualification. To me “compassion” in this regard requires the Will to interact with oneself as an emanation of Spirit and with one’s surroundings in ways that honor the ever-developing universal Spirit. The Path of Compassion provides us with reminders that there is no good or evil, that we and others often act or do not act in certain ways in order to achieve and allow for learning for our individual souls and collectively (many times at great expense to the Soul that another may find offensive, when in fact it is a loving gesture), and also in regards to soul contract agreements made in the Interlife. There are – thus – no bad emotions. It is not “bad” to dislike another person’s words, thoughts or behavior, and there is no heaven or hell for good or bad Souls – even those that “kill” another. There is – in fact – no death of the Soul, and all incarnated Soul forms enjoy a physical birth and death, regardless of how or whom helps precipitate the “transformation” and transition.

The Path of Compassion indicates – to me – an honesty (again non-judgmental usage of the word) that is based upon “being here now” – being in one’s Self at the moment and attempting to balance emotions, words, thoughts, and behavior with a consideration of a “total”/self-less developmental and learning experience for oneself, for one’s environment and for the “total” First Source and Center. (“Total” is – of course – a perception.)

The iconic representation of the Archangel Michael, who is an Adept at knowing when and how to employ the rose and the sword, is a glittering example of the Fool in a state of masterful study. The rose and the sword are equally “compassionate” and both have the potential of being non-compassionate, ego-driven and expressions of separation of consciousness. I have referred to the Path of Compassion as involving the intellect of the Heart. It is not the individual heart to which I am referring, but to the Universal Spirit of Divinity of the First Source and Center. That source which affords each and every incarnated and non-incarnated soul expression with creator, creative and divine impulses, and which makes each of us expressions of – or quite simply put – God. To suggest that one never should express discontent with one’s own thoughts, words or behavior – or those/that of one’s environment – is, to me, an over-simplification and possibly judgmental perspective that may actually interfere with necessary individual and collective soul development.

The “response-ability” is overwhelming. In fact, often so overwhelming that it is often just as well to let the intellect of the Heart override the analysis of the Mind.

On quite another level, we are all here to influence and be influenced in different ways. In addition, some of us have accepted assignments as spiritual warriors (if you will) – not necessarily a violent expression but more of a magician in an esoteric sense. There is much upheaval throughout our Galaxy at this time especially, and there ïs much work to be done by many souls on both sides of the Veil. I firmly believe that the individual and collective conscience that resounds: “We do not wish to have this separation of consciousness and its consequences as our reality” is a valid and necessary function and act. Sananda in his incarnation as Jesus was (according to the Bible) quite the spiritual warrior, as are/were many other Adepts. We no longer need gurus or Adepts as our Masters or “intermediaries to God”, but the examples of these iconic personalities contain much inspiration in terms of many possible roles and expressions of the Soul. Separation of consciousness and its consequences cannot be meditated away on a mountain top. Soul and multi-dimensional Interaction with one another is the only comprehensive way to balance.

Ignoring/denying one’s true feelings only keeps the wolf chained to the back door. The key is perhaps to let go of the fear and to release the wolf from our need for him to protect us.

There is much more to be said about these things. In short, I will conclude now by reiterating that my view is that the Path of Compassion is perhaps mostly about supporting the Over Soul in its journey (individual and collective) – i.e. loving not the personality of another being so much as loving the Divine Instinct in all expressions of the Universal Soul and First Source and Center.

Adonai … and Blessed Be!

Two short excerpts from my novella “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel” follow:

All was good for Ga. He had gotten his wish to ascend without first dying … an ‘Enochian’ fantasy he had had for many lifetimes … in order to receive healing and self-realisation, and then return to help the other incarnates on Terra in a more efficient way. He realised that he had worked quite diligently through many lifetimes in order to get to where he was, but also that even this assignment was a natural link in his own chain of greater soul development processes. He had, after all, worked at the Intergalactic Administrative Offices for Soul Development for quite a while – both when in the Interlife, and also while incarnated on Terra and other stars and planets (especially while meditating and sleeping). His primary function was to help the higher-level soul guides to develop incarnation models, in cooperation with soon to be returning souls. Usually, a returning soul was shown up to three different lifetime models from which to choose. These models were presented telepathically, through the life choice cylinders (tubes in which the soul is positioned) while ‘trigger moments’ from the lifetime being presented are communicated on the rotating screen on the walls of the cylinder, through sound and light energy vibrations interacting with the soul’s eternal chakra and aural systems, but also through additional explanation given the inquiring soul at the “Library for soul choice and development”, which contains interactive books with geometric symbols carrying specific messages related to the particular soul’s development. Although quite artistically inclined, Ga had always worked in administration in one way or form – even in his incarnations. In his last sojourn on Terra as Mikael, he had worked in public administration for many years. Ga laughed quietly to himself as he remembered how shocked and disappointed he had been a mere seven years ago when hypnotised by an Interlife regression therapist – back to his lifetime on Terra immediately previous to his incarnation as Mikael. He had discovered that he had had a passion for philosophy and the fine arts in that lifetime, but that due to his family’s expectations he had chosen a career in administration and business … and married another woman who was more ‘appropriate’ for a man of his family’s social stature than his beloved ‘Gretchen’, the domestic with whom he was in love and who worked at the University of Leipzig, where he was a student. He had an unhappy lifetime – feeling unfulfilled and with a sense of having settled for less than he had desired for himself. He died of stomach cancer at the age of forty-nine, and returned (“more than ready”) to the Interlife. Ironically, Mikael’s previous wife played the esteemed role as his mother in his next lifetime, and it was not until Mikael had reached his late forties that he again met up with his beloved ‘Gretchen’ … this time in the form of Thomas, truly his soul mate and his (this time around) male life partner. The relationship lasted, unfortunately, only six wonderful years, as Thomas had ‘contracted’ a mere short-lived appearance in Mikael’s incarnation this time around, before returning to the Interlife for rejuvenation and soon afterwards participating in the apocalyptic Intervention on the Terra surface level; raising consciousness amongst those who did not ascend or cross over to the Interlife. Thomas has recently incarnated and lives with a spiritually awakening family in Brazil. Even more ironic, thought Ga, was that Mikael’s mother had also died of stomach cancer in her last incarnation. ‘How fortunate I have been’, thought Ga, ‘to have had so many highly-developed souls and friends who play the most difficult and painful roles for each other in order to raise each others’ and total soul consciousness development.’ He understood that he could not totally design or control his own incarnation – he could only give his initial consent and make small choices and alterations before and underway – and he marvelled at the expertise and creativity of the system and his colleagues, when looking back at his own highly-entertaining 5D incarnation experiences. Ga missed his soul mate Thomas (Gretchen). He was forbidden to have direct contact with Thomas in his present incarnation, this so as not to interfere with Thomas’ work on the planet, by reminding Thomas of his “true status” in the soul world. However, their higher selves and soul fragments did meet and communicate from time-to-time through soul level telepathic communication. Ga could always recognise Thomas’ presence, and Thomas (in his newly-incarnated humanoid form) experienced a warm shivering when he felt Ga’s soul energy … and this always gave him great pleasure, despite his not knowing what it was or where it came from.

(pages 23-26, “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel”)

Ga fell into a deep trance – both half-awake and half-asleep, and his thoughts and memories gave way to a dream state. In his dream ‘Thomas’, his soul mate, appeared to him dressed in a white, flowing tunic reminiscent of those worn by higher level priests on Atlantis, simple but with a square neckline that was embroidered with spun gold thread in a pattern of connecting three-sided squares. Thomas was smiling and his aura was glowing with light blue, purple and white light. He extended his left hand toward Ga and said telepathically: “Come with me. I have something to show you.” Ga took his hand and rose from his bed, allowing himself to be led through a tunnel of energy and light, finally arriving at the Interlife library and archives. Thomas pointed to a table and bench made of rose-coloured marble, and with nothing more than a huge book on its surface. Ga sat down, still feeling the loving presence of Thomas standing behind him and massaging the aura around his head, neck and shoulders. Ga opened the tome and closed his eyes, permitting three geometric coded symbols from the Universal Language of Light to float up from the silken pages of the book and meld with his Higher Self, imprinting vibrations in the form of blue-white light energy and high sound frequencies upon his consciousness. It was a magnificent Interlife healing experience that made Ga’s aura layers glow with golden light, and in addition provided a spiritual blessing and confirmation that his upcoming mission was – indeed – one of his most important assignments to date. After a short time, ‘Tom’ smiled and telepathically said in Ga’s own angelic dialect (the new Merkabah-tongue): “You are truly loved, and the blessings of the Eternal Soul are with you – both on this upcoming assignment, and always. I am never more than a thought away. Adonai, most honourable Ga.”

And with that, Ga found himself again lying in his sleeping cubicle, and standing over him was ‘Ifafi – now back from his assignment in Iceland. ‘Ifafi smiled and asked: “You called?”

(pages 51-52, “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel”)

A few books that I recommend on the topic of the Interlife and life between lives regression theory and practice:

1) Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, Ph.D.
2) Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton, Ph.D.
3) Life between Lives, by Michael Newton, Ph.D.
4) The Book of the Soul, by Ian Lawton
5) The Wisdom of the Soul: profound insights from the life between lives, by Ian Lawton
6) Exploring the Eternal Soul, by Andy Tomlinson

Those seeking to become past life regression therapists and/or life between lives regression therapists, or simply in contacting a therapist that might facilitate a regression, well might be interested in the Past Life Regression Academy. See their WEBSITE.


The eye of the triangle.

Lost in the assertion that
there is no god but God,
the drunken darwish is
rendered ecstatic by the
soma of perfection …
“la ilaha illa allah …
illa allah … Allah!”
Thus, through the magic of Dhikr,
does the Serpent
unite with the Regenerative Spirit
and transgress the mundane.
The secrets of the
unwritten runes within
the eye of the triangle
are deciphered solely through
meditations of the heart;
and the rays of initiation
illumine the paths
of those led by
nothing more than
the promise of Salt.


The Archangel Sandalphon
reprimands human disillusionment
with compassion and vision,
for the enlightenment of Malkuth
is reflected in the veils of Tiphareth.
It is through meditations
of the heart that we encounter divinity;
the voice of the Great I A O echoes
even from a stone:
“Remember that I have never forsaken you,
I am everywhere.”

The Zen of sorcery.

The highest magician
has divined that
the mystery of the veil
behind the veil
is revealed through
the bloody consecration
of his very desire.
Scourged by the beauty
of the Names,
he salutes the dagger
of severity
in ecstatic anticipation of
the Angel of Death.
As all light is borne
from the Darkness,
so is the illusion of Hades
exposed but through Resurrection.
In this way,
the countenance of Isis herself
is unmasked to all
who suffer under oath.

The chalice.

Behold! For within the Great Rite
lay the mystery of the chalice;
swept upwards upon the wings of
divine love and victory,
we consume the Spirit
and re-unite with the Source.
Verily — I am Rhea,
I am the Minotaur …
I am the Chalice.

The Archetypal Kouros.

Seated before the altar
at the Minoan Palace of Knossos,
I drink thirstily from
the chalice of Divine Essence.
The intoxication I attain
tightly binds the
scrotum of my devotion,
and demands unconditional surrender.
as the relentless frenzy
of my invocation
reaches an orgiastic climax,
I both consume and
give birth to myself
in generous libation.

Mirror of darkness.

Quite enraptured by my own image
in a mirror of Darkness,
I abandon both reflection and shadow
for a glimpse of the Unknown.

The night offers no refraction other than
the glint of an inner eye:
yea, the paradox of Blindness is revealed
through discovery of Self alone.

(all from “Collected poems and stories”, copyright Adam Donaldson Powell.)


Like many of you that read these posts on spirituality, I have been a student of “ascension” for many decades – if not lifetimes. There are many books written on ascension, its meaning, the techniques for achieving ascension etc. – some complicated, and some perhaps seemingly superficial. I will be writing more about ascension on these pages, but I would like to offer a few basic thoughts here and now.

The first entry in this series of postings about spirituality includes a channeled pendant: the “TRANSFORMATION PENDANT” (symbolizing that there are many ways to God/Enlightenment but that all are based upon Wisdom) and featuring the “A”-tone as the mantra device. The concepts behind this simple design might embody much of interest to the student of ascension.

1. In my universe, “ascension” is a re-unification of the Self with the Universal Oneness in a state of “remembrance” of who and what we really are, have been and are becoming. It is a condition of being “borne again”, of “returning home”, of healing, of transformation … and finally of “perpetual” enlightenment / samadhi.

2. This “remembrance” or “rebirth” can take many forms: physical death, non-physical death, astral travel, teleportation etc. as well as either totally leaving the third density or cognizant co-existence on several densities at the same time. Once we “remember” who/what we are “well enough” a state of “ascension” prevails, allowing us to be in a more constant “state of remembrance” or “enlightenment”.

3. As indicated in the symbology of the “Transformation Pendant”, there are many ways of “ascension” or “remembrance of who/what we are”. Ascension can be achieved through meditation techniques, rituals of devotion, yoga and martial arts techniques, through musical, literary and artistic endeavors, through the “path of compassion” … and basically through focus of intention where the purpose is to unify the Self with the vibrations of Universal Oneness, and not feed the error of Separation. All paths of ascension are therefore based upon Wisdom, but not necessarily academic or mental prowess.

4. All life forms, energy forms, and thought forms are based upon geometry; and all geometry has its light and sound vibrations. These sacred geometrical forms and vibrations provide us with the building blocks of understanding and “creator instinct and ability”, as well as the means for healing, chakra balancing and – yes – ascension.

5. Awareness of and attunement to sacred geometric forms and light and sound vibrations can heighten our experience and remembrance of our co-existence on several densities and in several locations in the universes and beyond into the state of life between lives. It can also provide us with the tools necessary to construct “wormholes”, “portals” for teleportation as well as meditation and R.E.M. astral travel experiences. While we may think that we stumble upon or construct these “vehicles”, we really make them an extension of ourselves – and thus we become our “portal”. It all begins with thought (thought forms, geometry, light and sound vibration. One small example: I often hear a ringing in my ears just before I am to embark on astral travel or when a channeling is about to come through.).

6. Much ado has been made regarding Ascension and the Shift of Consciousness in these times. Ascension is not “new” as a concept, goal or past-time. However, I believe that the tie-in to the Shift has to do with the dna transformational changes many of us are undergoing, as well as increased exposure to geometric symbols with multidimensional frequencies which are the “keys and codes of Enoch”. That is why I am currently meditating on channeled symbols from the Universal Language of Light. Certain symbols, thought forms, sound frequencies etc. serve as catalysts and manifestation instruments. These “portals” opened by sacred geometry are teleportation and travel machines, and also can be utilized in alchemical ways to change energy form manifestation (much like gas-water, ice-water etc.).

7. Have I ever successfully created a portal/wormhole? Yes, I have.
Have I experienced “astral travel/astral projection”? Yes, I have.
Have I experienced consciousness on several densities at the same time? Yes, I have.
Have I met other “interdimensional travelers”? Yes, I have.
Have I achieved a state of “ascension” yet? No, I have not.
Do I have any universal truths or answers? No, I do not. I am merely a “student of ascension”.

Here are a few symbols from the Universal Language of Light, as channeled by Laila Holand, Norway, as well as her personal experience with the Universal language of Light: LAILA and the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIGHT

Regarding the relationship between the Path of Compassion (see above entry) and personal ascension:

I would recommend the following articles on the internet:



My personal perspective: “THE SITUATION IS VERY FLUID …”

We hear that phrase constantly these days … and the same perhaps can be said of the battle for the shift of planetary consciousness here on Terra: the situation is very “fluid”. And that is GOOD NEWS, indeed! It is good that we can determine and change our “present” and “future” with regulation and direction of our energies, our thoughts, our words and our actions … and our Spirit. The responsibility for our consciousness and planetary life on Terra is in our hands …

The fluidity of the planetary consciousness shift process also makes speculation about what we are creating difficult. I still maintain that the planet will not end in 2012 or 2013; a passing by Nibiru may affect us, but it will not destroy the planet; and we are already receiving “assistance” from non-humanoids. Furthermore, 2012-2013 may have some significance in terms of a consciousness shift time line, but merely surviving 2012-2013 will not mean that we are “out of the woods”.

Many maintain that we will not get any assistance in the way of Intervention – either Divine Intervention or intervention from the Intergalactic Federation, and that it is only up to us (we Terrans). Well, it has always been up to us and our levels of consciousness. While Terra will not be destroyed, if we do not continue to raise our individual and planetary consciousness then by 2017 perhaps millions will have lost their mortal lives and ascended through the mortal death process. Of course, the severity of destruction depends on how much we need to destroy ourselves. “The Armageddon was inevitable … We needed it, and so we created it. But it is only illusion …” – from “the tunnel at the end of time” (introduction).

As regards assistance from non-humanoids, there have been many other intergalactic and inter-dimensional beings at work on and in regards to Terra for a long time, and their numbers are on the increase. However, it is up to us to raise the level of planetary consciousness enough so that they can assist us within the restrictions of the laws of Free Will.

We are making progress but (like with the Libyan opposition forces) it is still unknown whether (or not) we humanoids will alone succeed in raising the planetary consciousness enough before we do considerable damage to our beloved planet. The planet will not be destroyed; that will not be permitted. Many believe that outside intervention is not “allowed”. My personal perspective is that assistance to “the willing” or an overwhelming majority of “the willing” to save the planet is preferable because that would boost the consciousness of the planet greatly. However, I do not believe that the total destruction of our planet will be permitted. In fact, I can well imagine that contingency preparations for eventual all-out emergency intervention are already underway by our “alien relatives”. Those who would destroy our planet and restrict a shift in consciousness are having to scramble constantly due to demands from the Intergalactic Federation; and because the “destroyers’” agendas, actions and secrets are being “outed” all the time now. Perhaps the biggest danger is that the population might well just sit back and get bored with it all, and stop trying to sort through the information and planted dis-information … becoming pacified, as tv watchers. That – of course – is probably what some “destroyers” are hoping for. Another danger is that Terrans will sit back and wait for an emergency intervention, and not do the work we need to do individually and collectively as a planet. (That is possibly why so few will build up hopes for an emergency intervention now.) We must not be complacent. It is our planetary (r)evolution of consciousness which is at stake; but rest assured: “1984” is here …

“Spiritual warriors” must continue to stand up and say: “No, we will not have that (this) kind of reality on our planet.” All else (embracing fear, refusing to take responsibility etc.) is perhaps planetary suicide and genocide.

“When the concept of Karma is a bitch …”

The way we perceive the concept of karma could have bearing on our personal ascension process. Negative, punitive, separation-based, guilt-ridden thought forms and patterns are perhaps not the most optimal environment for ascension.

I have (perhaps) a different perspective on “Karma” than many. To me, the only thing that is “limiting” about karma is the way we humanoids often perceive it. I do not believe in an old man in the heavens that is mandating and meting out rewards and punishments. In my mind and heart, within a single lifetime, karma in most meetings between personalities here on Terra is largely cause and effect; and from lifetime to lifetime, incarnation choices and circumstances effecting significant “soul development triggers” are the result of contractual agreements in the Interlife (i.e. agreements between ourselves and our soul community, which we agree to in order to learn various lessons). An “easy” incarnation may thus be followed by a challenging one, or vice versa … or perhaps even several difficult ones in succession. We might play a specific role in the lives of one or several souls in order that he/she/they learn various lessons that they deem necessary for their soul development. Karmic relationships within a single lifetime perspective are not punitive either; and (even though all meetings of personalities on Terra in the course of a single lifetime are not planned out) they are not totally unrelated to the lessons we (and others) desire to learn. They provide us with the opportunity to learn unconditional love when we recognize others as fellow soul mates. Some of these “conflicts” may be pre-arranged before incarnating, and others may be the result of matching souls (matching bookends) with perhaps “mirrored lessons” to be learned, gravitating towards one another and setting growth processes in motion. Sometimes we need conflict in order to learn personal strength, sometimes to learn trust, sometimes to learn how we are experienced and seen by others, sometimes to learn compassion etc.

Embrace these soul development opportunities. Once the needed lesson has been understood and assimilated then “thank” the soul that loved you so much as to play a part in your mutual development, and move on … if there is not more you wish to learn/share with that personality at the present.

It can be self-empowering to say: It was not my karma … it was my choice.


The solution is in the process, the path and the perspective/attitude/approach. Life is a corridor with many doors – all leading to seemingly different places but with the same destination … UNLESS (of course) the approach to opening the doors is nuanced.









… GONE …




To me, ascension and the paths of enlightenment and of compassion vibrate very much around the issue of unity vs. polarization. In “my universe”, aspirations towards ascension and enlightenment result in understanding ever more fully that unity and polarization are one and the same; i.e. two vibrations within the same Creator breath (Allah Hu – the essence of God). Service to the Self and Service to Others are one and the same when we see them from the perspectives of non-separation of consciousness and of Self-love = Universal love. We simply cannot understand one without the other. When we give up this “struggle” and embrace the polarization as unity then the need for separation and conflict subsides. We are both the same and different, in a beautifully simple complexity on many vibrational and esoteric levels … concurrently (which really means at this very moment in universal + personal consciousness, since time and space do not exist beyond that). This is another interpretation of the concept “Be here now”. It is not a “choice”, but perhaps rather a submission to that which is. At the same time, approaching unity often requires embracing perceived differences. Unity is not a static point in non-existent time and space but perhaps rather an undulating vibrational sequence – perhaps in figure eight patterns or the sign of the Ouroboros.

DR. JAVAD NURBAKHSH – the only mortal I ever called “Master”:




Two poems by Adam …


Lost in the assertion that
there is no god but God,
the drunken darwish is
rendered ecstatic by the
soma of perfection …
“la ilaha illa allah …
illa allah … Allah!”
Thus, through the magic of Zekr,
does the Serpent
unite with the Regenerative Spirit
and transgress the mundane.
The secrets of the
unwritten runes within
the eye of the triangle
are deciphered solely through
meditations of the heart;
and the rays of initiation
illumine the paths
of those led by
nothing more than
the promise of Salt.


Our dance is ritual;
a senseless obsession
between two moths
playing with fire.
No chains, no whips.
Just bondage … and the
ever-sweet consequence of
a saber’s cutting edge.

SURRENDER … (by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh)








a funny thing happened on my way home from the gym …

i was standing at a bus stop, waiting for a bus that was due to arrive in one minute when suddenly a white woman and an african woman approached me. the white woman asked me if i spoke english. i figured something was up but was in a chilled out mood, and answered “yeah, i do.” the white woman then asked me her 64 million dollar question, obviously meant to stump me so that they could come with their religious message about jezus. it seemed as if she was training the african woman to proselytize on the streets of oslo. i looked into her eyes and she quietly inquired: “why do you think that god allows for all of the misery that there is on earth? can you give me an explanation for that?!!”

i smiled and replied: “of course … that is an easy one!” i then quickly explained that god does not interfere with petty human relations and he is not an old man in the skies either. god exists in all of us, and in all things … so if she really wants to know why god does not do his job then she had better ask humanoids why we do not recognize the godliness in ourselves and each other, and act accordingly.

they were completely dumbfounded by my reply … and i – seconds later – stepped onto my bus.

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