Azsacra: mantras beyond time and eternity.

And thus spake Azsacra:

“It is created for Absolute Break of Spirit! A sound of Improbable Power! A Harmony Beyond of “time” and “eternity”. Beyond of “absence” and “presence”. ― Thus speaks Om. Thus speaks Swastika. Only the Greatest Revolution of Emptiness should finish formation of the Indo-Aryan Man as the Over-man of Om. Ompati! Omesh! The Eternal Kshatriya of the Spiritual Kurukshetra. This ― The War of Om!

The Om is a Power of Emptiness!
The Аум is a Over-Force of Nothing!

We Will Destroy the past!
We Will Destroy the present!
We Will Destroy the future!
The only Reality,
The only Eternity —
Absolute Revolution !!”

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