Common sense …


It is common sense today to know that no one wants to hear about one’s problems.
After all, we all have problems, challenges, pains, debts … or do we?
After years of hearing about how I am fortunate, talented, living under a “lucky star” etc., I have gathered a few thoughts for myself – and perhaps for the world.

The truth is:
I have several physical and mental disabilities (read diagnoses — for whatever those terminologies may be worth), that challenge my everyday life. Pain is both my inspiration and my chronic bane. For the past four years I have mostly avoided having to use crutches every day, as well as several harmful medications. This by going to the gym and working out quite hard every “goddamned” day — sometimes twice a day — as well as by using mental mastery techniques, as well as visual art and writing. (I am not unknown to suicidal feelings and attempts.) Still, I manage to find time and inspiration to support and be compassionate towards those who are less fortunate than I am, and I have been an “activist” for most of my life.

I am not extraordinary … perhaps a bit talented, quite stubborn, rather indifferent to life on this planet, and skeptical to humanity in general … but not particularly “gifted” as a humanoid. Actually, I am not all that humanoid at all — just a “visitor – tourist” on this rock.

To be a sojourner on this planet is an accomplishment in itself. Perhaps we should praise that.

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