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Don Herron (USA) has recently passed away: May he rest in peace!

Don and I were lovers, partners and friends back in the NYC artist heydays of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Don was an accomplished visual artist (silk screen prints, painting and photography) and later worked as a writer/journalist as well. During our years together he created the now infamous “Tub shots” series, featuring many personalities of the day from San Francisco and New York City, including: Robert Mapplethorpe (See Don’s iconic portrait of Mapplethorpe HERE), Jackie Curtis HERE, Belle de Jour, Bob Opal, John Kelly, Holly Woodlawn HERE, Charles Busch HERE, Ellen Stewart HERE, Peter Hujar, Cassandra, Paula Sequeira, Keith Haring HERE and many more. I remember quite well meeting Robert Mapplethorpe the day Don delivered his photo print to him. We were received at the door by one of several gorgeous young men in s/m gear. Mapplethorpe himself was a god. Funny … I first seduced Don while wearing cowboy gear, at a bar on Christopher Street.

His portrait of me is HERE:


19 Replies to “Tribute to Don Herron, artist.”

  1. Hello Adam,

    I’m very sorry to hear about Don passing away. I did not know him but knew some of his photographs. I was actually going to try and contact him because I would like to use his photograph of Cookie Mueller in the book that I am writing about her life. If you know who I should contact regarding the photograph I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much.


  2. Hello. I have a lithograph that I believe is signed by Don. I’ve had it for years (since my brother’s roommate gave it to me after he passed away in NY in 1995.) I’ve always searched for the artist as it is signed with the initial D. Herron and last night in my ambien fog “Don” came to mind and I searched and sure enough the signatures match. But I could be wrong. It’s titled “Cloud Ceremonies” 30/30 no date but I always thought it has an 80’s look to it.


    1. Hey Lori!

      Yes, Don did sometimes sign his name that way, and he made a fabulous silkscreen series of clouds behind venetian blinds. If you can show me a pic of the artwork then I can try to verify if it is part of that series.


      1. Hi again. Can you give me or send me back your email address and I’ll send you a photo. Sounds like the same series. I’m so glad I found you! Best, Lori


      2. Hey Lori

        That link works, but I do not remember or recognize these prints. That does not mean that Don did not make them. His art is not very well-documented and archived on the internet, other than his “tub series”. Perhaps posting the pic on Facebook or Twitter will give you some answers as to who has made these artworks.


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