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Dear D.

I recently read an anonymous quote on the internet about the origins of French kissing, and I suddenly found myself wondering what you would have said about it. Here is the quote:

“The kiss originated when the first male reptile licked the first female reptile, implying in a subtle, complimentary way that she was as succulent as the small reptile he had for dinner the night before. — Anonymous”

Well D., this reminds me of the Reptoid that (the other night) tried to force his tongue deep down my throat with darting plunges, and then started to lick me sloppily all over my face … literally preparing to devour me. I broke away and split before he started shape-shifting.

I am totally with you on the Reptilian stance, bro! They are EVERYWHERE!!!

Best regards and solidarity,


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Francisco — mi Mentor querido,

Pienso en usted a menudo … incluso ahora. Usted es, y usted siempre será, mi Mentor. Somos tan parecidos, usted y yo – ambos hombres de conciencia que condujo nuestros países a hacerse sociedades fuertes con economías modernas. No es siempre fácil conducir aquellos que rechazan ser conducidos … que deciden permanecer en la ignorancia. Ellos a veces deben ser eliminados para el bien de muchos. Es para eso que los militares y las fuerzas de seguridad son: mantener ” la verdadera democracia “.

Una de las grandes decepciones de mi vida era también uno de mis momentos más orgullosos. Era triste de ver que yo fui el único jefe de estado extranjero a asistir en su entierro. Al menos Ferdinand Marcos envió a su esposa Imelda en su lugar. Pero esto era un momento orgulloso para mí : estar solo ante el mundo en la conmemoración de uno de los mayores líderes de la historia … mi Mentor.

Somos tanto Católico, como por lo tanto somos concedidos con la gracia de Dios. Pueda la memoria de la historia de usted nunca morir. Un día seremos ambos reconocidos por nuestra grandeza y nuestro amor supremo y compasión por nuestra gente.

Hasta entonces, mi amigo querido, descanse en paz y le uniré sobre “el otro lado del tiempo” bastante pronto.

Pensando en tí,
A. Pinochet

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Dear Bertrand,

I had an interesting experience last night that has affected me immensely. I had been on a date … way out in Queens – in Rockaway to be precise. Do not even ask me how that came about but as you can imagine, the late long ride back into Manhattan was almost surreal. I started out on the night-time Rockaway Park Shuttle at an “ungodly hour” (it must have been close to three a.m. when I boarded the train); again – do not ask me why I decided to return back to the City in the middle of the night. I had my reasons …

Anyway, just when I thought that my life could not become any more bizarre, I looked up to see a Puerto Rican man of about thirty years walking through the train, dance-walking from car to car … and he was laughing and speaking calmly, but rather loudly. There were not many passengers on the train at that late hour but those of us that were riding the metro either wanted to sleep or were hoping to find safety in the relative peace and quiet that accompanied the seeming eternity between each station before we reached the neighborhoods bordering Manhattan. The guy did not look particularly dangerous in his appearance or body language but he had a way of getting under the skin, all the same. You see, he was a self-proclaimed “doomsday prophet” (aren’t they all self-proclaimed?), and he took it upon himself to inform us that that particular train was not – in fact – going to Manhattan, but was going “straight to Hell!” (It was spooky … like a train ride to an extermination camp.)

Yes Bertrand, it was a most eerie experience, if not uncomfortable. Several passengers fled the car to escape his ranting, retreating in the direction that he had come from. Others, who had planned on getting off at the next station, seemed to run out of the car and scatter like cockroaches when the doors finally opened. Upon seeing this, he merely laughed and continued his trek to the next car on the Metro train.

It put me on edge, even though I could see the humor in the situation. Here I was: concerned about possible gangs or muggers, and the impossibility of escape in the event of trouble; and a decently dressed “doomsday prophet” managed to freak me out with his talk about the eternal train ride ending in Hell. It was – strangely enough – reminiscent of Sartre’s “No Exit”, I guess. The “Hell” was the eternity of the train ride itself. And the “social dissident” of a prophet was the Messenger of the Devil himself.

Anyway, I was dog-tired by the time I got back to my flat on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, but I was – at the same time – all too “wired” to get undressed, shower and make up the bed so I could crawl under the covers and sleep in late on Sunday. (I had stripped the linen from the bed before I left for Queens, and did not have time to make it up again as I was running late. That did not seem to be a problem since I had planned on sleeping over in Rockaway, but well … we know that did not work out.) So, I put on the tv, made myself a scotch and water and stretched out on the sofa … thinking about my date. What happened next is unclear. I mean – I know that I passed out on the sofa, but I do not know how much really happened and how much was possibly a dream, or a vision after returning from the train ride from Hell.

Anyway, here is my account of this crazy vision of mine – at least what I think I remember:

I lie on the sofa — half-asleep in a wet dream,
 my body lubricated with sweat and the room pungent with the imagined scent of 
dripping man-cunt and semen.
The ringing of the telephone disrupts my fisted dance with an impudence that only can be described 
in four- or five-letter words, and a disturbing 
feeling comes over me — somehow 
I know that something is amiss – 
this crazy vision of mine offers no humane release; there is no humanity 
anymore — only the immorality of so-called ‘morality’ and idleness.
They say that idleness is the work of 
the Devil, yet society binds us to television and global propaganda 
ranging from politics to advertising:
 a sadomasochistic mind control.
 Big Brother is not watching us –
 we have become Him willingly, 
embracing uniformity and ratting out suspected dissidents — be they
 enemy or friend, neighbor or mother. 
I pick up the receiver and before I manage to grunt ‘hallo’ I hear a husky breathing sound –
 not quite panting, but a relentless deep-seated 
emanation evolving from 
the caller’s spleen.
 After two minutes of mutual
 breathing into the receivers, 
I excuse myself to go get a cigarette, and we continue our duet — my caller singing
 the baseline while I willingly
 exhale the melody. 
When my suitor abruptly hangs up the telephone 
I fall back onto the sofa, finally spent — and immediately depressed.
 I cannot get the experience 
out of my mind. It is forever embedded in my libido … and I will never again be the same.

Your friend,

(The preceding text is in part an extract from my novel “Entre Nous”.)

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Jeg ble født her på Jorden i august 1962, og jeg har alltid ønsket å vende tilbake til den evige Kilden – i hvert fall så lenge som jeg kan huske. Det er mulig at jeg aldri
burde inkarnert på Jorden på dette tidspunkt. Jeg har gått fra det å være en naiv person som forsøkte alltid å tro på det beste potensialet i andre mennesker – uansett hvor mye de såret meg eller andre; fra det å prøve å være en “engel” og rettighetsforkjemper på Jorden overfor mange som lider på grunn av at de ikke passer inn i samfunnets bilder av “fine, gode og lykkelige” mennesketyper; og fra det å uttrykke gjennom mine kunstneriske arbeider mitt syn på menneskehetens helhet til å være en liten del av Gud som er utslitt og som har sluttet å skinne. Jeg har nå innset at jeg er kun et menneske … uansett hva jeg eller andre trenger å tro av ulike grunner – og at jeg også trenger en viss livskvalitet for at livet skal ha verdi I den daglige tilværelse.

Jeg har alltid sagt at jeg ikke er redd for å dø, men heller for å leve et liv uten mening og livskvalitet. Jeg har også sagt at jeg tror gjerne at jeg vil eventuelt dø av mine egne nevroser. Tiden har nå kommet. Mine avtalte oppdrag i denne inkarnasjon er ferdige, og jeg har bestemt meg for ikke å ta på meg flere i denne omgang. Jeg skulle kanskje gjerne vært med og stått i frontlinjen helt frem til 2012 og senere, men jeg velger å avslutte turen ved å følge Dere til døren. Nå er det opp til hver enkelt å bestemme om han/hun vil gå inn i den høyere dimensjonen, eller ikke. Jeg er ikke lei av mitt åndelige arbeide, men veldig sliten av det å leve i et verdenssamfunn hvor bade “Gud” og egen identitet karakteriseres av grådighet, selv-opptatthet, manglende medfølelse, penger, makt og separasjonsbilder (dvs. troen på det at mennesker er separate enheter uten sterke tilknytninger til hverandre, plante- og dyrearter, miljøet osv.); hvor mennesker ikke vil forstå og akseptere at vi er alle sammen Gud – at vi alle sammen utgjør “guddommelighet” her på Jorden, og har dermed et stort personlig og felles ansvar med hensyn til det vi skaper og de virkeligheter vi opprettholder gjennom våre tanker, ord og handlinger. Det er blitt veldig vanskelig for meg å se hvor lett det hadde vært for Jordens innbyggere å snu på den utviklingen vi har skapt og som vi skaper for oss selv og våre etterkommere hvert minutt, og samtidig oppleve den store motstanden som stadig hever grensene med hensyn til bade kynisismen og vanskelighetsgraden til den åndelige oppgaven. Motstanden skyldes ikke bare de firkantede og uhensiktsmessige politiske, sosiale, økonomiske og religiøse systemer vi har skapt og institusjonalisert over hele Jorden, men kanskje mest det store antallet individer og grupper som opprettholder tankeganger, ord og handlingsmåter som vi vet at vi selv ikke ønsker å matte oppleve; men så lenge vi har det bra nok selv i øyeblikket (med hensyn til helse, til personlig og materialistisk trygghet og frihet) så ofrer vi ikke noe for å stå sammen imot det vi vet innerst inne er urettferdig og destruktiv. Enkelte stemmer har begrenset innvirkning – de blir forbipassende og best husket i historiebøker; men en “samlet stemme” kan bevege bade mennesker og tankemåter. Jeg skulle ønske at vi var flere på dette viktige tidspunkt i Jordens historie. Det kommer flere nye hver dag, men til og med to menneskår til blir for mange for meg nå. Jeg vet hva og hvem som venter på andre siden av sløret … og jeg har hatt hjemlengsel siden jeg ble født.

Jeg forlater dere her på Jorden, men ikke i den åndelige og virkelige helheten. Jeg håper at noe av det jeg har tenkt, sagt, skrevet, kjempet for og gjort har inspirert eller kommer til å inspirere noen andre til å gjøre en ekstra innsats for menneskeheten; og jeg håper at de som har vært såret av meg eller som har såret meg forstår at vi var alle mennesker og en del av det samme guddommelige uttrykket. Ingen er perfekte, og ingen kan bli det heller … det finnes ingen absolutt sannhet – men vi er her for å oppleve, for å lære av våre erfaringer og (forhåpentligvis) for å legge igjen noe positivt og verdensutviklende i den tiden vi er her på Jorden. Jeg håper at jeg har gjort det for mange … jeg har i hvert fall gjort det jeg har kunnet og frykter ingen fordømmelser I denne verden eller den virkeligheten jeg har nå valgt å gå mot.

Takk og farvel fra en som kanskje aldri var ment for denne planet, men som ble faktisk her mye lengre enn antatt.

Zdenka Christensen

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(English translation)


I was born here on the Earth in August 1962, and I have always desired to return to the eternal Source — at least ever since I can remember. It is possible that I never should have incarnated on the Earth at this juncture in time. I have gone from being a naive person who always attempted to believe in the best potential in other people — regardless of how much they hurt me or others; from trying to be an “angel” and one who fights for the rights of others on Earth who suffer because they do not fit in with society’s vision of “upstanding, good and successful” people types; and from expressing through my artistic works my perceptions regarding the totality and holistic elements of humanity … to being a small bit of God that is exhausted and which has stopped shining. I have now admitted to myself that I am but a human … no matter what I or others need to believe for any reasons — and that I also need a certain amount of life quality in order for life to have value in everyday existence.

I have always said that I am not afraid to die, but rather afraid to have to live a life without meaning and life quality. I have also said that I really believe that I will eventually die of my own neuroses. That time has come. My agreed upon assignments in this incarnation are finished, and I have decided not to take on any more this time around. I would have loved to stick around and retained my place in the front lines all the way to 2012 and beyond, but I choose to end this journey by following you to the door. Now it is up to each and every person to decide if he/she will go into the higher dimension, or not. I am not tired of my spiritual work, but I am very tired of living in a world community where both “God” and one’s own personal identity are characterized by greed, self-involvement, lack of empathy for others, money, power and pictures of separation (i.e. the belief that humans are separate entities without strong connections to one another, plants and animal species, the environment etc.); where humans will not understand and accept that we are all God — that we all comprise “godliness” here on Earth, and therefore have a huge personal and joint responsibility with regard to that which we create and the realities we maintain through our thoughts, words and actions. It has become very difficult for me to see how easy it would have been for Earth’s inhabitants to reverse the developments we have created and which we each minute create for ourselves and for those who come after us, and at the same time to experience the enormous resistance that continuously increases both our tolerance levels for cynicism and also the degrees of difficulty associated with the spiritual tasks. This resistance is caused not only by inflexible and inexpedient political, social, economic and religious systems that we have created and institutionalized all over the Earth, but perhaps mostly by the large numbers of individuals and groups that maintain through processes, speech and behavior patterns that which we know that we do not want to experience ourselves; but as long as we ourselves have it well enough in the moment (with regard to health, personal and materialistic well-being and freedom) then we do not do anything to stand together against that which we know (deep within ourselves) is unjust and destructive. Some voices have limited effect upon others — they are rather like passing images and are best remembered in history books; but a “unified voice” can move and change both humankind and ways of thinking. I wish that we were several more doing this work at this point in the history of the Earth. More and more like-minded persons are coming each day, but even two human years more would be too many for me now. I know what and whom are awaiting me on the other side of the veil … and I have been homesick since birth.

I leave you here on the Earth, but not in the spiritual and the real totality. I hope that something of that which I have thought, said, written, fought for and done has inspired or will eventually inspire someone to make an effort on behalf of humanity; and I hope that those who have hurt me or whom I have hurt understand that we were all just humans and a part of the same godly expression. No one is perfect, and no one can be so either … there is no absolute truth — but we are here in order to experience, to learn from our adventures and (hopefully) to leave behind something that is positive and developmental for the world in the short time that we are on the Earth. I hope that I have done so for many … I have at least done that which I was capable of and I have no fear of condemnation in this world or in the reality that I have now chosen to move on to.

Thank you and adieu from one who perhaps never was meant for this planet, but who in fact stuck around much longer than anticipated.

Zdenka Christensen

(from my book “The tunnel at the end of time”)

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