Sooo … what did you really expect?!!


sooo …
you thought it was all
just about sex (?)
sorry, mac …
it is a bit more complicated
than that.
i want more …
much, much more
from you —
and perhaps,
also from myself.

i do not want to
own you,
or control how we
discourse or have sex …

but i am very concerned
with your words, thoughts
and behavior patterns.

it is a real drag,
i know …
to always be on guard —
but you have chosen it
yourself …
haven’t you?!!
after all …

you coulda’ just
gotten a quick fuck
off the street.

… and so could I …

what are we doing here?



  1. ok ,now u can forget im gona be gay, man u are more demanding
    then a whomen , dam you man i was so close :-)))
    great to see u
    big hug ok


    1. Ha! You Chicken shit!

      Of course I would enjoy a good, quick sex session with you. You are beautiful to look at, and you have a posterior that most men your age might envy. However, I do not see you as a “trick” (a one-time lay). The foreplay flirting has gone too far for that. I want to know who you are behind your many veils … veils of activism, semi-machoism — and more, which we can rather discuss in private. Are you man enough to take that chance … to meet me soul to soul, body and soul – soul with body? Sex is the easy part, Babe. Once you let me in, you will never forget me. I promise you that, but I suspect you know that already.

      But, of course, in the end …

      I am just gonna fuck you.
      We both know that.

      But there is here potential for so much more …

      N’est-ce pas ?!!

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  2. As you can see, I did not publish that last posting from you. There is simply no need for you to post several comments about how you are actually “a ladies’ man”. I won’t publish them anymore. It is the age of letting go of labels and fears of how others will see us in regards to our public persona (s). Be yourself. Loving or having sexual relations with a person of the same sex does not necessarily mean you are gay, or not. You are beautiful as you are. I have no need or desire to make you into a “wife”. Frankly, I would prefer a woman for that role.

    And furthermore, sometimes wanting more than just sex from persons that intrigue us is both a personal right and genderless. I am no less “macho” or masculine for feeling that way.



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