Sex with Clark Gable … well, sort of …

Perhaps not many gays or bi’s still alive today can boast of having had sex with Clark Gable. Well — I DID! Well, sort of …

It was not while I lived in Los Angeles or New York City, but rather in Dayton, Ohio where I met the splitting image of my fantasy “Clark” at a sleazy gay bar. I was merely 19 years of age and full of hormones and with stars-in-my-eyes. I am no longer certain as to who picked whom up, but I know that our attraction was mutual. I did not dare tell him that I was first attracted to him because he looked like Clark Gable, but once we got back to his run-down apartment he pulled out several memorabilia, including letters from Hollywood producers, photos of him and Mr. Gable, and much, much more. You see, he had (according to him) worked as Clark Gable’s “double” for many years. And even then looked just like Mr. Gable would have looked had he still been alive. Granted that today — with internet and the intense desire to become celebrities through association, reality tv shows or blogging — counterfeiting such “documentation” would be relatively simple. But, back then … well, I was impressed with the “approachable REAL COPY!”

It was our first and only tryst … perhaps not the “hottest” sex I have ever had, but one of the most memorable “dates” because it was so unusual and so unique. I mean, how many gays or bi’s still alive today can boast of having had sex with Clark Gable?

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