Let’s talk about aliens …


Yeah … let’s talk about aliens. What is there to say, really?!! Are they here on Earth? Yepp! Have I encountered any personally? Yepp! What do they look like? Well, there are many species that have been on the Earth throughout our planetary history. You will find one of many such summaries HERE!

So, I have had contact with aliens, other dimensional beings, those who are called “deceased”, and I have also crossed over into other time/space dimensions (both alone and together with at least one other person at the same time). I mention time/space travel because it is closely-related to the ability to experience other-dimensional beings and extra-terrestrials.

Many scientists, astronauts, politicians, artists etc. throughout history have had experiences like mine. That these beings are and have been on Earth is no longer a question. I have had contact with a Grey, with humanoid-like aliens, and with other dimensional beings — both seeing and hearing them. I have seen space craft, but then again – many UFOs on this planet today are military. All the same, we are not alone on this planet … and we never have been.

We can thank our visitors and friends for their many interventions, which have helped us to survive on this planet so far. While I understand that many humanoids insist upon Earthlings solving our own problems without intervention, we are all in a universal family — and the threats that underdeveloped Earthlings pose towards the Universe within our reach is formidable. Therefore, we need to “grow up” spiritually and soul-fully. We will be permitted to destroy ourselves — if we absolutely insist upon this; but we will not be allowed to destroy the universe community around us.

The constant development of the Universe is by definition inherently ambivalent to whether or not Earth survives physically, but the planet is part of Universal Consciousness and is, therefore, still significant. No souls and no matter and no energy is lost forever, only recycled. However, consciousness continues to grow and evolve, based upon the sum of all its parts.

Remember: we are ALL aliens.

Adam alien

E is greater than mc squared - Time travel is indeed possible!
E is greater than mc squared – Time travel is indeed possible!
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