Another old man rant … more about the “fame bug”.


a few persons feel that media focus on beyonce’s pimples and other similar crap is senseless in light of the other challenges that face us, and that which people and the media are not so concerned about.

i do not disagree. however, i am quite aware of how facebook, media, tv, internet rating campaigns and advertising shape our attitudes and behavior … tending towards creation of the perfect individual and the newest privileged social classes, and further making us into slaves and desperate consumers. that is why i periodically make blog postings about the phenomenon, and proclaim myself to be non-extraordinary. this man exemplifies how all this egotism can go quite wrong:

of course, his fan who tried to emulate him by stealing his limelight was knocked back into her place … and seemingly without a second thought or apology. when you think about it, many try to compete for limelight without having talent or putting in the work. these “stars” who have made it know that they must step on the peons who get too big for their britches … like in the film classic “all about eve”. but what about our value systems, that promote extremism in consumption, in sex, instant fame and filthy wealth, double morals and narcissism, selfishness, and the constant search for new and bigger thrills to boast about … from climbing the highest peaks to “50 shades mastery” to “extreme tourism” where hunting down endangered species in africa or civilians in syria and iraq are coveted trophy experiences. it is not political or religious ideologies that breeds economic, social and political terrorism … it is selfishness, greed, power-hunger, and the constant quest to go down in history and “to live forever”. what is wrong with humanity? the only thing we love better than creating superstars is seeing them fall into disgrace and failure, because then we can convince ourselves that they were never any better than we are.

how much money do you earn? how much is your house worth? how big is your dick / are your tits? how many books have you published and sold recently? how many art exhibits do you have per year? who are the famous persons in your network, or as your “friends” in social media? blah, blah, bullshit. i am sick and tired of it already.

i hear it all the time:
‘how much do you bench? …
what is your IQ? …
what is your annual salary? …
how many celebrities have you known in your lifetime? …
how many books have you published? …
are you really “bi”, or a half-closeted faggot? …
how big is your dick? …’

enough bullshit already!
let’s wrestle it down …
winner takes it all.

simply put:
you lose … you get fucked.

– Adam Donaldson Powell, 2014.

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