To the one that got away …


To you, T. — the one that “got away” …

You were meant to be “my first”, but
it didn’t happen … circumstances, culture,
i dunno …

But I loved you and lusted after you …

Your milky white Japanese skin,
slender body,
proper/seductive demeanour …
i went wild (as you know).

and the late night trysts
under the Vermont moonlight

(don’t worry, i will not reveal too much)

you must be worried to read this …
to check me out on the internet.

I am so different … so wild …
so different, than you (and I)
had expected.

We almost became lovers … forever.

I have carried you around for well over
forty years now, and never forgotten you.

I lost my own virginity shorty afterwards …
with a voluptuous virgin from North Carolina.
Many followed afterwards … I have lost count.

But still, I wonder about meeting you again.

Could I love you now?


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