I probably cannot handle the truth,
but humour me with some sweet lies …
I will love you for it with all my heart;
life has no purpose without Truth …
even false Truth will suffice.

Still photo from Marina Abramovic's film "The Scream", republished with permission from Ekebergparken's Scream Prosjekt / Marina Abramovic
Still photo from Marina Abramovic’s film “The Scream”, republished with permission from Ekebergparken’s Scream Prosjekt / Marina Abramovic

Truth is a whore.

Surely, Truth is a whore in ambush;
scenting the trail of the seeker
with anticipation and illusion.

Quite unashamedly,
she splays her loins to reveal
treasures of Self-discovery
to the passionate.

Feasting ravenously upon the carnage
of words and revelations,
the believer plunders the Bitch
with lustful satisfaction.

Ah, but how content he is to
finally conquer Truth.

For now that she has been impregnated
by Judgment, he may possess
ignorance more completely yet.

(from “Notes of a Madman”, 1987; and “Collected poems and stories”, 2005.)

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