Water, water: seemingly everywhere …

… but
scarcely a drop to drink!


this is just the beginning. verily, in our lifetimes governments will force homeowners in certain parts of many countries to resettle in concentrated urban areas so that farmland can be regulated for food and industrial production, gross and negligent overuse of water will be severely taxed and become a criminal offense, clean air will be regulated and taxed, personal car usage will be regulated and taxed, many household chemicals and dangerous waste materials will be prohibited, tobacco will be banned, school uniforms will be instituted to avoid luxury item buyer press and crime amongst young persons, and much more. all of that will again result in mafia networks, deadly gangs and militias, new black markets, and so on. all because of greed and apathy, hollywood, television and advertising. many blame world leaders for all of this and more, but most of them have just given us and the corporations that they represent exactly what we have asked for and demanded all along … the “american dream” of beauty, wealth, endless possibilities, overabundance and instant fame. and with the help of greedy corporations and media that dream has become universal. the planet just cannot sustain it anymore.


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