Comment on One World Government …

Okay, somebody needs to say something now.

Well, while I agree that our planet – like other more evolved planets – must eventually gravitate towards and embrace unity through one world government, I sincerely doubt that we have thus far raised our collective consciousness enough to implement such an endeavor. To carry out such plans on the basis of war, deceit, decisions by a few privileged persons, institutions and corporations, false flag terrorism, occultism, economic power and greed etc. denotes a lack of necessary spiritual consciousness and planetary empathy. The plans for WW3 itself attest to the lack of consciousness needed to achieve true democracy and world unity. How many times have we gone to war in order to establish unity and peace, only to go to war again shortly afterwards? Why plan for one world religion when organized religion has only helped to bring us where we are today, and when we know that the only true religion is power, greed and monetary omnipotence? And who will rule the planet officially? Most of us know that the UN, EU and global organizations are just stage props, and that the media and politicians are only there as opiates, entertainment, and for confusion. The world is but a stage, and the audience but willing fools … no less so today than in the era of the ancient Romans and Greeks, who also were bloodthirsty for death and downfall in order to please and appease the all-too-human gods.

But the worst of all is the fact that history constantly repeats itself, without learning. Our desire to be all powerful, rich, celebrities, etc. is the true meaning of the warnings in most standardized religions against worshipping God in one’s own image. But we have not understood this. Tear down the ancient religious shrines and relics. The true Kingdom is (unfortunately) hidden within us, but we are not yet spiritually evolved enough to understand this, or find it.

Angel has spoken…

Angel is not impressed. Not impressed at all. I hope Mother Nature and the animal kingdom avenge humanity.

We needed the Armaggedon, and so we created it.

Bring it on!

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