One step closer to transformation apex.


It has been a while since I have posted, painted or written literature. Much is going on in my own non-internet reality. I do, however, have an important message to convey right now — to my followers, friends and those otherwise drawn to my energies and to this message spiritually:

we are ever so quickly going into the “difficult but ultimately glorious transformation” period i have been talking and writing about for decades. my message is still: batten down the hatches and find security where possible, for it will be a bumpy ride. (thank you bette davis.)

the apex will be in 2017, at which point the earthly and intergalactic wars and major nastiness will begin to subside … and after 2021 the waves of new consciousness will begin to be felt by many. i am not always good at channeling dates but these have been communicated to me for quite a while. things change along the way so a bit of tailoring must be accommodated.

my “assignment” (then, and now) is still to awaken and help with self-empowerment on all levels. i share that task with many persons and souls … including you. our community is growing by the minute. it is difficult to see that at times but it really is.

i love you, and send you blessings.

adam angel 😇

Adam in Wonderland
Adam in Wonderland
Adam in May 2015a
Adam in May 2015a
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