As above, so below …



It is “written in the cards” that we are in a longterm difficult process on
many levels, but it is more a new game rather than “the end”. This is all
undoubtedly necessary for our entry into a major shift in consciousness.
Much like the Tower card in the Tarot: an impending explosion that
will give birth to new beginnings and approaches, hopefully with
more cooperation, less egotism and eventual harmony.
We need the experience of the blasted tower, as uncomfortable
as it feels. We need the Armaggedon, and so we have created it.
But first we must understand where we are and move forward
without undue fear. It is largely fear and greed that have
put us where we now are. The challenges and effects are
on both individual, collective and systemic levels.
“As above, so below …”
And so, our entire Universe is exploding, expanding and being reborn.


when the moon is in Fresno

and the sun sets a purplish

haze over early-autumn skies,

the cold winds of Hell

breathe heavily against

the hopes of local heroes

and the women who made them.

farmers stare off into the fields

without realizing, and housewives

pull their young close to their

bosoms – suddenly and

without explanation.

intuitively they sense the onset

of a long and severe influence;

a time of hardship and hindrance

when the faith and courage of

more than a few good men

and women are put to test.

the carousel is out-of-control,

and in the whirlwind confusion

crops will fail, loved ones will

pass away, jobs will be lost

and the simplest of dreams will

be stifled by saturn’s blues:

a mocking nursery rhyme telling

of horror and despair, and sung

over and over again with endless

variations on the same cruel theme.

The Blasted Tower.

We’re all match-stick architects,

forever building precarious

structures to contain and conceal

our inhibitions and fears.

With disaster a constant risk,

it’s little wonder we’re

paranoid and fearful of the

flaming element of surprise.

But don’t bother looking

often over your shoulder

or crossing your fingers.

And you may as well trade in

the garlic and crucifixes for

worry beads because, in

reality, each of us is

but a walking time-bomb.

By the way …

do you smell something

burning upstairs?

Adam in May 2015a
Adam in May 2015
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