Okay, let’s do this — Bitch.



Who is the “bitch”?

I dunno … it could be me.

Let’s find out.


So, put the “baby doll vs. super-bitch” morphing aside.

That drives me nuts, and makes me lose my erection.


Meet me — head on …

Face to face, breast to breast, and cunt to cock.

We are equal — you and I.


With — or without boxing gloves.

Winner takes all.


It feels unfair, though…

If you rape me while I am sleeping

then  I am a “pussy” or a “faggot” —

if I complain.


But I will not complain —

at least not with you;

and not tonight.


So, are you woman enough

to awaken me

my “Ms. Hump and Jump”?






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