Taboo: In this moment.






In this moment, I do not care
about gay liberation, gay rights
or gay-normalization in society.

In this moment, I only want you to:

Kiss my lips, lick lustfully inside my mouth
… and feel the shame.

Suck my cock, repeatedly, and in its entirety …
and feel the shame.

Prostrate yourself, brace yourself, open your crevice …
and feel the shame.

Crave and savour my offering …
and feel the shame.

In this moment, I will truly love you.

And after this moment …
I will gratefully send you back to your husband or wife;
knowing that you will be back — accepting my love;
yet again, and again.


… say what?!!
I cannot save the world, or
solve your relationship problems.
But if you go down on me —
yeah, like that! —

well, maybe then,
we can save the moment.

You … and me — together.

Do it … just fucking DO IT!


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