“We the People: Democracy by gun”.

Democracy by gun, oil on canvas, 100x80 cm., 2016.
Democracy by gun, oil on canvas, 100×80 cm., 2016.

“We the People: Democracy by gun”, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm., 2016. 


“We the People – Democracy by Gun” is a commentary on guns in the United States of America, and the dualism of the roles of guns in ensuring, maintaining and threatening democracy.

This is a painful one for me. I love America … it is my first love as a country, my Motherland and my cultural heritage. But America must awaken, and lead the way to a new and better consciousness. It is time.

The New America is still a work-in-progress / as yet unfinished. Will the politics of guns be made even more real/detailed? Or will it remain as shadows, playful abstractions … open for change? Will the stars re-unite with the tattered flag? Or will they continue to split apart and flee the spiritual Union? Will the children and young people stop bearing arms (symbolized by baby blue and pink AK47’s)? Will Americans of all colours finally end their power struggles, and find unity? Will the political issue ever be completed … and how? Distress eventually leads to reformation and new creation/renaissance. That is the good news.


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The artist.
The artist.
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