Deconstructed pond …

Deconstructed pond.
Deconstructed pond, Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm.

Like many visual and literary artists, I am constantly in search of new forms of expression. In painting we seem to have gone the entire gamut — from Photorealism to abstractions in all possible forms. Not so very long ago we have seen the grinding down of Minimalism to the monochromatic. New ideas in art and literature are often about new ways of looking at older and borrowed ideas, but with new interpretations and nuances — both as reflections of present consciousness, and as guideposts to mechanisms for future perceptions. Here I attempt to explore the nether regions in between Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism, with an invitation to dive into the cool depths of the pond of Life. “Deconstructed Pond” is a salute to the New Consciousness, and the recent glimmers of hope that we may now save and improve our precious planet.

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