Playing with language to create new ways of writing.



Playing with word combinations, word sounds, word color and smell associations, as well as levels of language and speaking help to make poetry and prose cinematic and colorful — without long and tedious passages. I also use languages (in both pure and less-pure (or mixed-language forms)) to create a sense of closed social groups, “insiderhood” etc. In my sci-fi novel: “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel” I went so far as to invent languages from different star systems. Here is a poem/song that appears in the novel (and which has been performed by singer Embla Laache before an audience of hundreds at the Oslo City Hall, some years ago:

EXCERPT FROM “2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel”:


Icueza cantare moenø pei
solani veinå quon mare
icueza mentari elizena che
quale øpfani en tana.

Zingara sten farno,
fantuvi goan rulci mene,
eluelco neuxpå zentaven amu.
Ulempå skovå nnana
cquerca wuleka … intelgo;
cquerca wuleka … zingara.

Zingara sten farno –
sten farno accompli.
Tes quofta Kristiania,
Tes quofta.

Tes qofta Kristiania, tes quofta Kristiania,
Tes quofta … tes quofta.

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