Authors and the Matrix.

Wake up dear fellow authors and writers — a new day has dawned!

In the not-so-distant future books on paper will cease to exist; as will televisions, cinemas, art museums, cellphones and computers — as we know them today. We are already embracing self-driven cars and buses, and soon self-driven airplanes. Cinemas already offer special effects to heighten and personalize the experience, newspapers are struggling for their existence, and computers are making televisions redundant. The future of art and of literature is interactive, sensual and five-dimensional. Books and movies will combine as art forms and be experienced using holograms and virtual reality. The same goes for sports, art museums and the theatre. One day soon we will all truly become actors of our choosing in virtual reality theatre productions, that do not run on electricity or batteries. Embrace this brave new world dear authors, for it is upon us. Prepare by finding the combinations of codes and symbols in your writing that lure the reader into a cinematic five-dimensional experience. Stringing together words in the old ways no longer serves humanity. What began as stream of consciousness writing will become universal rivers and oceans. As authors and artists we must lead the way as both visionaries and guardians of free-thinking in the newly-created Matrix.

I personally see many exciting possibilities for creativity. Just imagine being able to have our stories, thoughts and impulses automatically translated and shaped into virtual reality programs!

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