Mixed reality novels — how will they work?

So, how will these Mixed Reality books of the future work? As I see it, there will be many learning and entertainment system modules developed — ranging from the open room Blade Runner and Matrix direct brain communication types to the current glove, glasses or headset alternatives. The one that I envision for literary prose (novels, novellas etc.) entails a holographic cylinder in which the reader-actor is inside … dressed in a form-fitting light skin with nerve-ending filaments sewn into it at strategic body points and contact lenses. The “story” is encoded into a computer with trigger points at which certain things occur, complete with sounds, smells, emotional and physical reactions etc. And then there is also another computer program which interfaces with the story which is a robotic encyclopedia of various associations, symbols, codes etc. as well as historical, collective and personal “memories” which may be accessed. All of these elements work together to enable the “reader” to co-create the story — even choosing from alternative or multiple endings. A long novel can thus be “read”/acted out in a fraction of the time needed today.

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