Spleen, and other painted tales of pain, sorrow and depression.

Spleen, 30×30 cm., oil on canvas..


“Tears flowing while walking through the city”, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm.


Tears flowing while walking through the forest, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm.


“The many faces of depression”, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm.


Toxique / Toxic
“Toxique / Toxic”, 40×40 cm., oil on canvas, is an abstract painting which uses colourfield and geometric styles to induce feelings of the “disgusting” which is beautiful. Here “the disgusting” is created by color combinations and the dizziness of the geometric images seemingly twirling about in atmospheric bile. The painting gives a sense of elegance in its overall balance and technical precision, while at the same time requiring quiet acceptance of discomfort.


“J’en ai rien à branler/I don’t give a fuck! no. 9, Pissing on our parade”, 15×15 cm, oil on canvas, 2018. “Pissing on our parade”, is a commentary on gay violence — i.e. violence, murder and terror committed both by and against gays. LGBTQ-persons are “people”, and prone to the same problems and personality issues as all others in society. However, whenever an LGBTQ-person commits an act of terror (Orlando), sexual violence and harassment (by the way, these harassments are seldom investigated as #metoo, or even hate crimes), murder plus cannibalism, or other acts that feel like a violation of what many consider to be basic humane and civilised values, it feels as embarrassing to me as a gay person as muslims must feel when yet another act of hate-inspired terrorism is committed in the name of Islam. It is also embarrassing to me as a human and as a soul in active incarnation. These individuals — regardless of whether they are disturbed, or just hateful — are pissing on our parade. Keywords: pissing, parade, #stopthebleeding, wounded hearts, rainbow, #stopthehate. This painting is part of a series of miniature abstract oil paintings made in 2018 — this series is about feigning indifference in a crazy and brutal world.


Love illusion, 65×90 cm., oil on canvas.


Le jeune homme et la mort, 90×65 cm., oil on canvas.


Vertigo, 40×40 cm., oil on canvas.


Roses and a teardrop for Las Ramblas, 15×15 cm, oil on canvas, 2017. This miniature abstract painting was inspired by the terror attack upon the people at Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It depicts a rose-floral wallpaper-like background with a line/queue that is broken — interrupted by a single teardrop.


Ground Zero, the day after 9/11, 62×50 cm., oil on canvas.


the devil comes at nighttime

The devil comes at nighttime, 50×50 cm., oil on canvas.


“A Wrist Cutter’s Glow”, oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.


High on the red pills (30×30 cm., Oil on canvas).


High on the blue pills (30×30 cm., Oil on canvas).


The decay of society (100×100 cm., Oil on canvas).


“Faceless animus” (65×90 cm., oil on canvas) asks us who much we really know another person, and how much we really want to know — the stereotypical or racial countenance … or the faceless animus that lies behind it?


“Hope”, oil on canvas, 50×50 cm.





  1. ~ entering Adam Donaldson Powell’s gallery is akin to strolling a sanctuary’s aisle through chancel and onward to alter ~ his works bring the tongue to muteness as the mind turns inward to process the depth and breadth of the many layers Emotion riots in the heart. It is a difficult place to exit. But then…… why would one want to?

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