Portals, Baby … portals.


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As artists and writers we live in a continuum of ideas, techniques and styles that are constantly tweaked and reinterpreted, delayed response to previous works, skepticism to new ideas and styles until they are suddenly “discovered, as ingenious and original”, as well as the necessity of both following and challenging current and past art & societal trends and philosophies, AND rejecting the impact of influences from others upon our current art. Although we know that financial “success” is no certain sign of artistic excellence, we must also find ways to survive in a commercialised world society. All life experiences can give us inspiration and creative impetus, but there is no romanticism in feeling impoverished. And so, we look at life through portals that we are half inside of and half outside of, and we create, create and create … and we wait, patiently (and sometimes not so patiently).


Patiently — we endure,
desperate to believe in God, justice and humanity.
Repeatedly — we suffer
from our own ignorance and immobility.
Admirably — we martyr ourselves,
tranquilizing pain with saintliness and esteem.
Inevitably — we avenge,
using the very tactics of our aggressors.
Ultimately — we are shunned
by all who thought we were extraordinary.
Typically — we wait
for the world to discover its misjudgment.
Ironically — we learn nothing,
and neither forgive nor forget.

(from “Collected poems and stories”, Adam Donaldson Powell, Cyberwit Publishers, 2005.)


(Poetry, photography and paintings copyright Adam Donaldson Powell.)

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