Success is not just “luck” parading as a seven-letter word …

“You do not have to be ‘the technical best’ in anything you do in order to become the most successful or the ‘winner’. Rather discover how to use the talents and abilities that you already have to creatively change the game/situation. People who are successful have some traits in common: hard work, training, analysis of situations and oneself in them, being capable of ‘translating’ learning from one kind of situation or problem to another, and the ability to quickly devise alternative plans when necessary. Winners are not always just the best players, but often rather those who make fewer mistakes and quickly react in order to capitalize on the mistakes of others.”
– Adam Donaldson Powell

«Seier venter den, som har alt i orden – hell kaller man det. Nederlag er en absolutt følge for den, som har forsømt å ta de nødvendige forholdsregler i tide – uhell kalles det.»
– Roald Amundsen

“Jag vet ingenting om tur. Bara att ju mer jag träner desto mer tur har jag.”
Ingemar Stenmark


“Victory awaits the one who has everything in order – some call it “luck”. Defeat is an absolute consequence for anyone who has failed to take the necessary precautions in time – it is often called “an accident.”
– Roald Amundsen (a Norwegian polar explorer, who led the first expedition to cross the Northwest Passage in 1906, and the first expedition to the South Pole in 1911) .

“I know nothing about luck. Only that the more I train, the more luck I have.”
Ingemar Stenmark (former World Cup alpine ski racer from Sweden. He is regarded as one of the most important athletes in Sweden’s history.).


“Wanted: for breaking the rules of Art and Writing!”, self-portrait, 65×90 cm., oil on canvas, 2018


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