“Where have you been?!!”


“Where have you been?!!”

I am getting that question a lot from WordPress followers, and former followers on Facebook and Twitter. The answer is that I am still here. I am traveling the world, having visited mountaintops, seas, lakes, deserts and cities in many countries the past few years. I have toured almost all of Europe’s most important art museums, seen much art gallery and street art, ridden countless planes, boats, gondolas, trains, buses and ferries … and even a helicopter in Rio de San Janeiro. I have posed in costume at Carnival in Venice, bathed in the Dead Sea, visited France, Switzerland and Italy several times, as well as places with exotic names: Buenos Aires, Lugano, Zermatt etc. And I have searched for Nessie on the Loch Ness as well as explored natural ecological treasure sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Why? I am “retired”, and after decades of constant art and book production it was time to refill my “experience bank” with new inspiration, stories and memories.

I left Facebook and Twitter for the second and final time, and I have dumped my previously well-followed Instagram account with another that is more anonymous and personal. And that is also the plan for my continued WordPress blog. Life itself is poetry, music, art and philosophy.

So, I am still here on WordPress. I will publish more essays, poems, stories, paintings and rants … but as they come naturally, and not just in order to maintain a posting flow.

I love you all! 💕 💗 ❤️


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