Why are we here? To learn.

Even more important than interlife decisions about future incarnation (body and life situations), are our daily thoughts, words and behavior in this particular incarnated life. These choices, and those we “elect away/dismiss or ignore”, create and form the life experiences and challenges we have. In that way we have “Free Will” and responsibility for that which occurs in our lives, and the reactions of our environment. Why do we make these thought, word and action choices? To learn and grow as soul entities. Short lives, long lives, difficult lives, comfortable lives — they all provide us with important lessons as “life artists”. I have elected to live fast and hard — swallowing as much as possible while I am here in this incarnation, and learning as much as possible from the experiences and challenges I create. In my next incarnation I will make some other choices perhaps—or continue to learn some unfinished lessons from this lifetime; perhaps as another gender, another race, etc. The decision to incarnate into this body or general life situation is just that: general. A few things (learning situations) are seemingly “fixed” but we have a world of possibilities in which to create and form lives within that general framework. When I resisted the AIDS challenge I was reminded of my pre-incarnation learning decisions and told that if I did not accept AIDS then I would certainly elect a similar challenge (cancer etc.) whereby I would learn the same lessons. It makes no difference what we die of, but rather our thoughts, words and actions while we are “living”.
I suspect that some of our past life memories are “modified”/modernized in order to better enable us to connect lessons to be learned with the greater process, as well as to understand where and why we are here right now … and the importance of “being here, in the here and now”. We eventually learn to forgive ourselves and others, and also to thank others for helping us to learn some lessons … and also about ourselves. There are no “bad persons”. We all err and lose balance and perspective; and we all can create realities that heal ourselves and help others to heal and to learn. That is Life, and incarnation-learning. Lots of opportunities, choices and decisions — all the time. Monitoring our thoughts, words and actions is the simplest way to approach long-time soul learning from a bird’s eye perspective.

“Toltec Archetype”, 65×90 cm., oil on canvas, is an exploration of the shamanic/primitive roots of Jackson Pollock’s “Dripping/action painting”. The painting is both “in your face” and subdued by the jungle green splattering which — although hiding the image through the forgetfulness of Time — is not quite powerful enough to prevent the haunting Spirit of the archetype from invading our Consciousness.

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