Illegitimi non carborundum!

Illegitimi non carborundum!

What does that mean to me at this stage in Life? Perhaps to live as much and as
fully (if not quickly) as possible. I cannot take any possessions with me
when I leave this planet, but my Soul development is surely enhanced
and eased by replacing some of those persistent bad memories and
experiences with pleasant and uplifting new ones. And I have found that there
is much pleasure to be achieved by re-connecting with persons from my past
and from afar … it is healing to connect dots and nerve-endings of the psyche
and heart. I am old and tired in my body, but young and restless in my psyche.
And after living with “Death” for so many years I see that many I know are much
later in life facing the same death through cancer and other dis-eases of
consciousness. Our lives are to be lived as far as we can, and will. There
is no reward here on Earth, but surely our Soul-learning is reward enough.
So, let us not beat ourselves up for getting diseases, making mistakes of
judgment … or honestly, brazenly and unashamedly being just who
we are at the moment. There is no need for regret. In the larger scale of
soul existence this is all just another “bad hair day”.

— Adam Donaldson Powell

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