Climate Change.

Climate change is no joke. The signs are everywhere. Unfortunately, all will most likely go straight to Hell since most individuals, corporations and politicians seem unwilling to make the necessary radical and committed lifestyle changes before it is all too late. The information is there for everyone but — just as with all the other constant negative and alarming news in the «tragedy-focused overkill» media — many people just do not want to know or to believe in the seriousness of our predicament. We have seen this with previous crises in Africa, Bosnia etc. where the resultant lack of interest created even more tragedies than were necessary. We must weigh up the threats and focus now. Stopping stupid wars (including price wars and sanctions that lead to physical wars) and slowing down destruction of the planetary balance must become the priorities by and for all — including the mainstream media.

Otherwise we will soon see a huge rise in the numbers of climate change refugees, food shortages, drinking water shortages, the return of eradicated and dormant diseases and more. The «train wreck in slow motion» is picking up pace, and there will be little joy in later saying «I told you so!» Mother Earth has already begun her cleansing process, wild animals are rebelling against loss of territory and food, and fish stocks are polluted and dying from plastic waste. Not to mention massive fires, seismic activity, floods, landslides, terrible air quality, and a growing world population that cannot be sustained or maintained.

Many who have said that they do not believe in manmade climate change, or who have said that they assume they will have «left the planet» by the time things get really bad have already met themselves in the doorway and either met with resultant personal tragedies or perished. Artists can and should play a much greater role in increasing awareness about these problems. 😢

#climatechange #climatechangeisreal #stopclimatechangenow #politicalart #politicalartists

The paintings include: 1) “Endless Winter/Climate change”, 15×15 cm., oil on canvas, 2018; 2) “Ghosts no. 1 — Climate change sucks the life out of Spring”, 15×15 cm., oil on canvas, 2018; 3) “Ghosts no. 2 — Climate change sucks the life out of Spring”, 15×15 cm., oil on canvas, 2018; 4) Fishing net embracing glowing bits of plastic, 40×40 cm, oil on canvas: This abstract painting is about environmental problems related to pollution of the seas — both with waste such as plastic, but also with abandoned fishing nets. The colourful plastic attracts fishes, which consume it; and 5) Decay (Forfall), 100 x 100 cm., oil on canvas.

Street Art photo documentation by Adam Donaldson Powell. Original Street Art by Martin Whatson – 2012.

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