More on Mixed Reality and Literature/Art.

More on Mixed Reality in literature, art and science:

I have written previously about the need for different approaches to writing styles — allowing for interactive rather than mere linear and egocentric expression and experience. This does not merely concern the quantity of words vs. the sensual and cinematic experiences created by playing with their combinations and juxtapositions etc. Mixed reality necessitates usage of and partial reliance upon symbols, tonalities, silences and coded triggers. These are all already in use in literature, art, music, etc., but their significance will be even more pronounced in Mixed reality art and literature. Mixed reality = Virtual reality + Augmented reality, and it gives us the possibilities of alternative endings, multiple endings, personal transference of the author’s images into our own memory — based on recollections, dreams and fantasies. Many of these symbols are known archetypes, and others come perhaps from other star systems. They each have their own vibratory patterns, light and sound frequencies and collective-individual Soul personal meanings. I use and create archetypes often in my literature and art, including some from the Universal Language of Light

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