Just a relative few examples of the many amazing artworks and exhibitions that I have seen on my four-year #ArtSafari tour of famous Art Museums, Churches, Street Art, Art Galleries, Art Fairs and private art studios in Europe (including in Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Milan, Florence, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Zurich, Genève, Basel, Gstaad, Lugano, Ascona, Locarno, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Bilbao, Malaga etc.). #ArtSafari

As I completed this long bucket list project I found that my rather simple intentions (to visit the most famous museums and galleries; and to get inspiration for my own art) have, in fact, hurled me into another wider world of perspectives, learning and impressions of humanity’s history, culture, economy and religion through Art. Being an artist and art philisopher myself, I approached the project like “schooling and a job”. The end result being a rather more critical and nuanced view of the meaning of Art, the development of art techniques and styles, and the politics and business of being an artist: before and today. This, of course, influences what, how and why I myself paint.


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