My paintings with political themes.

Paintings inspired by political events and issues:

Alba Gu Brath! “Paintings by Adam Donaldson Powell” — Painting no. 76: «Le jour du couronnement / L’obsession des Jacobites» (The Coronation Day / Jacobite Obsession»), 90 x 65 cm., oil on canvas. This abstract oil painting on canvas features textiles reminiscent of royalty and festivities: a plush luscious green velvet hill totally enveloped in a heavy silver mist, a ruined castle and a shimmering blue heavy silk fabric sky, separated by a gold and silver brocade sash which represents the horizon at dusk. Swaying in the precocious Scottish wind in the Sky of Dreams is a somewhat unstable and slightly-tarnished large golden fleur de lis, and in the bottom section is a cocksure prancing silver unicorn — the fleur de lis (the royal tressure) and the unicorn (the Scottish national animal) both being closely related to Scottish history and tradition. Together, all of these elements comprise the Jacobite obsession/dream of one day crowning a new Jacobite King or Queen of Scotland. Finally, the traditional St. Andrew’s saltire or crux decussata gives way to the glittering sword/scepter of glorious resurrection — of both St. Andrew and the Jacobite dream … never again to be subordinate, tortured, enslaved, murdered or otherwise “crucified”.  Alba gu bràth! #scottishliberation


Gaza — Tainted dreams, oil on canvas, by Adam Donaldson Powell.


Painting: Oil on Canvas. “Entre Nous et Eux”, oil on canvas, 90×65 cm. is about keeping a frozen smile and trying to remain “politically correct” in a Western world that is literally under “cultural attack” by the sheer numbers of refugees and immigrants, and further complicated by European countries’ relative naivité and unpreparedness for multiculturism. It is therefore that the background resembles the Norwegian, Czech, Russian, French, Dutch, British, US, etc. flags with red, white and blue colors… but which are increasingly inundated with falling leaves which eventually become lively foreign objects, cultures, traditions, religions, etc. — and all the while with more and more persons competing for celebrity, money, resources, ideologies, and power, etc. It symbolizes an irreversible shift in cultural and social values and traditions, and the tensions churning and burning underneath.


“ The Impossible Dream: impeaching and locking up ‘ The Orange One ’ “, 65 x 90 cm., oil on canvas, 2019. Liberals, Democrats and even some Republicans and ex-Cabinet Members seem determined to fulfill their dream of capturing the sly POTUS in their cat-claws. But will they ever succeed in outsmarting the Donald?


Democracy by gun (We the People), oil on canvas, 100×80 cm., 2016.


Roses and a teardrop for Las Ramblas, 15×15 cm, oil on canvas, 2017. This miniature abstract painting was inspired by the terror attack upon the people at Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It depicts a rose-floral wallpaper-like background with a line/queue that is broken — interrupted by a single teardrop.


“Samfunnets forfall — The Decay of Society”, 100 x 100 cm., oil on canvas.


“Ground Zero — the day after”, 55 x 46 cm., oil on canvas


White night no. 2, oil on canvas, 40×40 cm.


Nuclear eclipse, oil on canvas, 40×40 cm.



Paintings inspired by climate change issues:

“Endless Winter — Climate Change”, oil on canvas, 15×15 cm.



“Ghosts #2 — Extinction by Climate Change”, 15 x 15 cm., oil on canvas.


“Ghosts #1 — Extinction by Climate Change”, 15 x 15 cm., oil on canvas.


“Broken Hallelujah — Sinkhole”, 15 x 15 cm., oil on canvas.


“Fishing net full of plastic waste”, 40 x 40 cm, oil on canvas.


“Y yo pienso aun en ti — Paradise Lost to Climate Change”, 100 x 100 cm., oil on canvas.



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