La géométrie est constante.

La seule constante dans l’art est la géométrie, et ce n’est que du plaisir. La géométrie est constante dans mes créations artistiques.

“White night no. 1”, oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.
Black on black, oil on canvas/mixed media, 50×50 cm.
“Being = Nothingness”, 40×40 cm., oil on canvas, 2017.
Toxique / Toxic
“Toxique / Toxic”, 40×40 cm., oil on canvas, is an abstract painting which uses colourfield and geometric styles to induce feelings of the “disgusting” which is beautiful. Here “the disgusting” is created by color combinations and the dizziness of the geometric images seemingly twirling about in atmospheric bile. The painting gives a sense of elegance in its overall balance and technical precision, while at the same time requiring quiet acceptance of discomfort.
“Fiesta en Málaga”.
«La mia Svizzera», 65×90 cm., oil on canvas, 2018. This abstract geometric painting is based on my travels around Switzerland in 2018 — visiting lakes, mountains, cities and countryside.
“Haiku”, 65 x 90 cm., oil on canvas, is a textured abstract work that explores the haiku moment of fallen cherry tree blossoms scattered by the wind: cherry tree blossoms scatter beyond all fences. kissed by a mild breeze.
“Rothko gone rogue”, oil on canvas, 65x90cm., 2019.
Love Illusion, 65×90 cm., oil on canvas.
Tale of three colour fields, oil on canvas, 81 x 100 cm., 2016.
“Oil painting imitating a watercolor”, 40 x 40 cm., oil on canvas.
Tri-colour seascape, colour field painting, oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.

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