undressing my shemale.


undressing my shemale.

i have had you
many times before …
and in many places:
in toilets in four-star restaurants,
in discotheques,
in taxi cabs and in limousines,
in unsafe parts of town,
in luxury hotel rooms.
we have run the gamut.

i have always demanded
to watch you strip for me.
but tonight …
tonight i want to undress you.
never mind the clothes;
i want to strip you of
your role-playing, and
your insecurities —
drowning in attitude.

just tonight,
i want to make love
to the “you” that you
never show to a lover:
tonight, i want to retake
your psychosexual virginity …
tonight, i want to
experience you —
“a stranger,
in a strange land.”

oh yeah …
oh yeah …

let’s suck,
and let’s fuck …
but let us do it now!”

(oh baby …
ohhhh … )