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NEW: Jacques Brel et Zizou … Ne me quitte pas !

“Ne me quitte pas”, oil on canvas, 65 x 90 cm., 2017, is an abstract geometric painting inspired by Jacques Brel’s famous love song, and its imagined personal history. Here his plea — Ne me quitte pas (Don’t leave me) — is scrawled on…

Letters to an Italian Art Photographer.

Dear Sandro, After becoming infatuated with several of the photographic works on your blog, I naturally became curious to know just a bit about how you see your instinct to create. You have written quite simply: La fotografia è una passione, un modo di…

Lettres à un photographe français: mes réactions aux images.

    Presenting a new series: my own take on “Letters to a young poet”; but here I am writing my reactions to the photographic works of the talented French photographer Frédéric Bérard, who is in the process of creating his first photography webpage….

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