The Eye of the Triangle.



Lost in the assertion that
there is no god but God,
the drunken darwish is
rendered ecstatic by the
soma of perfection …
“la ilaha illa Llah …
illa Llah … Allah!” …
Thus, through the magic of Dhikr,
does the Serpent
unite with the Regenerative Spirit
and transgress the mundane.
The secrets of the
unwritten runes within
the eye of the triangle
are deciphered solely through
meditations of the heart;
and the rays of Initiation
illumine the paths
of those led by
nothing more than
the promise of Salt.

Twentieth anniversary: living with AIDS


August 12, 2013 marks my twentieth anniversary of living with the AIDS virus. I have just published a poetic journal documenting and describing the process leading up to that date. The book is entitled JISEI: death poems and daily reflections by a person with AIDS