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Norwegian haiku.

  Norwegian haiku. norwegian haiku — salmon in a sushi roll; exotic and fresh.   (poetry and photography by Adam Donaldson Powell)

NO MORE WALLS. HUG A MEXICAN TODAY. “America … no te reconozco.”

Trouble accessing this great video? If so, then TRY THIS LINK! AMÉRICA, NO TE RECONOZCO. Imágenes de mi patria destruídas por la realidad: fronteras cerradas, sospechas y paranoia inherente … impresiones digitales obligatorias … registro electrónico de inmigrantes … guerras preventivas de guerras. América,…

Extreme poetry: “All is going to Hell — After the Rapture”.

(PAINTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM DONALDSON POWELL) AFTER THE RAPTURE. ASCENSION. In an instant, the orgasmic tingling of the Great Compassion transmutes physicality into crystalline Light, thus releasing the new-found frequency to find completion in the vortex of universal vibration. And meanwhile, a gentle…

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