One step closer to transformation apex.


It has been a while since I have posted, painted or written literature. Much is going on in my own non-internet reality. I do, however, have an important message to convey right now — to my followers, friends and those otherwise drawn to my energies and to this message spiritually:

we are ever so quickly going into the “difficult but ultimately glorious transformation” period i have been talking and writing about for decades. my message is still: batten down the hatches and find security where possible, for it will be a bumpy ride. (thank you bette davis.)

the apex will be in 2017, at which point the earthly and intergalactic wars and major nastiness will begin to subside … and after 2021 the waves of new consciousness will begin to be felt by many. i am not always good at channeling dates but these have been communicated to me for quite a while. things change along the way so a bit of tailoring must be accommodated.

my “assignment” (then, and now) is still to awaken and help with self-empowerment on all levels. i share that task with many persons and souls … including you. our community is growing by the minute. it is difficult to see that at times but it really is.

i love you, and send you blessings.

adam angel 😇

Adam in Wonderland
Adam in Wonderland
Adam in May 2015a
Adam in May 2015a

Please wake up and get with the (real) program!

Okay, look! For decades now I have been talking and writing about life after death, life between lives, contact with extraterrestrials, contact with the Spirit World, and much more. I have been called this, that and the other, laughed at, ridiculed, ignored … and worse. Disclosure of many things is happening now, and almost every month there is some new “incredible revelation”. Incredible, my ass!

Many so-called “conspiracy theories” are up to 70% true. It is up to each and every one of us to figure out what is true and useful (or not), and why. This includes theories about philosophy, religion, politics, history, aliens, life/death and much, much more.

Many over the years have asked me: “Why have you seen aliens and talked to ETs, other dimensional beings etc., but not me or others that I know?!!” The answer is that I have “memory” from before my present birth/incarnation, and that I possess “space/evolutional” intelligence. We all have that intelligence within us, just like we are all “psychic” to various degrees; and those intelligences can be developed.

We are very, very close to “disclosure” about aliens and life between lives. Get ready, people! The present last-ditch attempts to control and contain the population through fear: terrorism, ebola etc. will soon dissipate because a “new threat” will arise with alien disclosure. But I tell you once again, aliens are not all evil. In fact, there is no “evil”. We must, however, learn to understand intention, context, capability, tradition etc. in all beings — living, and beyond planetary existence.

So, yes — I thus warn you, the new “terrorists” to be sold to humanity are “aliens”. We will be admonished to fear and fight them, without question. If you do so indiscriminately then you will be fighting your own development, on many levels.

Decide for yourselves, and may your “force” be with you.


For those of you who are “sensitive” to extraterrestrial contact and other-dimensional knowledge, take a tour through my blog: THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF LIGHT