Charlie Hebdo solidarity rally: the honour roll.

tous des charlie

Some might balk at the honour roll / list of politicians and leaders represented at the Charlie Hebdo solidarity rally on Sunday, January 11, 2015. Why? Because several of the leaders in attendance do not exactly have a spotless record as regards Freedom of expression in their home countries. But … hey, nobody’s perfect!

Seriously, I hope that all of these leaders will be reminded of their new commitment to freedom of expression by the watchdogs in their own countries.

We can only hope.

(member of Norwegian P.E.N.)

Je suis Charlie !

I was unfortunately not able to travel to Paris on such short notice, but my engagement and my support of my family and good friends there after the terrorist attacks has been formidable. One of my friends in Paris – who lost one of his best friends in the Charlie Hebdo attack – included photos of persons he cares about (who were not able to attend) on a poster, including moi. In this way, I also attended this historic event.