Taboo: In this moment.






In this moment, I do not care
about gay liberation, gay rights
or gay-normalization in society.

In this moment, I only want you to:

Kiss my lips, lick lustfully inside my mouth
… and feel the shame.

Suck my cock, repeatedly, and in its entirety …
and feel the shame.

Prostrate yourself, brace yourself, open your crevice …
and feel the shame.

Crave and savour my offering …
and feel the shame.

In this moment, I will truly love you.

And after this moment …
I will gratefully send you back to your husband or wife;
knowing that you will be back — accepting my love;
yet again, and again.


… say what?!!
I cannot save the world, or
solve your relationship problems.
But if you go down on me —
yeah, like that! —

well, maybe then,
we can save the moment.

You … and me — together.

Do it … just fucking DO IT!


Why — do you assume …






why — do you assume …


that I have a ten inch cock,

and want nothing more than to fuck you senseless?


why — do you assume …


that I only like boys or men,

and especially white ones?


why — do you assume …


that I want anything more than to steal your panties;

in order to wear them, sniff them while jacking off or

burn them like a bra?


why — do you assume …


… anything?



why — do you assume?







Ne t’en fais pas, je vais juste t’enculer …

Avec une capote ? Non merci.

Tu me trouves indiscret ? allons donc !

Ce sont mes voyeurs que tu dois sermonner.

Ils n’arrêtent pas de me regarder.

Mais moi je m’en fous, je suis heureux …

Tu peux me regarder, tu sais,

de prêt ou de loin, ça m’est égal.

Tiens, mon voisin s’en rince l’oeil

et il a raison.

Sooo … what did you really expect?!!


sooo …
you thought it was all
just about sex (?)
sorry, mac …
it is a bit more complicated
than that.
i want more …
much, much more
from you —
and perhaps,
also from myself.

i do not want to
own you,
or control how we
discourse or have sex …

but i am very concerned
with your words, thoughts
and behavior patterns.

it is a real drag,
i know …
to always be on guard —
but you have chosen it
yourself …
haven’t you?!!
after all …

you coulda’ just
gotten a quick fuck
off the street.

… and so could I …

what are we doing here?