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Playing with language to create new ways of writing.

    Playing with word combinations, word sounds, word color and smell associations, as well as levels of language and speaking help to make poetry and prose cinematic and colorful — without long and tedious passages. I also use languages (in both pure and…

NO MORE WALLS. HUG A MEXICAN TODAY. “America … no te reconozco.”

Trouble accessing this great video? If so, then TRY THIS LINK! AMÉRICA, NO TE RECONOZCO. Imágenes de mi patria destruídas por la realidad: fronteras cerradas, sospechas y paranoia inherente … impresiones digitales obligatorias … registro electrónico de inmigrantes … guerras preventivas de guerras. América,…

More excerpts from “JISEI”: my latest book of poetry.

do not promise to be with me forever. and do not tell me that our love will last an eternity. rather, meet me fully — in this moment — and dance with me … dance with me. Écoutez le silence. Il y a l’énergie…

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