Reflection number three: The chicken or the egg – what came first?

Adam alien

Okay … where do we go from here — now that we acknowledge that both science and history are often biased and “made to order” according to who pays, who is in power, and their motives?
This is no new issue. It has existed throughout recorded history, and probably before then as well.

The question of what came first — the chicken or the egg(?) … is actually rather simple. Most scientists would undoubtedly respond that the egg came first, and that its ancestors eventually developed to become what we today know as a modern chicken.

We encounter larger emotional problems with assessing (scientifically) whether Eve was borne of Adam, or whether or not Eve actually came first. The same question can be asked in regards to our alien origins: were our earlier ancestors visited by aliens from other star systems and bequeathed with knowledge we were not otherwise personally capable of having or using, or were the first inhabitants of our planet actually aliens who were “fallen angels”? And why is that question important, or relevant today? While we are at it, we can also ask ourselves how politics and social perspectives over the course of history have influenced art, philosophy and science to the point of our current expressions and accepted realities?

The egg obviously came first, according to “accepted” scientific evolutionary theory. But can the same evolutionary theory be applied to our alien ancestry? If not, then why not?!! We cannot (today, at least) scientifically “prove” that this and that egg progression led to this and that evolution of the chicken we know of today. (We have problems enough with tracking human evolution.) Our understanding of human DNA so far precludes tracking of alien DNA because we do not possess enough publicised knowledge of alien DNA (or the existence of aliens).

That being said, I have always reacted to persons who have disregarded my own experiences and beliefs about and with aliens as “bullshit” because they “only believe in science”. What the fuck is science? To me, science is not about rehashing what one thinks is “known”. It is largely about reviewing possibilities — sometimes farfetched — and testing out theories in their abstract forms. Many previous scientific theories have been disproven in more or less “recent history”, and many historical “facts” have been shown to be false, irrelevant and politically-contingent. Of course, the same can be said of religious beliefs (and again “facts”), artistic expressions, philosophies etc. Together, all of these beliefs and “truths” give foundations for laws, rules, morals and behavioural patterns that make up our everyday existence …

Science and history — like art, literature and philosophy — are highly subjective as regards collective and recorded human experience, and projected goals. I am more concerned with the “science” of how and why we think — and do what we do. That “science” — by definition — is by nature subjective and expansive. Is it important to know if aliens came first, or if humans were first visited and then gained learning from aliens? I believe that the answer to that question is “YES!” This because the presence and timeline of alien DNA and instincts for thinking and behaviour could give us invaluable insight into how and why we interact on this planet, and how we think.

We are many who have tried to intuit (or fantasise) about our alien ancestry: from Arcturians to Lyrians and more. We know too little about these hypothetical alien cultures “scientifically”, but most revolutionary science begins with abstract ideas and intuitions. The same can be said of groundbreaking art, literature and philosophy.

As an author and artist, I need to believe in my ability to intuit other possibilities than what I see with my physical and mental body (which often fools me). Philosophers, artists, authors … and scientists are “visionaries” at their best. We have an “alien” perspective, and the need to research and discover that which is uncharted and foreign.

That is our future. That is our vision. That is our investment in the future.

Reflection no. 2: The politics of engagement in turbulent times.


We are living in turbulent times, and the level of insecurity about both present and future has been escalated by a number of factors, including global communications and business/trade, interdependence of nation states, organizations and unions, secret and not-so-secret political alliances, as well as a host of other phenomena that have further supported the humanoid tendency to embrace “doomsday thinking” (such as surveillance and control by “Big Brother” — i.e. government and international agencies, corporations etc., climate change, natural periodic changes and cataclysms on our planet and in our universe, media manipulation and control of information and much more). In addition, the overinflated hopes for an impending glorious New Age which have several times in recent history (since the hippie movement of the ’60s and ’70s) been elevated to ecstatic levels only to be quenched and squelched (eg. Wikileaks, Anonymous, Occupy Movement, Arab Spring Movement, Snowden revelations etc.) have both illustrated our need to believe in comprehensive positive change AND perhaps revealed our disillusionment and impatience with processes that require continuous effort and convictions over longer periods of time. I have recently noted an alarming return of complacency, hopelessness, apathy, overindulgence in consumerism and sex as a way of increasing a sense of self-worth, a renewed tendency to embrace fundamentalism and/or epithets such as “It has always been this way”, “According to the Holy Book …” etc.

There are – in fact – many earth-shattering and mindboggling changes, new ideas and concepts, new technologies etc. bombarding us at the present time. It is all part of the shift in consciousness, and although many of us are waiting for (and some hoping for) one major set of cataclysms that threaten to wipe out the “evil” on the planet once and for all, the simple truth is that the cataclysms are already happening — day by day — but more like a train wreck in slow motion. The media and the internet overwhelm us with so many stories and images of injustice, tragedies, crimes against humanity (at every hour) that many of us seek refuge in any way possible. “Luckily” the media and corporations provide us with celebrity gossip, fashion trends we simply “must keep up with”, reality shows on tv etc. so that we can find relief because “YOU (we) CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

We do still have chances to change what we perceive as negative and unwanted, but engagement is required. Movements will suddenly appear and they will be put down by those in opposition. That is nothing new in world history. I would suggest that it is perhaps not our governments, media, corporations or even our neighbors that are the greatest threats and dangers. They exist only due to our own consent, apathy and empowerment of them. The real danger is US. (No, not the United States … but you and I.) We are the ones that are making demands that governments, the media, corporations and the like are fulfilling. We are the ones that have the ultimate power to say “No, I do not wish for this to be my reality, politics, consciousness expression etc.”. We are the ones who must wake up from the daze enforced by consumer-mania, television and media indoctrination, acceptance of mass surveillance as a way to lessen our fears, replacing face-to-face contact with two-dimensional social media interactions, addictions to sex, alcohol, narcotics, religion, and more.


Quite enraptured by my own image
in a Mirror of Darkness,
I abandon both reflection and shadow
for a glimpse of the Unknown.

The night offers no refraction other than
the glint of an inner eye:
Yea, the paradox of Blindness is revealed
through discovery of Self alone.

The Devil

The dark one
Lurks not in
The shadows,
And not amongst
Your friends
Or enemies.
Beware, for
His evil lies
Within you,
And eagerly
Awaits release
By descendents
Of Pandora.
Beware of
The road to
Inertia and ruin,
So carelessly
Littered with
Temptation and
The self-centered
And worshippers
Of false splendor
Can expect
Little more than
Yes. Beware
Of darkness ..
And beware
Of mirrors …
But most of all
Of the devil
That you are.

(Poems from my book entitled “Collected poems and stories”, Cyberwit, 2005)


(Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm., E>mc squared = the validity of time travel,

by Adam Donaldson Powell.)


A short commentary as a response to a reader from the United States, which may be of interest to many others:

The reader’s question is:

I like this. Really thought provoking. I have a question about your use of the word “humanoid”. It means–as you know–something resembling humans. What is the context of which you are referencing? Are you implying that humans are not in fact humans but are posing as such? If so, what are our origins?

And my response is:

Yes, the choice of “humanoids” is conscious and emphatic.
We do have other star origins in our ancestry, and I also wish to underline
that we have other concurrent universe/galactic associations on a soul
level and on a higher consciousness level WHILE we are in our present state
of incarnation on the Earth. The concepts of astral projection and of parallel
universes and concurrent incarnations on other stars is no longer just a New Age
theory. Others with scientific backgrounds have begun to speculate on
these possibilities as well.

Beyond that, humans must begin to identify – for better or worse – with the fact
that we are “-oids”; that we are an animal species in competition (albeit unfair these
days) with other animal and plant species on this planet. We are no more “gods”
than an octopus or a fern — and no less “gods”, either. We are humanoids —
and not always “humane” to one another, to other species or to our ourselves.