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2014: the life and adventures of an incarnated angel (excerpts).

2014: THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF AN INCARNATED ANGEL. Many Terrans are still approaching the future with fear and trepidation. It is not too late to realise that our past, our present and our future are of our own creation, at every moment and…

Excerpt from “The tunnel at the end of time”.

ACT 10: “Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us!” Hamlet Act I sc. 4 “Lugh, work your way towards me, this one seems to be following me, and has at least one guard with him.” “On my way, ‘Ifafi. Same here. I think we…

Adam reviewed: “The tunnel at the end of time”, commented on by Dr. Isagani R. Cruz

REVIEW BY DR. ISAGANI R. CRUZ, THE PHILIPPINES: The Tunnel at the End of Time is a masterful symphony of languages, religions, cultures, and literary techniques, all journeying to one inevitable destination: the individual wrestling with self. Covering our most human to our most…

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