FROM THE ARCHIVES: The tunnel at the end of Time.




— where Hollywood, the news, conspiracy theories and human psyche collide, in a multilingual dream state — 



A sci-fi thriller by Adam Donaldson Powell and Rick Davis,

with foreword by Adam Donaldson Powell and Azsacra Zarathustra


Copyright© 2010 Adam Donaldson Powell and Rick Davis ISBN 978-81-8253-160-4

First Edition: 2010 — published by

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Printed in India.



The Tunnel at the End of Time is a masterful symphony of languages, religions, cultures, and literary techniques, all journeying to one inevitable destination: the individual wrestling with self. Covering our most human to our most divine urges and activities, the poetic, science fictional, experimental, even cinematic book leads us through words to what is beyond or behind words: the inscrutable mystery of our own being or, more precisely since the book revels in Emptiness, our non-being. In the process of stripping away the several skins that we use to protect our inner selves and to keep us from exercising our freedom to live a full life, the book also comments on writing itself, turning itself inside out, so to speak, so that we are forced as readers to become the writers themselves, merging our selves with theirs without meaning to and without remembering the meaning that we wanted to find, finding ourselves apparently in the future but actually in the present, or even more precisely, in the past, as time stops for us. In the end, the future humans, aliens, and angels turn out to be really us today, as we find ourselves aliens within ourselves, alienated not from the world as lesser writers would have put it, but from ourselves, as only the truly alive realize, perhaps as only angels really know. For those less inclined towards philosophy, the book offers gripping suspense, continuous action, and provocative scenes; the narrative scaffolding, however, is there only to lead readers to deeper levels of reading. I recommend this book to everyone honest enough to admit that we do not know ourselves or that we are not just nothing, but perhaps even Nothingness itself. Have fun, but be warned!

– Isagani R. Cruz, Professor Emeritus, De La Salle University, Manila

a new extreme sci-fi novel, co-authored by Adam Donaldson Powell (Norway), Rick Davis (USA), and Azsacra Zarathustra (Russia)
Where realities collide in the Dream State


totidem verbis — semel insanivimus omnes

in just so many words —  we have all, at some time, been mad


(photo courtesy of azSacra zaRathustra)



By Adam Donaldson Powell and Azsacra Zarathustra




Это возникало из – за щитов …

из – за ракет, которых “там” не было сначала,

но которые будут “здесь” в конечном счёте.

Yes, the shields … humans are born with them,

much as angels are born with wings.

It is propaganda, of course …

the truth has always been an existential relativity.

Funny …

They say I am balding … getting old and senile.

But the truth is that I have always been bald.

I am “Transforma” … the symbol of the old

empire now fallen.

I am … the bearer of vision and conscience.

I am … the judge and the predator.

I am … the eagle.

We saw it coming, didn’t we “Vrebatima”?

I kept silent … and no one believed you.

But who is laughing now?

Yes, only us …

The Armageddon was inevitable …

We needed it, and so we created it.

But it is only illusion …

Только иллюзия.


No illusions!

No delusions!

We knew only the Truth of Destruction!

We – Über! … and my one-legged

father taught me only how to kill:

kill Buddha!

kill Hitler!

kill yourself!

my mother – Nothing, but older

and more sorrowful …

my father – Nobody, but more merciless

and sadder …

Look: my daughter goes from Emptiness

to Emptiness in order to kill every tear

before her birth:

And now Absence doesn’t cry anymore,

Emptiness doesn’t spend any more money

on funerals –

that’s the Truth of Non-existence!

“Nothing” is my mother –

“Nobody” is my father –

and there are no tears between




левая рука Бога?

Ahh, the left hand of God!

yes, I saw it once: floating

over the Sahara.

Little did I then know that

it was the rosebud of Intervention.

Who could have guessed?

It danced so gracefully, like

Salome’s dance of the veils –

stirring up a frenzy of sand

against the windless sky

I miss the slithering creepy-crawlers

which once tattled the mysteries

of the night. They are long gone;

as are the polar bears, the whales,

the crocodiles, the bees and the sharks.

What have you done, Terrans?

What were you thinking?

Lost in meditations upon finances

and power, you lost sight of the

greatest wealth you owned.

And you crowded only a few

humanoids onto your hastily-built

arks when the floods and dis-ease

ravaged so mercilessly.

Some called it the work of

the antichrist, but the antichrist

was humanity itself: which

had been too long on the rampage

of greed and apathy and imbalance.

You raped and you raped;

and defiled both humanity and


A barren Terra wails but we

are not comforters Vrebatima.


We are merely the scribes

who observe and note the

crimes for future reflection.

Tell me a story Vrebatima,

but allow me to keep my Buddha.

I have nothing else.

Tell me again about the

fires and the tsunamis and

the screaming; and

the fallen Buddha statues.

Поведайте мне Vrebatima …

сообщите мне!

Break with your emptiness

and violate the nothingness,


Tell me about the dried-out

moss on the floors of the

naked forests, and of the

sad Russian lullabies sung

by the dying hummingbirds.

Remind me of the carcasses –

long since picked clean by

crows that had become vultures

out of necessity of survival.

Jog my memory, O Vrebatima:

сообщите мне!


Believe: in the Sacred Rats.

The Execution of the world is –

the execution of a Ritual.

An angel, rushing down,

made a heart-rending cry:

Let rats fuck their daughters;

coin dolls born from the

Dollar –

On the gold of their fathers

fucked in manure …

Let rats fuck their daughters!




Power of prices alone –

ascending from the worthless world

to Zero:


After zeros

(instead of bullets)

only holes are left –


There are no more

Great Chinese Walls!

The decay!

The Empire died like

a pitiful trembling


In cash-machines there is

a “share” for each –

the Universe will no more be

rammed through by the hawk.

It’s clear now:

God didn’t die –

the Will died …

Der Wille zur Macht?

Nein! –

Das Nichts zur Macht!

Das Leere zur Herrschaft!



I am fucked … we are all fucked.

The Great Bear is howling in

the Siberian woods …

and Vrebatima has hunger

in her soul – as do I.

Our forefathers were perhaps

foolish to give up the Cold Wars,

to kill Saddam Hussein and

to invade Afghanistan.

I followed the Sacred Rat,

and he deceived me

time and time again …

fucked me up real good.

As the leading superpowers

we had control – and we

agreed to disagree, making secret

strategies together, for viewing

and consumption by the world.

The people of the world were stupid.

They never understood the farce …

that every argument and action

was contracted and choreographed.

We provided both excitement and

the security of balance.

But now we have lost our rhythm,

and our equilibrium is shaky at best.

I miss the rat …

Do you still remember how to

dance Vrebatima?

You used to be so elegant …

a true Russian princess.

Let me rest my beak on your

womb my beautiful predator;

and please caress the feathered

nape of my neck with your

claw – two unlikely lovers

baring resemblance visible

only to the initiated:

of beak and claw, both royalty and

scavengers of the spoils

of imbalance.

Where is Buddha? He has

disappeared from the mountaintop.

And where is Christ? He has

descended from the cross.

(It was cold here on Terra,

and we needed the wood.)

They are both having tea

with Nietzsche, who is

dressed up like a ballet dancer.

Where am I, Vrebatima?

I am lost in my own transformation …

in the winter of my own samadhi.

Wake me up from my dreams …

but let me hold onto my illusions

and my delusions.

I need the escape … I crave the drug.

Maya is heroin for the tired soul.

I am fucked …

I am …

I …


Ich –

Ich bin –

Ich bin tot –

Ich tot bin!

I – Vrebatima! Я – Mahakala!

I – Yama! I – Shiva, dancing

only on corpses …

I – Destroyer of this

too (super-too!) human


I – Bhairava, but not rapturous

God Eros –

to hell with sex, Transforma:

Cut off the balls of each


Shoot off the head of each

beautiful doll!

I – des Todes Tod –

I – Clear Death –

I – Clear Death –


For: all “people” are riffraff!

For: Transcendence Itself

and He who transcends wants to drink

their blood and shoot them down!

What, Transforma, didn’t you

know that?

Didn’t you feel the Clearest

Unevitable Essence of Death?

I – DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the ass are fucked

only yelping sluts …

… all soft ottomans

have been shat on by young

pussycats …

But Nietzsche ordered

to bomb Las Vegas!



Funny about the military missile

platforms in space.

Only one-third of them are pointed

to Terra; the rest are pointing

to outer space.

Man is a predator out-of-control;

a soul-virus and a threat

to the whole universe.

I mourn for the aliens who were

tortured and killed by us, in

order to steal their intelligence.

Information we were not ready

to use properly, and which led

to our own demise as a world.

And the Intervention (says the

voice in Transforma’s head).


And the damned garbage floating

around in the Terra orbit system …

as below – so above.

What? Shhhh! (says Transforma

to the voice in his head)

The old USA was a “whore-goddess” …

a giant golden vagina with penis-like

hairs, hoarding and fucking and

standardizing all in its path.

“In God We Trust, and his name is


Blah, blah, blah …

and all that blaehhhh …

(Transforma laughs hysterically,

then sobs, and hiccups and farts.)

You know, you tell me to

forget about sex … but

did you know that

I was once fucked by the

finger of the God?

It is true; by the middle finger

of his right hand.

Impaled, like the Spaniards who

were forced by the Incas to sit on

sharpened tree stumps until

their guts exploded … as

punishment for their greed for gold.

Yeah … (thoughtfully). Impaled.

At my moment of death I saw the

Sky of the Last Days; the Destruction

was a magnificent show:

beautiful pink, orange and purple

skies, with mushroom clouds as far

as the eye could see – and beyond.

And all was so quiet, too;

except for the gentle lullaby that

hummed in my head.

Сладкая колыбельная.

Сон – это спасение… отсрочка.

Sweet lullaby.

Sleep is salvation … reprieve.

To my left there is a child in

tattered clothing, half-starved and

too resigned to beg anymore …

and to my right there is

a whirling dervish, spinning

’round and ’round – lost in

his own private ecstasy.

Both are barefoot.

Alas, there is no death …

only sleep.


Are you listening, Transforma?

Ich ist das Nichts zur Macht!

Ich ist das Leere zur Herrschaft!

Between us there can’t be

Any Harmony.

Between you there can’t be

any Germany.

The Fair Eagle of Severe Spirituality

has died forever.

The Chinese “I Ching” hexagrams

didn’t turn into Ravenous Beasts.

Confucius is not inspired by

the voids of “Mein Kampf”.

But, Transforma … Tao killed the

dragons in vain –

Now bullets won’t

find the revolver!

Nobody will shoot

The Yellow Emperor!

People forgot:

God’s Dick – is the Ram of the Sky! –

The Аmerican Saturating Revolution

is not worth even a single dick of the

japanese kamikazes!

Europeans …

pleasant Takheshi Khitano

will never repeat the hara-kiri of

Yukio Mishima.

Look –

exponent of piffling lives

“life of spirit” after suicide by




Bald … barren … bare

as the mountaintop on

which we stand.

Our new vision shall

rise from the ashes,

as the Phoenix.

And I shall learn

to love you Vrebatima.

If not, then we shall

ride the missile of Hell

together – bareback …


a crazy cossack

and a psycho cowboy

Azrael is my witness …

we will never die …

only our bodies will wither

and disintegrate to dust

and we shall be remembered

in the annals of history …

perhaps as mere footnotes

remembered only by trivia fanatics

in decades to come.

But I will always dream of

our voyage, Vrebatima –

over and over again,

like a merry-go-round that

never stops, changing simple

joy to horror.

A bittersweet nightmare …

If only the dreamer would

never wake up.

Can you promise me that …



yes, I love my bald dreams …

and Russian caviar.


worms …

only worms …

now only worms are – Holy! –

always continuing, creeping through

dead God …

Snakes slide away …

Rats run away …

The Mystery of Creatures wakes even God up …

But when Jesus hears the word “culture” –

He doesn’t take out a revolver:

John Lennon can masturbate,

jump, masturbate, jump,

masturbate, and jump

on and on …

Do you see, Transforma –

even Lord Krishna left the Battlefield

and took Arjuna with him.

What for, O Lord?

To fuck Saint Silvia

in two holes.

Do you understand?

Gods and people – are only the Spirit’s Porno!

Ja! Ja! Ja! –

Buddha’s ejaculation into His own


Nobody wants to eat

corpses of sybaritic

natives …


Where are the marching


… there are no Wild

Holy Exotics …

… no one exercises

in Breaching of the Spirit …

… there’s no one to be fed to

the rats …

… the blood stopped to look for

Light …

…a dick doesn’t thirst for twats

of the Sun …


ex nihilo nihil fit.






ego cogito, ergo sum?


Auf! Nicht röcheln!

Nicht röcheln!

cogito Todt Ist,

sum ist Summa Summarum

Nichts =

Nein ist Nichts!

Nein ist Nichts!

Nein ist Nichts!

Auf –

Auf –


Here is the Key to it all:

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

Nichts Nichts Nichts

das Nichts zur Macht!

das Leere zur Herrschaft!



You undress my gods shamelessly,


I huddle and shiver in the shadows

of my own spirituality.

There is no god but God …

and I am God – naked

and exposed in the face of

my own and collective

illusions and indiscretions.

What is the use?

Billions upon billions of gods

running around, making their

own realities in confusion.

Let us cut out the spiritual pork!

Bring back the Age of the Guru …

and bring back the Prophets.

It is too much responsibility to

be my own god.

Tell me what to believe …

show me how to act.

Lead me back into the


The Darkness of the Eternal Womb …

the elixir of Nothingness.


I am not a Dark Tao. I’m not Nirvana.

I am not Om ……………………..

I am – Isana. I am – Nataraja.

I am – the Clear Transcendent of Death.

I am – The Left Hand of God –

and I can only Kill.

I Kill all the Truths.

And first of all – Myself

as a Truth …


That’s why – Killing myself! –

I know for sure:

Western gods – shit!

Eastern gods – huge

manure heap!

I know! – the old Will to Power

should be replaced with Nothing to Reign:

das Nichts zur Macht!

I see! – The Great Noon should

turn Emptiness into Domination:

das Leere zur Herrschaft!

The existing formulas are not enough:

“Be strong”, “Werdet hart” …

Now you should Kill

“yourself” – within Yourself …

and even –

the Omnipotent within you!

Exactly so! It is only by killing the Omnipotent,

that you can understand the last

Truth of Horrors’ Horrors:

“The Devil is Dead” – it is truly more

horrifying, than “God is dead”.

O Great Gods! You are – Stinkers! –

too many of you … but You are all still

alive. What a Lie …

only one Devil is the Spirit of Honour! –

because he is always dead.

Deus est mortuus?

Diabolos mortuus est!


I stand naked before you, Vrebatima …

yeah – even naked before myself

and the god within me.

I have faced Death,

but Death was only mortality:

an experience that I longed for

only because it was faceless.

Hiding a secret that no one

really cared about anyway.

I am not proud, Vrebatima.

I weep for Amerika …

and the “dream” …

long since exposed as illusion.

Yea, I am naked and dirty, Vrebatima

… and blinded by the sunshine

reflected on the snowcaps.

I hear you … but you must

court me if I am to believe you.

I only know Détente …

I have never known Love.

Silence is greater than

the absence of Noise.


Bald … barren … bare.

It is in the Nothingness

that I find meaning, and there

that my Existence has value.


Bald … barren … bare …

stripped of all intent;

an existence devoid of fear

and purpose.


Bald … barren … bare

as the Now … the moment,

of Silence …

without expectation or



Bald … barren … bare …

as the word “no” –

whispered in orgasmic



Bald … barren … bare …

stripped of all humanity

and self-respect

by the airport scanners.


Also sprach Zarathustra:

Gelobt sei, was hart macht!

Naked? … But that’s not enough –

you need more,

you need to strip your skin off

while still alive:

reveal your bones –

reveal your intestines –

reveal your Emptiness!

Aha! … Transforma demanded

“to cut the spiritual pork out of gods” –

and suddenly … immediately surrendered

without a battle.

Spiritual rebellion but for a moment?

Do you only wish to “suck off” the Gods? –

in this case Hölderlin will question you with severity.

It’s better to be like Lord Krishna –

to fuck the 100 000 beautiful gopis

immediately and all at once.

But it is – the same decadence, Transforma!

Better yet, let me quote

“The Dhammapada” for You:

He killed his mother and father, and two kings from

Kshatriya’s caste, destroyed the kingdom together

with its population, the brahmin became imperturbable –

Does it mean anything to you?

Here are the words regarding Spiritual Luxury from the regal


I have become Death,

I have become the shatterer of worlds!

Kill the Gods, Transforma!

Kill this eternal whining, crying, quaggy,

tear-dropping god Eros!

Kill your own dick!

Exterminate all the stupid lovers,

poets, readers, spectators of Your

Exhibitionist mania –

shoot them all down!

As earlier in old, good Germany,

we will talk in the language

of the Clear Transcendent –



WITHOUT dicks!

WITHOUT twats!

Only – “das Ding an sich”!

Do you know that Kant was good at shooting

with his “Shmaiser”?

hitting: 10 out of 10!

And can you do that?

I remember, that in “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”

the following was written:

There will be a time –

Hitler constantly shooting himself

might miss sometime

and make a hole in somebody’s head –

it will be Your head, Transforma!

It is so mulish

that even Buddha could break

a stick against it …

Bang! …

Bang! …

Bang! …

How many sticks are necessary to break

against your bald head?

The Right hand of God should do

more than just masturbate.

Stop wasting seed

and tears …

Buddha said: no more Existence!





Schreibe mit Blut:

und du wirst erfahren,

dass Blut Geist ist.


Vrebatima, surely I will never

reconcile with you in this world.

The old rules worked just fine

until recently; money, power,

greed and the threat of missiles

and sex have always been

our personal gods.

Do not fool yourself.

I will send you some beautiful

black orchids, dripping with

the blood of one thousand

national anthems … and then

you will understand and

once again cry tears of joy

for our lost Cold War.

It was our only hope for peace.

Our only real expression of Love.

The only proof of Existence.

What is the use of Divine Intervention?

What was the point of the crucifixion

or the Holy Wars?

If we achieve peace then we must

find new enemies in outer space …

it is the way of humans, Vrebatima.

It is the way of the Warrior God.

Meet me at nightfall – in the barren courtyard.

And bring your Sword of Silence!


… this and then there is Victory?

I will quickly draw a Sword of Silence,

strike a blow –

and Silence has already approached …





























… and so it ends, Vrebatima.

In cold silence – détente.

Once again we agree not to

communicate, not to seek

resolution or understanding.

Is it really human nature and

the way of the gods, or is it us?

If it is truly destruction that we

both really want, then surely it is

Silence that is the Great Destroyer.


It is an uncomfortable silence, hostile and

fraught with projections and scheming.

It is a “noisy” silence … quite different

from the Oneness of Unity and

the Absence of Separation.

It is a silence that makes angels and

the soldiers of Divine Intervention

cry with sadness.


But it is a silence that we know

all too well, Vrebatima …

and so far, the only silence

we truly trust – deep down

inside ourselves.

(snickers nervously)

Es triste … pero es cierto.


Be afraid of the Absence of


not the dark,

not the beast,

not the blade,

not the poison –

but the Tear Itself will kill

the child!

The Grass Itself will kill

the lamb!

Not the shadow,

not the tiger –

but the Aroma and the Rose will kill


I saw the terror of the first flower

on a Spring Field:

alone – it didn’t want

to bloom for the Sky …

didn’t expose

itself to a Kindred Sun

and the first dew

trickled down it

and the first moth

was startled by it

and the first bee

flew away

show Your Nothingness on

the petals!

expose Yourself

without any blooming!

You are – the Void

without name

and shape …

Come from

Nothing …

And Again

Vanish …


Expose yourself – and wake up.

Yes … wake up.

Wake up and

destroy the dream.

Embrace the nightmare

of Nothingness.

Caress the baldness.

Lick the Sword of Silence.

Stop waiting for Divine Intervention.

Become the Divine Intervention.

Let it be your zazen.

Sing me a lullaby without words,

and without sound.

I no longer believe in the messiah …

or in the antichrist.

I see both in my own reflection

in the mirror of darkness.

The only tears that I have left

are tears of blood …

it is only blood that I can offer you,


Tear down the cross and

send the virgins home.

I, Transforma, will sit on my mountaintop

and you, Vrebatima, will sit on yours.

We will bridge our differences by

watching over the goings on and

when necessary – cooperating on

keeping the populace in blindness.

Together, we will maintain the smokescreen,

with the help of religion and the media.

Always a sideshow on the stage of consciousness …

distracting the masses from the real danger:

the sweet-sounding lies that soothe and abet.

I believe in the worms, Vrebatima …

and the unspeakable names of

the gods within all who both embrace

and cower in Darkness.

Tear down the cross and

send the virgins home.



(photo courtesy of azSacra zaRathustra)



Ga awoke in a sweat, thinking: “The Devil comes at nighttime”. ‘Ifafi was sleeping soundly, and snoring. Ga nudged him – gently at first – and then more emphatically: “‘Ifafi, wake up! You are snoring.”

“Wha…. ?!!” mumbled ‘Ifafi, rubbing his eyes, and scratching under his left wing. “What time is it?”

“The sun will be up shortly,” replied Ga. “We need to get up and prepare for the descent into the tunnels.”

‘Ifafi nodded and then turned back onto his right side, ready to return to his slumber. Ga would have none of it and kept talking: “I had another vivid dream, ‘Ifafi. This time it was in Russian, German and English … a conversation between an American eagle and a Russian bear.”

“Heh, heh,” replied ‘Ifafi, “that sounds like an animated Disney film.”

“This was no children’s story, ‘If” exclaimed Ga. “It was all about the lies told by the American and Russian governments, the collusion, the conspiracies leading up to the End of Time. The only thing is that they referred to themselves with the New World Order regional names: “Transforma” and “Vrebatima”.

‘Ifafi sat up in the bed and leaned over to kiss Ga on the forehead and then on the lips, lingering just a bit.

“Hey ‘If!” exclaimed Ga, while gently pushing ‘Ifafi away and turning onto his side with his back to his partner. “No time for monkey business now. It is your turn to make breakfast and I need a shower. I am covered in sweat.”

‘Ifafi pretended not to hear and continued to squirm up against Ga’s backside, kissing his neck, shoulders and wings.

“I mean it, ‘If!” insisted Ga, while laughing. “You are insatiable!”

‘Ifafi pulled away and sat up in the bed again, put on a sulky and pouting face and said: “I thought you liked that about me.”

“I do, Fool! But this descent into the tunnels below the Denver Airport is going to be a demanding experience for us. We need to be alert and focused. Come on now – get Thee into the kitchen and make me some breakfast while I jump into the shower,” said Ga while leaning over to give ‘Ifafi a quick peck on the cheek.

Ga scampered off to the shower, singing the final verse from “Zingara sten farno”:

Icueza cantare moenø pei

solani veinå quon mare

icueza mentari elizena che

quale øpfani en tana.


Zingara sten farno,

fantuvi goan rulci mene,

eluelco neuxpå zentaven amu.

Ulempå skovå nnana

cquerca wuleka … intelgo;

cquerca wuleka … zingara.


Zingara sten farno –

sten farno accompli.

Tes quofta Kristiania,

Tes quofta.


Tes qofta Kristiania, tes quofta Kristiania,

Tes quofta … tes quofta.


Singing that song always made Ga a bit homesick. They had been away from their home station for several moons now – first making preparations for the mission at the headquarters at Mount Shasta, and then at the Intervention Montana Regional Office which was their “home office”. The shuttle flight from the Montana office to the Denver Airport was a short one, but energy level acclimation would require an hour. The Denver Airport area was one of the toughest and darkest energy centers in the whole of Transforma.

While putting on his uniform, he could detect the delightful odors from the kitchen: breakfast tea, oranges and fresh almond biscuits. “I am hungry,” he muttered to himself.

“Good!” said a smiling ‘Ifafi, who suddenly stood right behind Ga. “Now move aside so I can shower. I hope you left me some hot water!”

“‘If … don’t sneak up on me like that! You startled me. How many times have I …”

“Yeah, yeah babe,” laughed ‘Ifafi, while patting his friend on the buttocks. “That uniform is fitting a bit tight, isn’t it?!!”

“What is THAT supposed to mean? I don’t have a weight problem. If you think …”

“Ha, ha … just commenting that you look good, my friend! Now git … ah gots ta shower.”

Ga left the bathroom muttering to himself, and ‘Ifafi could be heard singing an aria from the opera “A Cowboy in Transforma”.

The view of the physical area below was spectacular. The Monavi Eternal City of Universal Light was well-situated in that it was in a perimeter devoid of major storm and meteor activity. The Montana landscape – albeit altered by the ravages of natural disaster – had a rugged beauty, expressing pride and defiance. There were a number of residents in Monavi, but 60% of the population worked at the Intervention Montana Regional Office in one capacity or another. Many of these workers were scientists and technical experts in the fields of energy development, water refinement, air refinement, geology and mechanical engineering. Of course, there were a few intergalactic anthropologists and post-Intervention rehabilitation specialists working with Ga and ‘Ifafi as well.

Ga was lost in his thoughts while staring out of the windows of the kitchen. Their abode was situated right on the edge of the City and offered a fantastic view. The vast open Montana sky gave a panorama view of the ground below, including several ICBM silos – recognizable by the 12 foot high white pole-like structures on 1⁄2 acre plots of land, and surrounded by barbed wire fencing. ‘Ifafi had recently told Ga about the many ufo incidences at Malstrom Air Force Base from 1967 and onwards up until the Intervention. In 1967 several missile sites were effectively shut down by these “visitors” – both as a show of force, and as part of an information gathering mission in advance of the Intervention. The increased space exploration and launching of satellites combined with advances in nuclear technology was a worrisome matter for members of the Federation. At first NWO and military high-officials thought that these incidences were pranks or warnings by Orion and the Zeta Reticulians, with whom they had a cooperation. But in fact, these and other ufo interferences and sitings at strategic military and scientific installations were mostly the work of Federation Apache Force spaceships. It was first in 2008 that the then USA government (now called “Transforma” of course) realized the futility of trying to protect itself with nuclear arms – both from threats on Terra, and from threats from outer space. The spread of nuclear technology nullified the military superiority of the leader nations on Terra, and the clear demonstration by ufos of how easy it is to knock out the missiles led to renewed talks of nuclear disarmament. During the peak of the so-called “Armageddon” with the natural disasters (polar shifts, mass flooding, fires, asteroid storms, dramatic temperature shifts), energy crises, economic collapse, wars etc. the Intervention Planning Commission quickly disarmed these strategic missile facilites across Terra and turned many of them into underground shelters and Intervention bases. One of the largest in Transforma was the Cheyenne Mountain Directorate, located inside Cheyenne Mountain (on the southwest side of Colorado Springs). Another large facility which was supposedly “civilian” in purpose was the Denver Airport. This facility was – in actuality – a NWO-complex boasting some 53 square miles of underground facilities and tunnels, six stories under the surface of Terra. Originally, this massive facility was designed and built with the intention of housing pre-picked survivors of the “Armageddon” and NWO-takeovers of the US government, military and other institutions. The placement of the facility in the middle of the continent was not coincidental, as it was long expected that much destruction would ravage the Eastern and Western coastal areas and many thousands of miles inland. In fact, NWO-leaders had scientific teams that contributed to magnify a number of these “natural disasters” – both accidentally as a result of nuclear and other testing which seriously disturbed the tectonic plates, and also purposely in terms of the development of chemical and biological agents designed for warfare and for population control. Of course, many of these scientific experiments got out of hand, as epidemics spread beyond target populations and diseases mutated. The establishment of FEMA was perceived to be an effective way of providing a national structure in the USA which could “take control” when the shit got out of control. The “chosen” would be transported to various shelters (“modern-day Noah’s Arks”), of which Denver Airport was a primary facility. The hope was not only to “save” the humanoid race from total extinction, but also to maintain a base population that was “controllable”. Similar NWO-operations existed on all inhabited continents on Terra. The onset of the Intervention put a “cap” on the “evil plan” by NWO and Orion – effectively a plan to enslave Terrans as a colony of Orion – but the underground facilities proved useful to Intervention forces anyway, and similar underground research and strategic facilities were built by Intervention forces as well. One example being the scientific dna research facilities in Norway, constructed under the command of Lysiel.

Ga felt a warming glow within himself as he thought of his colleagues and friends Lysiel, Katurana, Lateina and Eonurai. Suddenly his reverie was broken by the booming sound of ‘Ifafi’s voice: “I am starving … let’s eat!”

Ga smiled and said, “Yeah – it looks great. Velkommen til bords (welcome to the table).”

They ate and talked little, preferring to empty their minds of “noise” ahead of the journey before them. Then suddenly ‘Ifafi began to quip: “Well, let’s see, the main terminal, they call it the central dome, is over 1.5 million square feet. There are tens of millions of square feet of public space and secure areas on the surface and below. There are several million souls living down there and several thousand Intervention staff personnel working there. According to my computations, our research team should be in and out of there in a few hours …”

Ga looked at him – first in surprise – and then broke out in laughter, precipitating ‘Ifafi also to join in. “Yes, yet another impossible mission … or ‘mission impossible’”, he retorted. And then they both fell silent again … reflecting upon “the mission”.


Somewhere in the several mile-long series of tunnels NWO-scientists and military forces had hidden arsenals of nuclear assault weaponry, chemical and biological warfare experimentation data and formulae, and other sensitive and dangerous materials that must not fall into the “wrong hands”. The rehabilitation of Terrans was still underway and the genetic re-seeding project was still in its infantile stage. It was therefore vital to do everything possible to prevent new destruction and panic on Terra while necessary planetary and individual adjustments and reconstruction were being effectuated. Their mission was – of course – top secret, and they would have to operate under the guise of conducting a census and inventory of facilities. Their team of six would have their hands full. What only Ga and ‘Ifafi knew was that the designated NWO-leader called “The One” was suspected to be operating undercover amongst the multitudes in the underground complex. He would have to be identified and neutralized.

Ga snickered to himself: “The ‘One’ – right! He and his cronies have been taking advantage of the fears and ignorance of Terrans. The nerve of this fifty year old mortal, parading around as ‘the Antichrist’ and calling himself ‘The One’ while secretly challenging and thwarting true Oneness.”

“What is that?” asked ‘Ifafi, briefly looking up from the profile they had had done up on the NWO-leader.

“Just talking to myself, love” muttered Ga, while starting to clear the breakfast table.

Ga and ‘Ifafi, having been fully briefed on their mission by Kartion and Samuel-Angelus (functioning chief for Terra security at Mount Shasta), clambered into the awaiting shuttle provided by the Intergalactic Federation to meet their team at what was once euphemistically and deceptively known as the Denver International Airport. In reality, the whole place was a thinly veiled chamber of horrors conceived and designed by the leaders of the NWO and built and financed by the architects of FEMA for the housing and extermination of millions if not billions of “surplus humanity”.

As they made their approach into what had now become a central base for human/alien activity in Transforma, Ga cringed as he could still see the undeniable swastika pattern of the original runways and taxiways that scarred the hundreds of square miles of desolate plain below. The original “tee-pee” shaped architecture that had once dominated the exterior facility had been replaced by three huge connected geodesic domes, but both Ga and ‘Ifafi clearly remembered the original odd and almost eerie structures from photographs during their briefings. Supposedly the structure was meant to complement the nearby Rocky Mountains, but the odd structure proved too fragile for what occurred in 2012. Their shuttle descended directly into an 

underground hangar as a round aperture in the ground near the northern-most dome structure swirled open for their arrival.

Upon departing the small craft, they were met by an individual who introduced himself as Jon Ekbar, a Terran and a senior aide to the facility directorate.

“We are honored to have you as our guests” he stated in a heavy British accent as he reached to shake hands with Ga and ‘Ifafi. “Prefect Garth, the head of the Colorado Regional Facility Directorate, assigned me to see to any needs you may have while you are here. You are the first of your group to arrive, but the others are expected shortly. A meeting room and office have been arranged for your group’s use and will be ready in approximately two hours. In the meantime, I will show you to the quarters that have been reserved for you. Please follow me.”

After a brief exchange of gratitude, the pair followed their host through a short tunnel to an intersection of several similar tunnels housing a metallic cylindrical lift. As the doors opened and they stepped inside Mr. Ekbar continued: “ This is underground level I, the interstellar flight operations center and terminal. We will descend to level V. That is where most of the directorate officials and VIP’s are housed as well as several conference and meeting centers. Your meeting and operations rooms will be there as well and at your disposal as long as you are here. One level above that is where the Facility Directorate has its primary offices and the main operations center. Level III is for medical and scientific research facilities, and Level II is where most of the security forces are housed and operate. Ordinarily, one would stop there and be screened before going further, but that is not necessary in your case. The Prefect has given you and your team top security clearances for all levels.”

“And what exactly is beneath Level V?” Ga asked.

“Well, there are actually six more levels beneath level V. They cannot be accessed by this lift, but only through the central core tunnel, which opens to the surface in the central dome. Those are the largest and deepest levels and populated by hundreds of thousands of a mixture of humans and aliens. I was told that this is where you will conduct the bulk of your work. They are a maze of bunker style dormitories, tunnels, caverns, and survival facilities designed for what was then the NWO’s planned housing and extermination of … well, I don’t need to go into that …”

Just as Mr. Ekbar was about to discuss the “unmentionables” the door to the lift opened into a brightly lit and somewhat sterile corridor. As they followed the man down the corridor they were led through a somewhat open space that could only be described as a promenade of different dining and recreational-type facilities, and then into another corridor where they were ushered into a small, but comfortable suite with a separate living area, bedroom, and small kitchen. After acquainting the pair with all the amenities of the suite and instructing them on the use of the intercom and security system, Ekbar stated rather mundanely, “After you have had a chance to freshen up and rest, someone will be sent to escort you to your meeting and operations rooms as soon as the rest of your team arrives.” As he was leaving, Ekbar handed each of them a small metallic device about two centimeters square and approximately one-fourth centimeter thick.

“Keep these with you at all times. First off, the security system reads them and clears you for the various levels. Pushing the button on the front of the device for two seconds will summon me to you immediately and tell me where you are, regardless of where you are anywhere on any level. Pushing the button twice in quick succession will summon a full security force to your location. Basically … that’s your ‘panic button’ and locator. You will also be given communications devices, but they don’t always work in the lower levels.”

“Does everyone get one of these?” Ga inquired.

“No, those of us permanently stationed or living here are injected or implanted with microchips for security and tracking purposes, only you and your team and other special ‘guests’ of the facility get these.” Ekbar replied.

After Ekbar left, ‘Ifafi stated “I need to get out of these cloaks and stretch my wings … this whole place is really disturbing to me … there’s some sort of negative energy that seems to permeate and that radiates from everywhere.”

Ga nodded and frowned. “I’ve felt it since we started our approach. We will require longer periods of meditation to try to block it out. This is going to be a difficult mission, my love. Undoubtedly, the one we seek has gone deep into 

this facility and will be protected by not only anonymity, but I’m sure he has also insulated himself with several layers of protection by followers he has recruited. The negative energy means we will not always be able to rely on our usual perceptive abilities, as he will be using that very same negative energy to cloak himself.”

“Oh, I see what you mean. As we are trying to block the negative energy, he will be using it to his advantage. Oh, and how do we know it’s a ‘he’?”

“Exactly. And, we don’t know it’s a ‘he’. Good point.” Ga replied. “Only the Prefect that Ekbar mentioned is supposed to have all the details of our mission here. I didn’t sense that Ekbar had any clue as to the real reason we are here. As far as anyone knows, we are here on behalf of the Federation to perform a preliminary census and a diversity study of the human-alien relations in a mixed facility.”

It wasn’t long before the rest of the team arrived, and Ga and ‘Ifafi were led to what would be their “headquarters” for the mission. In actuality, it was a small suite of rooms with a fairly large conference room, a smaller office equipped with computers and communication equipment necessary to communicate privately and directly with Kartion and Samuel-Angelus, and a small kitchen and break room.

When Ga and ‘Ifafi entered the conference room, the team was already there. Sara had been especially chosen by Ga for her incredible ability with linguistics. She could instantly switch to and from angelic, human, and alien languages and dialects with unusual perfect comprehension. Ulrich was chosen by Kartion for his unique empathic abilities and gift of mentally sharing his perceptions with others at will. Lugh, was an old soul brother of Ga and one with whom he had shared spirit guides in the past. Ga trusted Lugh as completely and implicitly as he did ‘Ifafi and would rely on his honesty and perception of the other members of the team. Ga also greatly respected Lugh’s intellect and innate ability to seemingly almost totally control any emotions. This talent allowed Lugh to give thoughtful advice usually uninfluenced by any emotion whatsoever. Lastly, there was Laila, a Terran that ‘Ifafi had encountered near Oslo. A beautiful specimen of humanity, with her flowing red hair and indigo blue eyes, ‘Ifafi had immediately sensed her uncanny psychic abilities and deep-seeded spirituality. They had become friends immediately, and through several regression sessions, discovered that she was host to a very advanced soul, and had the experience of over five millennia of incarnations on Terra. At ‘Ifafi’s urging, she had been one of very few existing Terrans to be allowed to spiritually and psychically visit a Celestial City of Light to receive training for a mission such as this.

“Adonai everyone!” Ga said, as cheerfully as possible under the circumstances.

“Adonai!” the group replied in chorus as they took their seats around the circular glass-top table.

“I know that we all have been briefed on the purpose and goal of this mission, so I will not belabour the point or re-iterate the seriousness of achieving our goal. I want to take this time to get everyone familiar with our setting and to solidify our strategy. Lugh, I believe you have received the information on the facility requested from Prefect Garth. If you will, please brief everyone on the specifics of what we are facing.”

Lugh reached into a small bag that had been slung over his shoulder and produced a crystal obelisk and placed it in the center of the table. As he went to a panel on the wall and dimmed the lights, he pointed a small pen-shaped device at the crystal which emitted a ray of light on the object. As he took his seat, the Obelisk began to glow and above the center of the table a three- dimensional representation of the Denver facility materialized before them.

At the top, and near the ceiling of the room, one could plainly see the surface facility and its three connected domed structures. Under the northern- most dome, was a five-level facility, which all of them realized was where they were located, the top-most level of that expanded further north, still underground, but was clearly the area used for incoming and departing spacecraft.

After giving everyone a moment to study the projection, Lugh began, “As you can see, the surface facility is marked primarily by the three protective geodesic domes you all saw as we arrived. These are the public areas of the facility and they are also used for screening and recording of visitors and inhabitants. The area where we are located is a five-story underground structure located directly beneath the northern-most dome. We are here on the bottom level,” he said pointing.

“How do we access the lower levels?” Ga asked.

“Well, there is a connecting tunnel on Level II used by the security forces to directly access the central core tunnels you see on the diagram, but to use those would immediately draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. We shall go to the central dome, and enter the central core through the main public access. As you can see, the central core is essentially a vertical shaft nearly 50 meters wide with three tunnels spiraling down a total of almost 75 meters. Directly in the center of that are the air shafts, power cables, etc. The uppermost level is nearly 10 meters beneath where we are now. Under the original NWO plan, the levels were designated by greek alphabet letters Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. They have retained those designations for simplicity. As you can clearly see, the main underground facility dwarfs this one. All five levels of this operations facility are not even one tenth the size of these six levels. There are three smaller vertical shafts to the surface around the perimeter housing large lifts for equipment and supplies, but access to those is highly restricted. Our security clearances will give us access to them if needed. As you can see by the diagram, these six levels are a virtual maze of dormitories, common areas, tunnels, and caverns. At any given time there can be more than three hundred thousand people down there.”

“Amazing,” retorted ‘Ifafi. “It’s even bigger than I had imagined.”



Ga realized that he was staring at Laila and closed his eyelids while letting the conversation continue. His mind was somewhere else at the same time: in Vrebatima (the previous Russia). He thought of his good friend Zdenka, of whom Laila reminded him so much. Not so much in looks but personality and in spiritual vibration. He could remember receiving her email that cold wintry day in January of 2011. He was at an Intervention training camp outside of Arkhangelsk, and she was living in a small fishing village in northern Norway. It was to be her last communication as a Terran, and her “adieu” to this incarnation:


Jeg ble født her på Jorden i august 1962, og jeg har alltid ønsket å vende tilbake til den evige Kilden – i hvert fall så lenge som jeg kan huske. Det er mulig at jeg aldri burde inkarnert på Jorden på dette tidspunkt. Jeg har gått fra det å være en naiv person som forsøkte alltid å tro på det beste potensialet i andre mennesker – uansett hvor mye de såret meg eller andre; fra det å prøve å være en “engel” og rettighetsforkjemper på Jorden overfor mange som lider på grunn av at de ikke passer inn i samfunnets bilder av “fine, gode og lykkelige” mennestyper; og fra det å uttrykke gjennom mine kunstneriske arbeider mitt syn på menneskehetens helhet til å være en liten del av Gud som er utslitt og som har sluttet å skinne. Jeg har nå innset at jeg er kun et menneske … uansett hva jeg eller andre trenger å tro av ulike grunner – og at jeg også trenger en viss livskvalitet for at livet skal ha verdi i den daglige tilværelse.

Jeg har alltid sagt at jeg ikke er redd for å dø, men heller for å leve et liv uten mening og livskvalitet. Jeg har også sagt at jeg tror gjerne at jeg vil eventuelt dø av mine egne nevroser. Tiden har nå kommet. Mine avtalte oppdrag i denne inkarnasjon er ferdige, og jeg har bestemt meg for ikke å ta på meg flere i denne omgang. Jeg skulle kanskje gjerne vært med og stått i frontlinjen helt frem til 2012 og senere, men jeg velger å avslutte turen ved å følge Dere til døren. Nå er det opp til hver enkelt å bestemme om han/hun vil gå inn i den høyere dimensjonen, eller ikke. Jeg er ikke lei av mitt åndelige arbeide, men veldig sliten av det å leve i et verdenssamfunn hvor både “Gud” og egen identitet karakteriseres av grådighet, selv-opptatthet, manglende medfølelse, penger, makt og separasjonsbilder (dvs. troen på det at mennesker er separate enheter uten sterke tilknytninger til hverandre, plante- og dyrearter, miljøet osv.); hvor mennesker ikke vil forstå og akseptere at vi er alle sammen Gud – at vi alle sammen utgjør “guddommelighet” her på Jorden, og har dermed et stort personlig og felles ansvar med hensyn til det vi skaper og de virkeligheter vi opprettholder gjennom våre tanker, ord og handlinger. Det er blitt veldig vanskelig for meg å se hvor lett det hadde vært for Jordens innbyggere å snu på den utviklingen vi har skapt og som vi skaper for oss og våre etterkommere hvert minutt, og samtidig oppleve den store motstanden som stadig hever grensene med hensyn til både kynisismen og vanskelighetsgraden til den åndelige oppgaven. Motstanden skyldes ikke bare de firkantede og uhensiktsmessige politiske, sosiale, økonomiske og religiøse systemer vi har skapt og institusjonalisert over hele Jorden, men kanskje mest det store antallet individer og grupper som opprettholder tankeganger, ord og handlingsmåter som vi vet at vi selv ikke ønsker å måtte oppleve; men så lenge vi har det bra nok selv i øyeblikket (med hensyn til helse, til personlig og materialistisk trygghet og frihet) så ofrer vi ikke noe for å stå sammen imot det vi vet innerst inne er urettferdig og destruktiv. Enkelte stemmer har begrenset innvirkning – de blir forbipassende og best husket i historiebøker; men en “samlet stemme” kan bevege både mennesker og tankemåter. Jeg skulle ønske at vi var flere på dette viktige tidspunkt i Jordens historie. Det kommer flere nye hver dag, men til og med to menneskeår til blir for mange for meg nå. Jeg vet hva og hvem som venter på andre siden av sløret … og jeg har hatt hjemlengsel siden jeg ble født.

Jeg forlater dere her på Jorden, men ikke i den åndelige og virkelige helheten. Jeg håper at noe av det jeg har tenkt, sagt, skrevet, kjempet for og gjort har inspirert eller kommer til å inspirere noen andre til å gjøre en ekstra innsats for menneskeheten; og jeg håper at de som har vært såret av meg eller som har såret meg forstår at vi var alle mennesker og en del av det samme guddommelige uttrykket. Ingen er perfekte, og ingen kan bli det heller … det finnes ingen absolutt sannhet – men vi er her for å oppleve, for å lære av våre erfaringer og (forhåpentligvis) for å legge igjen noe positivt og verdensutviklende i den tiden vi er her på Jorden. Jeg håper at jeg har gjort det for mange … jeg har i hvert fall gjort det jeg har kunnet og frykter 

ingen fordømmelser i denne verden eller den virkeligheten jeg har nå valgt å gå mot.

Takk og farvel fra en som kanskje aldri var ment for denne planet, men som ble faktisk her mye lengre enn antatt.

Zdenka Christensen


Ga had memorized Zdenka’s words perfectly. Not because he had tried to commit them to memory but because he has a remarkable photographic memory that included not only the text as read but also the various translations he had done in his mind at the time of the initial reading. He repeated Zdenka’s words silently to himself, barely moving his lips:


I was born here on the Earth in August of 1962, and I have always desired to return to the eternal Source – at least ever since I can remember. It is possible that I never should have incarnated on the Earth at this juncture in time. I have gone from being a naive person who always attempted to believe in the best potential in other people – regardless of how much they hurt me or others; from trying to be an “angel” and one who fights for the rights of others on Earth who suffer because they do not fit in with society’s vision of “upstanding, good and successful” people types; and from expressing through my artistic works my perceptions regarding the totality and holistic elements of humanity … to being a small bit of God that is exhausted and which has stopped shining. I have now admitted to myself that I am but a human … no matter what I or others need to believe for any reasons – and that I also need a certain amount of life quality in order for life to have value in everyday existence.

I have always said that I am not afraid to die, but rather afraid to have to live a life without meaning and life quality. I have also said that I really believe that I will eventually die of my own neuroses. That time has come. My agreed upon assignments in this incarnation are finished, and I have decided not to take on any more this time around. I would have loved to stick around and retained my place in the front lines all the way to 2012 and beyond, but I choose to end this journey by following you to the door. Now it is up to each and every person to decide if he/she will go into the higher dimension, or not. I am not tired of my spiritual work, but I am very tired of living in a world community where both “God” and one’s own personal identity are characterized by greed, self-involvement, lack of empathy for others, money, power and pictures of separation (i.e. the belief that humans are separate entities without strong connections to one another, plants and animal species, the environment etc.); where humans will not understand and accept that we are all God – that we all comprise “godliness” here on Earth, and therefore have a huge personal and joint responsibility with regard to that which we create and the realities we maintain through our thoughts, words and actions. It has become very difficult for me to see how easy it would have been for Earth’s inhabitants to reverse the developments we have created and which we each minute create for ourselves and for those who come after us, and at the same time to experience the enormous resistance that continuously increases both our tolerance levels for cynicism and also the degrees of difficulty associated with the spiritual tasks. This resistance is caused not only by inflexible and inexpedient political, social, economic and religious systems that we have created and institutionalized all over the Earth, but perhaps mostly by the large numbers of individuals and groups that maintain through processes, speech and behavior patterns that which we know that we do not want to experience ourselves; but as long as we ourselves have it well enough in the moment (with regard to health, personal and materialistic well-being and freedom) then we do not do anything to stand together against that which we know (deep within ourselves) is unjust and destructive. Some voices have limited effect upon others – they are rather like passing images and are best remembered in history books; but a “unified voice” can move and change both humankind and ways of thinking. I wish that we were several more doing this work at this point in the history of the Earth. More and more like-minded persons are coming each day, but even two human years more would be too many for me now. I know what and whom are awaiting me on the other side of the veil … and I have been homesick since birth.

I leave you here on the Earth, but not in the spiritual and the real totality. I hope that something of that which I have thought, said, written, fought for and done has inspired or will eventually inspire someone to make an effort on behalf of humanity; and I hope that those who have hurt me or whom I have hurt understand that we were all just humans and a part of the same godly expression. No one is perfect, and no one can be so either … there is no absolute truth – but we are here in order to experience, to learn from our adventures and (hopefully) to leave behind something that is positive and developmental for the world in the short time that we are on the Earth. I hope that I have done so for many … I have at least done that which I was capable of and I have no fear of condemnation in this world or in the reality that I have now chosen to move on to.

Thank you and adieu from one who perhaps never was meant for this planet, but who in fact stuck around much longer than anticipated.

Zdenka Christensen


‘Ifafi glanced over towards Ga and noticed a tear welling up in the inside corner of his left eye. He quickly scanned Ga’s thoughts and smiled weakly to convey understanding but at the same time being careful not to betray the confidence to the others at the meeting. ‘Ifafi had never met Zdenka but he had heard Ga speak of her fondly. Her suicide was – in actuality – a mere footnote inasmuch as it was a common story at that time. Many, many humanoids “jumped ship” … choosing to return to the other side of the veil. Ga had been there himself, and felt much love and empathy for Zdenka. “If only she had held out another two years …” he thought to himself. But he knew that she had served well and that there was no negative judgment of her in the Interlife.

It was very hard times in the first part of 2011. Several countries seemed to be on the verge of collapse financially and in terms of readiness to cope with the many natural disasters, health epidemics and increasing violence that spread like brush fire. The civilian militias that had sprung up in the old USA (now Transforma) had also found their counterparts in Europe, in Asia, in South America … and especially in Russia (now Vrebatima). Ga was doing intensive training at a secret Intervention base camp on the outskirts of Arkhangelsk at the time. He and his comrades were assisting the non-New World Order resistance movement in their attempts to combat the followers of the so-called “Antichrist” … he whom Ga, ‘Ifafi and the rest of the team were now searching for in the tunnels underneath the Denver Airport facility.

It was during this time that Ga became aware of the “big deception” that had duped all humanity for decades and centuries. He began to notice how “choreographed” the disagreements and agreements between the USA and Russia were, and how the media literally brainwashed world citizens through repetitious broadcasts and subliminal messages in programming. It was not difficult to see that many of the demonstrations, town meetings, radio broadcasts etc. were – in fact – orchestrated and staged in order to create pandemonium and chaos, which understandably must be put down and controlled by the NWO- forces. In the USA the government established FEMA, which gave the powers-to-be unlimited rights in the event of any kind of threat to national security (be it a flu epidemic, a natural catastrophe, a public demonstration etc.), and in Russia the tradition of clamping down on 

“insurgent” forces was a tradition of long standing. The amazing thing for Ga was to see how similar the USA, Russia, China, the European Union etc. actually were, and the size of the New World Order Network. The levels of paranoia were tremendous. Some of the civilian militia groups were pro-NWO and others were against the NWO. And then there were the Lightworkers, most of whom struggled with both issues of allegiance to their mission vs. allegiance to friends, neighbors and countrymen, and issues of faith and understanding.

It was then that the earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding in the northern hemisphere, asteroid storms and droughts in the southern hemisphere really began taking their toll. Food and shelter were scarce, and it was clear that the planet could no longer support the behaviors, thought patterns, words and huge populations on the Earth. By January 2011 the world population had well-surpassed seven billion persons.

Ga could understand Zdenka’s decision to leave Terra. He muttered under his breath: “Adonai.”

All in the room turned to look at him, and Ga just smiled and said: “May the force of God be with us.” And all repeated: “Adonai, may the force of God be with us.” And the group discussion continued.

Ga, after snapping back into reality, continued the briefing, “We know little about the one we seek, we believe it is a male human born as Niall Finnegan in Boston Massachusetts, on May 20, 1960. His father was a police officer of high rank, and his mother, a public schoolteacher. The family was devout Irish-Catholic, but it seems Niall did not follow that tradition. He attended public schools in Boston, but had a very high intelligence and easily became bored with school. He attended Harvard on academic scholarships. Because his father was apparently well-connected politically, he was recruited by the secret societies and is believed to have joined the Scroll and Key society. After graduation he was heavily recruited by both the CIA and the NSA and ultimately went to work for the NSA where he quickly worked his way through the ranks to the senior management levels, and was a senior deputy before electing to retire early under a Clinton administration incentive program. There is no record of his ever having married or even being involved with women at all, but likewise there is no indication he was gay either; at the time he left the agency “Don’t ask Don’t tell’ was in full effect. After he left the NSA, he apparently simply disappeared. During his NSA days, he was particularly adept at ‘black ops’ and was involved in all of the NSA’s domestic and foreign eavesdropping technology and operations.”

At this point, Lugh has a flashback of his own. In this last incarnation on Terra he was previously known as Blake Kendall, and had worked in the then U.S. intelligence community himself. He remembered a Niall Finnegan. He remembered Finnegan as a strange bloke who was difficult to get to know; kept much to himself but was convivial on the surface. He was keen to get to know all about everyone else but revealed nothing of himself. He was extremely competitive in training, and seemed to get much joy from 

excelling over his colleagues and superiors. Some thought him to be overly-proud and arrogant, and much too happy to be the focus of attention to work in intelligence, but others simply saw this as a disguise of genius since no one ever really knew who he was. All in all he was quite an enigma.

Lugh laughs to himself: “Funny, but I just remembered something. You know how in such environments all guys have pet names? Well Niall’s name was ‘the beast’. I think he proposed it himself. He was something of a genius in the technology development end of the eavesdropping and surveillance ops of the agency. As such, he had access to just about all the U.S. intelligence at the time.”

Laila, having been listening intently, asked “Did this man ever discuss religion? Is there any record of his involvement with any organized religion?”

“None,” replied Ga.

Lugh interjected, “As I recall, he disdained the church, or any mention of religion at all. Perhaps it was rebellion against the indoctrination he probably got as a child … perhaps it was something else … but, he did seem to be an expert on all things political about the Vatican and its government entanglements. One other thing, he was almost obsessed by Machiavelli’s book, ‘The Prince’”.

That last comment raised several eyebrows around the room. Laila, quickly took a pad and did a numerology reading based on his name and birthday and nickname which they now knew, and came up with the following words. She began, “Here is a numerology work-up for our quarry.”

In his public life …

Words that embody things that may be a part of him are “Bliss, Cage, Ebony, Magenta, Mist, Steel, Trance”.

Words that embody people or things in his periphery are “Ascent, Barrier, Bear, Border, Breakthrough, Capital, Card, Chrome, Desert, Enemy, Execution, Fellowship, Flattery, General, God, Hypnosis, Ice, Leopard, Mason, Medicine, Microscope, Mountain, Mystery, Navigator, Obedience, Philosophy, Plague, Queen, Roulette, Snow, Sphere, Spider, Target, Vanilla”.

In his private life…

Words that embody his presence are “Barrier, Desert, Leopard, Snow, Sphere, Spider, Target, Vanilla”.

Words that embody the people or things that he interacts with are “Ice”.

Words that embody people or things in his periphery are “Breakthrough, Execution, Fellowship, Flattery, Hypnosis, Microscope, Mountain, Mystery, Navigator, Philosophy, Roulette”.

In his spiritual life…

Words that embody his presence are “Resurrection”.

Words that embody things that may be a part of him are “Abundance, Armor, Bastard, Beast, Cage, Center, Comedy, Delight, Horse, Mayhem, Music, Poker, Prince, Release, Sadism, Spark, State, Taste, White”.

Words that embody people or things in his periphery are “Abyss, Ancient, Archive, Arrow, Astronaut, Birth, Butterfly, City, Commerce, Curse, Doctor, Electricity, Empire, Enthusiasm, Freedom, Genius, Humor, Idiot, Madness, Moon, Risk, Rose, Ruby, Shark, Shield, Skull, Sleep, Snare, Spiral, Tactics, Thorn, Transformation, Vaccine, Voyage, Woman, Wood”.

Laila then began her explanation of how these words may relate and be relevant to their quarry. After she had finished, Ulrich, who had been silent and seemingly distant during the entire briefing asked, “How can we even be certain he is here? Do we have a photograph or something … does anyone know what he looks like now?”

“Excellent question.” Ga responded.

“What Niall doesn’t know, is that he himself was an unknowing victim of some of his agency’s own technology. He was in an automobile accident back in the early 1980’s, a period of rather intense paranoia when the Cold War was at still at its peak. He suffered a broken foot. The Agency implanted a microchip directly into the bone of his hip where donor bone was harvested for his foot, it allowed him to be tracked from that point on. I doubt it could be removed now absent removing the hip which would have left him in a wheelchair. A faint signal from that chip was detected a few weeks ago here in Denver by the advanced tracking systems here at this facility.”

“But you said he disappeared some years later after he retired.” Laila retorted.

“Yes, I did. We theorize that he was either voluntarily or involuntarily removed from the planet for some extended period of time by one of the alien allies of the NWO, or even the greys. We all know that there was a lot of UFO activity in the early 1990’s. During that time, we don’t know what may have been done to him. His physical appearance may have been radically changed, even his gender. There may be additional alien technology implanted in his body as well. Also, the alien technology may have altered the chip the agency implanted into him. It has been difficult to track since it was detected. He may be aware of it and have some method of shielding it – or so he thinks. The tracking technology here is based on Federation technology, not Terran.”

“Well how did he get inside the facility without the security forces here implanting one of their own tracking chips?” ‘Ifafi asked. ‘Ifafi had always been sceptical to the tendency to blame everything on aliens. It was now fairly widely acknowledged that many ufo sightings were actually Terran military intelligence personnel on strategic tests and missions designed to promote disinformation and cover-ups. ‘Ifafi was also not a real believer in numerology (he preferred “mentalists” and “empaths” for profiles), but even he found many of the characteristics described by Laila to be interesting. Especially the repeated references to a Cage or Caged one.

“Unknown.” Ga replied. “All that is known is that a faint signal from his NSA chip was detected in one of the lower levels. He will have many allies and followers, some inside the directorate itself. That is why our mission is top secret and revealed only to the Prefect. This room has special shielding to prevent even telepathic eavesdropping. That’s another thing, we will be given communication devices today that work here in the facility. Assume someone will be listening. The ‘panic buttons’ they gave us allow us to be tracked continuously. This segues directly into my final warning. We are not the only ones searching for ‘The One’, but it is critical that we find him first.”

That warning ended their meeting, and all retired to their rooms for rest and reflection. The search for “The One” would begin well before dawn.



” Привет. Hallo! Ilya, is it you? Это Antonin. This is Antonin calling you from Arkhangelsk.”

“Ilya! How are you? ¿Cómo estás?”

“Everything is fine here but a situation has come up. Are you able to talk?”

Ilya looked around himself where he stood in the rain, not far from the grave of Evita (Eva Perón). Most people quickly disappeared from La Recoleta cemetery when the rain came. “Да. Yes. I am alone. What’s up? Are you having a bout with your conscience?”

“My conscience? What do you mean comrade?!!”

“Ha ha … I thought you might be feeling a little glaukenstucken for stationing me in Argentina. This place is okay, but I miss the homeland.”

“Glaukenstucken? What is that?” “Glaukenstucken is guilt over having felt


It was quiet on the other end of the wire.

Ilya continued: “And Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. I have been learning some ‘German’ while here. The underground ex-Nazi community you have referred me to has been quite helpful. But how may I help you? There is not much I can do while underground here in Buenos Aires.”

It was quiet and rather serious on the other end of the wire. Obviously, Antonin was not in the mood for humor.

“I need some information Ilya. Information about Niall … ‘the One’. As you know, he is undercover at the old NWO facility in Denver. The situation is that the Galactic Federation is on to him and are searching the facility as we speak. I have reason to believe (from our contact Jon) that he is being tracked through his microchip. What I need to know is how reliable is the hypnotic training you gave him regarding running mental interference to de-stabilize microchip tracking?”

“Heh heh … reliable, and reliable,” said Ilya. “All hypnotic suggestion can be compromised. Any association with the code word can enable him to run interference, thus using his brainwaves to block tracking by outsiders.”

“That is just it, Ilya. When our headquarters here were attacked by the forces led by Ga, we destroyed all sensitive information, including everything about Niall … all his training and medical records, everything. The code word is no longer known. That is why I am contacting you now. Do you by any chance still remember his code word?”

Antonin was hopeful, but the chances of Ilya remembering that code word were minimal. There were so many agents, so many code words …

“Actually, Antonin … I do. I remember it because I came up with it after having visited the animal testing laboratory while developing the swine flu virus. The code word is: “Cage.”

“Замечательный товарищ! Wonderful comrade! I trust that you are laying low … and not bringing attention to yourself?”

“As always, my comrade. Just like the rest, I am lying in wait. Our day will soon come again … We will rise like the Phoenix!”

“Yes … like the Phoenix!”, replied Antonin. “Let us cut this conversation short now in case the line is being gps-ed for location. Прощание! Farewell!”

Ilya hung up the cell phone and put it away in his pocket, after deleting the call from the incoming call list – even though it had been listed as a ‘hidden number’. He wondered how it would all end. The NWO leadership was now scattered all over the globe, in hiding from both the Galactic Federation and the civilian militias.

Antonin sat in his dark, run-down basement flat and swilled his vodka. He wondered whether Niall had discovered himself how to trigger the hypnotic suggestion thus temporarily blocking the tracking capabilities, and also whether anyone else knew of this possibility.

It was the seventh of January, 2016. A cold and bitter day, minus 20 degrees celsius and partly sunny. The once bustling northern Russian city was now ravaged by natural catastrophes and by warfare; and many of the few landmarks that were left were in poor condition. Antonin loved to go for walks to the Assumption Church on the banks of the Dvina River and also up to the Arkhangelsk Television Mast – still standing even though all tv broadcasting had ended in 2012. He lived a solitary life – in hiding – much like his colleagues and comrades from the Vrebatima contingent of the New World Order leadership. Antonin remembered when Niall Finnegan first came to Arkhangelsk, in the 1990s. Niall had been moving quickly up through the ranks of the organization and was placed in then Russia for special training. 

Antonin knew of the NWO’s plans for Niall, but Niall – as ambitious and clever as he was – had no idea what was finally in store for him. Think – to take on the mantle of “The Antichrist” … “The One”. Antonin and Ilya had both been at the ceremony in England when the former Lord Maitreya named his successor. Many were surprised at the appointment inasmuch as the leading candidates were so well-profiled as world leaders and magnates. But that was the beauty of the appointment: Niall was a person that – for all practical purposes – did not exist; that had a past that ended when he graduated from Harvard. He could easily be re-introduced as the new Lord Maitreya. Unfortunately, the Divine Intervention and the forces of the Galactic Federation proved to be more than the NWO leadership and world-wide network were capable of fighting off. This largely because of the defeat of the forces of Orion and betrayal by the Greys. And now it was the NWO that again was underground, operating in secrecy – but this time with great difficulty in terms of mobility and communications.

Antonin put down his almost empty glass of vodka and went into the bathroom to urinate. Standing over the toilet he glanced over into the half- mirrored wall to his left. He saw an aging and balding portly man in his sixties – not at all the muscular and well-trained hunk that he had been in his hey day. No one had dreamed that the world would be as it had become. He had no family – only the organization and its operatives. All had their orders, and failure was not an option. His current orders were to communicate to Niall information on the code word in time, that is before the Galactic Federation team found him.

Antonin looked at the clock on the wall and groaned. Time seemed to go so slowly … it was best just to get drunk and fall asleep. Which he did, while thinking of his daughter Zdenka – who had killed herself when she discovered her estranged father’s connections with the New World Order. Zdenka had been living in northern Norway and was a widow after her husband Nils Christensen had been killed in a civilian uprising against the NWO in 2010. Antonin remembered the last phone conversation they had had before he learned of her death. He could hear the shame and the hopelessness in her voice. But Antonin had long ago learned to suppress his emotions … and besides, what could he say? In her eyes he was “the enemy” … and to him, she was one of many sacrificial lambs on Terra.

It was a heavy sleep for Antonin, with tossing and turning and night sweats.



‘Ifafi was relaxing on the chaise lounge in their cubicle, digging on tunes from his iPod and singing along in Spanish to his favorite ballad “En este momento”:

Tenemos sólamente este momento. Una pausa sola, sin aliento.

Un momento sin comienzo o final. Una eternidad. Un beso que quema nuestros labios. Una pasión ilimitada.

Un momento que nunca puede ser olvidado.

Mis sueños son siempre iluminados cuando me duermo … pensando en tí.

Una mujer; un hombre … somos perfectos.

Pero no siempre perfecto juntos. Vivo para aquellos momentos

de perfección. Vivo para morir de amor por tí. Tenemos sólamente este momento. Una pausa sola, sin aliento.

Un momento sin comienzo o final. Una eternidad. Mi cuerpo tiembla … cuando tus pestañas cepillan contra mis mejillas.

Una pasión ilimitada. Un momento que nunca puede ser olvidado.

Abrázame, y nunca me déjes ir.

Este es nuestro momento.

Una mujer … un hombre; somos perfectos.

Perfectamente ahora … somos perfectos.


He suddenly noticed that Ga had entered the room, then snatched off his iPod and lunged at Ga – pinning him down on the fake bear skin rug on the floor.

“Hey! Whoa dude! What’s goin’ on here?” exclaimed Ga, but before he could say another word ‘Ifafi had started to smother him with kisses. First grazing his forehead, then lightly touching his eyelids and continuing downwards while repeating the lyrics of the love song in English:

We only have this moment. A single pause, breathless. 


A moment without beginning or end. An eternity. A kiss that burns our lips. (kiss) A limitless passion.

A moment that can never be forgotten.


My dreams are always wet when I fall asleep … thinking of you.

Ga was breathing heavily, and his eyelids were drowsy and drunken with the infatuation of the moment. “And … ?” he whispered into ‘Ifafi’s left ear.

‘Ifafi continued: I only live for those moments of perfection. I only live to die of love for you.


Ga moaned: “Umm hmmm…” as ‘Ifafi undressed him.

My body shivers … when your eyelashes brush against my cheeks.

Embrace me, and never let me go. This is our moment.

… I love you … te amo … je t’aime” tes quofta, Ga!” said ‘Ifafi. “You make me breathless.”

“Tes quofta ‘If, tes quofta,” moaned Ga.

‘Ifafi ran to the kitchenette to get a bottle of angelberry wine and two glasses. He poured out two half glasses, took a sip and kissed Ga with open mouth – sharing the juices of wine and passion from vessel to vessel.

“Ohhh – the good stuff!” joked Ga, while pushing ‘Ifafi away momentarily … and just staring at him for several seconds.

“What?!!” exclaimed a puzzled ‘Ifafi. “Why do you push me away?”

Ga looked at his lover, and tears came to his eyes. ‘Ifafi was attentive, empathetic, loving … and had the most beautiful set of wings that Ga had ever seen. They were light blue, white, pink and grey in plumage and they perfectly framed ‘Ifafi’s broad shoulders and the ivory pedestal neck supporting his strong and rugged face. His impressive countenance, with its cleft chin, Roman nose, soft green-grey eyes and sculpted cheeks, conveyed loving stability. “Nothing at all … I just find you amazing to look at.”

“And I you, my love …”, replied ‘Ifafi. Ga was perfect in ‘Ifafi’s eyes: tall, with wide Piscean eyes, he sometimes had a piercing look that goes straight through people, an olive complexion with brown eyes and reddish-blonde curly hair. His wings were indigo with gold and turquoise and light green in plumage. He had a very kind, inviting face.

And they made love as only angels can … for what seemed like one eternal, breathless moment – without beginning or end.

Somewhere down the corridor, in another cubicle, was another couple exploring each others’ g- spots: Jon Ekbar and Laila had been flirting, and found their way to Laila’s living quarters after an evening of good food and conversation. The sparks between them were electric, and not so easy to hide from lookers on. Laila was simply voluptuous, with her long, flowing auburn tresses, dark eyes and Middle-Eastern complexion. Her breasts were round and firm for a woman who had passed the age of forty, and she boasted curves that men would gladly go to duelling or war over. Jon, on the other hand, was tall and wiry, with a rather pasty complexion and thin lips. His face showed the tell-tale ravages of a lifetime of stress and challenge but he had a sparkling quality to his blue eyes and mouth that effused mature Anglo-Saxon sexyness. Laila thought to herself while looking at him and listening to him at dinner: “He could have played in an old James Bond film.”

Jon’s most erotic feature was his lizard-like tongue, which he effectively used in his lovemaking. He teased the insides of Laila’s loins until she could not take it anymore and finally reached down and drew his head up by the hair towards her vagina. Jon then teased and caressed her vaginal lips with quick, darting movements … eventually finding his way to her ultimate g-spot. Laila moaned and moaned in Arabic:

” 􏰇􏰈􏰆(Yes Yes Yes), and suddenly screamed as she ejaculated into Jon’s face.

“I’m so sorry …” she exclaimed. “I had no time to warn you.”

“No problem love … I am honored to have given you pleasure.”

But before he could say another word Laila had mounted his erect phallus and rode him like a horse. Just before Jon was about to cum she dismounted and took his penis into her mouth, sucking him to orgasm and then let it explode all over her face and breasts … as Jon exclaimed: “Jeg kommer, jeg kommer!” (I am cumming, I am cumming!).

“There … now we are even steven!” she said, laughing.

Jon just smiled. He could not speak at the moment … he was breathless. They collapsed into each others’ arms and were silent for about ten minutes, before Jon got dressed and left for his own room.

The next morning, ‘Ifafi rolled over and looked at the clock next to the bed. He was hesitant to awaken his angelic lover as he was finally resting peacefully. He leaned over and lightly brushed Ga’s lips with his own.

“Good morning,” ‘Ifafi said softly, smiling down at Ga.

“Good morning. What time is it?” Ga asked smiling, at his beautiful lover, whose wings were now fully erect over him. Ga had always thought ‘Ifafi to be one of the most beautiful beings he had ever encountered.

“We have about an hour and a half before we begin this odyssey into the abyss.” ‘Ifafi replied.

“Good, time to grab a bite before we leave. We will meet the rest of the team in the cafeteria at 0700 hours. We should be mindful of what we wear on this mission, and not call undue attention to ourselves. We must dress as plainly and inconspicuously as possible …”

“Don’t worry love, I packed knowing we would need to be as clandestine as possible. Black and grey cloaks and neutral-colored clothing is all I brought — besides what we were wearing when we arrived,” ‘Ifafi interrupted, chuckling at his meticulous partner.

At 0700 hours the team had assembled for breakfast before returning to the lower levels of the facility. Sara, Ulrich and Lugh could not help but notice that Laila, Ga and ‘Ifafi were all glowing and in a humorous mood. Ulrich commented to Lugh that they obviously should not have retired so early last night as he could see that some others had been up late partying. Sara looked into Laila’s eyes and then blushed … she had recognized the cause of the warm feeling that was making Laila glow. Laila blushed when she understood that she had been “found out”. And both women looked over at Ga and ‘Ifafi, and then back at each other and started to giggle.

“Wha…?” said both ‘Ifafi and Ga in unison.

“Nothing … nothing at all,” said Sara. The men in the room then looked at Laila who was trying to hide her giggles by drinking a bottle of spring water. She cracked up, almost gagging on the water. “Sorry … just thinking about something else and had trouble catching my breath while gulping down the water.” No one said anything more about the matter, but ‘Ifafi and Ga were playing footsies under the table.

Just then a courier brought a message to Ga from Headquarters. Intelligence personell had intercepted bits of a phone conversation between Antonin and Ilya. It appeared that they knew that Ga was heading up an investigation and search for Niall. “Faen i helvete! (Bloody Hell!) Damn that Antonin!” Ga exclaimed. “May he rot in his own personal self-created Hell!”

Only ‘Ifafi had ever heard Ga utter such language before, so the comments immediately gained the attention of the others around the table … as well as Jon Ekbar, who was seated at a table nearby. Jon felt himself beginning to break out in a cold sweat and quickly took a deep breath to regain composure and control. Ga sent the message around the table, and Jon immediately understood that he had not been exposed as an NWO spy.

Ga had hoped that Antonin had passed over to the other side. He remembered his former rival as being all too clever and as stubborn as a bear. Just when you thought he had gone into hibernation he surfaced with new faenskap (devilry). But where was he getting his information? Could there be a leak at Headquarters … or even in his own hand-picked team? Ga sent these questions telepathically to ‘Ifafi, who scanned the faces and auras of all seated at the table – turning up nothing; and then smiled and said: “Well, Antonin’s pursuit of Darkness cannot reign over the Light and trust that we embrace! N’est-ce pas ? “

“D’accord !” said Lugh, and they all extended their right arms towards the middle of the table and touched them together before simultaneously raising them towards the heavens while exclaiming: “UN POUR TOUS, TOUS POUR UN !” (One for all, all for one!). Jon was on his way out of the cafeteria when he heard the cheer. He made a slight turn and locked eyes with Laila, who was smiling broadly. She winked to Jon when she noticed his gaze. Jon chuckled and nodded to her before turning and continuing on his way, thinking: “If they only knew the half of it. I’ve got it all … including the Girl.” He then heard the group singing Ga’s favorite stanza from “Rule Britannia” :

When Britain first, at heaven’s command, Aro-o-o-ose from out the a-a-a-zure main, Arose, arose, arose from out the a-azure main, This was the charter, the charter of the land, And guardian A-a-angels sang this strain:

Rule Britannia!

Britannia rule the waves. Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

“Heh heh … ” thought Jon. “If they only knew …”



After leaving the cafeteria the team was to meet Jon Ekbar on the level below the cafeteria and their living quarters. But first Ga wanted to check out the main level reception hall in order to observe how it was during normal circumstances. When they had first arrived they were hustled through side corridors without being given a chance to experience the main floor of the facility as most did. Upon arriving in the large domed central dome of the Denver facility, Ga and ‘Ifafi were astounded at the sea of humanity that they encountered. They made their way to the area that Jon Ekbar had suggested as a convenient rendezvous. It was a small “refreshment center” where one with credits could obtain light snacks and assorted beverages while waiting on the various security clearances before transiting to the tunnels or to departing transportation to other facilities. There were now directly underground high speed trains to the Cheyenne Mountain facility and a few others, as well as local and interstellar flights that used the airport for its original purpose.

Upon arriving, they spotted Lugh and Laila at a somewhat secluded table sipping some tea. “Good morning,” Ga said as he approached.

“Adonai,” Lugh replied just barely loud enough to be heard over the din.

“This whole place gives me an uneasy feeling.” Ga stated as he took a seat.

“Same here.” Lugh replied. “I sense a great unrest and disturbances everywhere – much negative energy in this place.”

As they waited for Sara and Ulrich to join them, Ga, turned to Lugh, “Would you join me for a short walk?”

“Certainly,” replied Lugh as the pair rose and left the others chatting.

“Lugh, you know you were chosen because of your unique abilities, and I trust you implicitly.”

“I had assumed both.” Lugh replied without emotion.

“What do you sense from our team members so far?”

“From Sara, intense curiosity about our quarry and a bit of nervousness; from Ulrich, not much, other than a desire to get it over and done with; but Laila is the one I’m concerned about. I think she is hiding something. She is quite psychically advanced for a human. I don’t think it’s intentional deception at this point, just something she’s trying to hide. ‘Ifafi seems a bit enamored of her. I’m sure it’s quite platonic though,” Lugh said smiling at this last remark.

Ga nodded, acknowledging Lugh’s perceptions, but surprised that he obviously did not know that ‘Ifafi was his lover, and that of the two of them it was Ga that was bisexual.

“There’s more, old friend. In my brief encounter with our friend and assigned host Ekbar, I sense deep deception. He definitely knows more than he lets on.”

“Interesting.” Ga replied. “Anything else?”

“Just you old friend, I sense that you have some doubts about this mission, and that you are worried that there is much more here than we know.”

“You read me well. Yes, I am quite concerned. This facility simply was not prepared to be what it has become. As you know, it was basically to be an internment and extermination camp for the NWO and their alien allies. Much of their technology and weaponry still exists here. Worse, we will have a difficult time sorting our friends from our enemies in this place. It is truly making me feel a bit paranoid about the whole mission – perhaps even about our own team. I trust everyone on the team, but the NWO seems to infiltrate everything and every place …”

By the time Lugh and Ga rejoined ‘Ifafi and Laila, the others had arrived and greeted them upon their return. “Is Ekbar here yet?” Ga asked.

“No, he should be here, the time and location was his suggestion,” ‘Ifafi replied. “Perhaps there was some glitch in regards to our entry time, we will pass through the same security checkpoints just as everyone else. His presence is only to expedite our clearance as we are not implanted with the microchips as everyone else will be.”

“True, that is possible.” Ga replied beginning to become concerned.

At about that moment Jon Ekbar approached the table occupied by the team. “Good morning, all. I apologize for my tardiness – some last minute details and all that. Now if you are all ready, we shall begin.”

Each team member grabbed up their satchels, bags, or packs they had prepared for at least a few days in the lower levels and left with Ekbar.

Ekbar led them through the Central facility to a long line of security checkpoints. “The six of you divide up into the lines for checkpoints 5, 7, and 9. Merely show them the call devices I gave you, but do it discretely. They will know what to do. I will wait for you at the entrance to the tunnels.”

After the team had passed through security, they again met Jon Ekbar at the entrance to the three tunnels that led underground. “The tunnels spiral down the central shaft. You can divide up and take separate tunnels or all take the same. They all end up at the same place. When you get near the bottom you will see the entrance point to Alpha Level. Approximately 80 meters after that the entrance to Beta Level, and so on. Each level also has security checkpoints at the entrance. Follow the same procedures as you did at the security checkpoint at this level. If you decide to exit any level, the same is true. You have clearances for all levels. If there is a problem, press the button on the call device as instructed.”

“Thank you Mr. Ekbar, you have been most helpful.” Ga replied.

“Not at all,” responded Ekbar. “Delighted to be of service.”

As Ekbar left, Ga stated. “Ifafi, you, Laila and Lugh take tunnel 2. Ulrich, Sara, and I will descend through tunnel 1. You go directly to Beta level, we will begin on Alpha level. We will communicate again at the designated time and pray that our communications are secure as promised.”

As Sara, Ulrich, and Ga approached the entrance to Alpha Level, Ga was somewhat taken aback at how the lights had gradually become dimmer and the tunnel seemingly more eerie the further they progressed. He recalled reading that the light levels throughout these lower levels were essentially the same as twilight on the surface for energy conservation purposes, even lighting inside the various “buildings” would be more subdued than one would be accustomed to on the surface. As they went through the security checkpoint as instructed by Mr. Ekbar, the guard on duty asked the purpose of their visit as the ID chips inside their devices indicated only temporary access.

“We are here on behalf of the Galactic Federation to conduct a census, inventory, and survey.” Ga replied with as little emotion as possible.

The guard chuckled, if not laughing outright, “I hope you have the patience of Job and a good translator. There are dozens of different races here, and dozens more of different languages and dialects.”

“We have both.” Sara interjected smiling.

“We will need to speak to whomever is in charge on this level, so we don’t take anyone by surprise.” Ga stated with some authority.

“That would be the Chief of Security forces, Alpha Level. Out those doors, turn left, and straight down Broadway here, and into the third building to your left. Ask for Captain Uri Valkovich.”

As they exited the glass doors leading out of the security checkpoint, they were on what the guard referred to as “Broadway”. Broadway was essentially the main tunnel. It arched at least ten meters to the top and was approximately 15 meters in width and went on as far as they could see in the dim light till it curved in the circular design they had seen on the diagram. Along the sides were numbers of “buildings” built into the very walls. Some appeared to be original to the facility, some obviously hastily improvised after the intervention. Along the top of the huge tunnel, Ga could plainly make out piping and what appeared to be something resembling spray nozzles every few feet. Much of the copper piping had become dull and had begun to corrode from disuse. All of the lighting was indirect and dim – giving the whole place a very grim and ominous atmosphere. The tunnel was fairly busy and bustling with peoples of all races going who knows where.

They could hear the murmurs of prayers and obscenities and the wild screams of the mentally unbalanced. Ga turned to Sara who was scrutinizing the “noise”. They are all reciting parts of Psalms 91 – (Abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty) in different languages and dialects. Even the psychotic ones …”

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Beast shall abide under the shadow of the One …

Verily he shall deliver thee from the grasps of the charlatans,

and from the stagnant dis-ease of the illusion on the outside …

there shall no danger corrupt thine perfection, neither shall any disaster threaten thy temple.

For he shall give his divine soldiers charge over thee, to protect and guide thee in all ways.

He shall call upon me, and I will answer: I will be with him in troubled times;

I will obey him, and honor him …

“But something is wrong here,” Sara continued. “They are referring to ‘The One’ – not to a Christian Son of God. It is almost as if they have been hypnotized … listen, they are talking in trances – it almost sounds like they are talking in tongues because the sentences are looped.”

Ulrich shook his head, mumbling: “This place gives me the creeps. Where is the guy that is supposed to meet us? Hey, there is the third building on the left coming up now.”

Meanwhile, in his hideout in Arkhangelsk, Vrebatima (Russia), Antonin was washing up the dishes after a sorry dinner. He did not put much effort into cooking for himself anymore; especially since good foodstuffs were almost impossible to find since 2012. So much had changed since then … and he had been a part of it, for better or for worse. Sometimes he missed the radio and television broadcasts of the first few years of the century and previously, and at least having the illusion that Big Brother was not always watching. The New World Order had achieved control of large parts of the world population by mind control techniques: brainwashing, subliminal messages in advertising, viral marketing, computer games, microchipping citizens, economic tracking through credit cards and bank transactions, gps-tracking, airport and transportation terminal surveillence and control of passengers and passenger movement etc. It was a necessary sacrifice that he still supported but he was occasionally nostalgic for the “old ways”. It was – however – amazing to him that it was all so easy to put into place in countries where democratic values and personal freedom are professed by so many. One of the big breakthroughs in terms of citizen registration and surveillance was in the field of computer networking, especially social networking applications whose popularity spread like bushfire.

“People really are like sheep and cows … and lemmings too,” said Antonin while chuckling to himself. “The Zeta Reticulians were right about that.”

The public information and entertainment screens were everywhere. The Galactic Federation had not taken them down as they seemed to help calm down the populace, which was still in shock and chaos after the ravages of the past few years. The screens inside the Denver facility and other such centers across the globe were essential means of controlling the populations. 

Unfortunately, the Galactic Federation had not been successful in ridding these continuous broadcasts of NWO subliminal messages. The “organization” had amongst its members some of the best computer hackers available, and they worked around the clock to inseminate the information and entertainment broadcasts with subliminal content that advised the populations that those that best follow “the One” will find their proper places in the NWO-fold (“heaven”), and can thus secure their future survival. There was – no fight for “Truth” – but for the power and means to control and indoctrinate.

Antonin looked at the clock on the wall. Soon he would log onto “The Legacy of Richard Wagner” website forum and chat room. It was there, in the secrecy of one of the private chat rooms, that he and Jon Ekbar communicated in code. Jon had already informed him about Ga’s mission and the team’s composition. Antonin knew most of them: Ga, ‘Ifafi and Laila he had had “dealings with” before in previous conflicts with the Intervention forces. And he had been provided with considerable dossiers on Sara and Ulrich by the NWO intelligence workers. Sara was a short, pert, flat-chested brunette, with a terrific photographic memory and perfect ear for languages. She had done her graduate studies at the University of Leipzig, where she graduated at the top of her class – majoring in humanities and linguistics. She worked for some years in the Peace Corps and for a few major international corporations before getting “snapped up” by the Intervention people. “Such a shame,” thought Antonin. “She would have been so useful to us now; and she was on the right “track” as the NWO controlled all the agencies and corporations that she had worked for. Damn those Intervention and Federation troublemakers!” Ekbar had told Antonin something that he did not know: Sara had two children (adopted after she had joined Intervention forces). They speculated that they might be able to find a way to use that information to compromise Sara at some point, but not as long as the children were safe within the confines of the Monavi Eternal City of Universal Light.

Ulrich is a “wizard”: slightly over-weight, with horn-rimmed glasses, seems a little “slow” but is actually a mathematical and scientific genius- nerd. He knows lots of trivia about alien technology, advanced computer applications, space technology etc. He has never had a girlfriend, and according to Ekbar, is still a virgin but probably more asexual than homosexual. The most interesting thing about Ulrich for the NWO is that he is an expert on the new crystal thermal geode and magnetic energy technologies that have made reliance upon oil/diesel and nuclear energies no longer necessary. Ulrich, inspired by the work and the writings of the great Asimov, was part of the original scientific team that developed the ground-breaking new technologies that were in use today. They were – actually – not exactly “new” in that they were partly derived from ancient Atlantean records that had re- surfaced in 2011, and partly from scientific knowledge gleaned from cooperating aliens (specifically the Zeta Reticulians, or “the Greys” as they were widely known as). Antonin often had wondered how the great Asimov had reacted had he lived to see this technology in application as is today. (Asimov had died of aids-related myocardial and renal complications in 1992.) Today radio broadcasts were now obsolete as all communications were based upon crystal-driven video technology: phone conversations, internet communications, interactive gps applications etc. Even the old-fashioned television broadcasts from competing networks were gone. “What a joke!” thought Antonin. “There never really was much ‘competition’ among them. It was all the same news and information ground out day in and day out; yet another indoctrination device by the NWO.” And now there was no longer any illusion of competition or separate networks. The big screen standardized broadcasts were 24-7, and simultaneously sent via satellite not only to all public big screen information boards across the world, but also in the form of podcasts, internet websites, public service announcements and ‘updates’, computer games and social networking applications – all providing both surveillance and control for authorities and the means for spreading propaganda and for brainwashing “the sheep and the cows”. It was just a question of who would control the information at any given time. Ulrich was, therefore, one of the biggest threats to “the One” and to the NWO-movement. His knowledge of information technology and subliminal messaging would greatly compromise the most effective “cloak” that “the One” operated under.

Just then Antonin’s computer “plinged”, indicating that Ekbar was online in the chat room. He quickly logged on. “Hello comrade! What can you tell me?”

Jon replied: “Gotta be short right now. Much is happening, and I need to follow the movements of Ga’s team on the computer gps tracking system. In short, ‘Ifafi, Laila and Lugh have just begun their search of tunnel 2 (Beta level), and Ulrich, Sara, and Ga are on their way to tunnel 1 (Alpha level). I think that they suspect that there is a “mole” somewhere, but so far I do not think that they know that it is me. Listen, what is the story on Captain Valkovich? I had assumed that he was NWO, but I am now beginning to think that I was mistaken.”

“Heh, heh …” responded Antonin. “Valkovich was groomed by us here in Arkhangelsk, but he hopped over to the “other side” when the Intervention forces arrived. He is NOT to be trusted. Actually, I don’t even know if the Ga’s team can trust him either. He is a strange one … with an unknown agenda, in my opinion.”

“Hmmm …” said Ekbar. “Ga is on his way to meet him right now.”

“Don’t worry so much about Valkovich at the moment. We have bigger fish to fry. Ulrich and Sara must be incapacitated … if not exterminated. They are a major threat to us and to “the One” at the present time. If you can set 

things up so that Valkovich takes “the fall”, so much the better.”

“Roger that,” replied Ekbar. “Okay, I gotta run. I will be in touch again at our next agreed upon rendezvous point.”

Antonin logged off and leaned back in his easy chair. “We are going to give Ga a run for his money this time …”, he said while reaching for the vodka bottle. And he suddenly exclaimed: “Damn! I forgot to tell Ekbar about the code word.”

Meanwhile, back at the Denver facility the Ga, Sara and Ulrich trio soon reached the Security building the guard had described, where they met Captain Valkovich.



As the group entered the building, they first encountered a rather young woman in some sort of black and grey uniform seated behind a large desk. The uniform was quite a bit different from that of the other security personnel they had seen. The uniform had much more of a military look and was immaculately in order.

“Good morning,” Ga said as he entered the room. “We are looking for Captain Valkovich. My team is here representing the Galactic Federation under the authority of the Prefect and the directorate. We are conducting a census and facility survey.”

“Oh, very well,” she replied. “Do you have ID?”

“Just these” Ga replied as he pulled out the small metallic box.

“Just place it on the scanner in front of you,” she said pointing to a device with a glass top on top of the desk. As she pressed a button on her console and read something on her monitor, she continued, “You will find Captain Valkovich up those stairs and in the first office to your right” she said pointing toward a small spiral staircase.

“Thank you,” replied Ga.

Sara was the first to ascend the stairs as she had been standing nearest to them. As she approached the office, she saw the door was ajar and heard someone inside talking loudly.

“Do not interfere with my plans Lieutenant, or I shall start by breaking your fingers. I repeat: Do NOT thwart me!”

Sara turned in time to Ga and Ulrich approaching with confused but concerned expressions. Obviously, they had overheard the same thing she had.

“Captain Valkovich?…. Captain Uri Valkovich?” Sara asked softly and knocking on the door.

The door opened quickly, and just as quickly a young man, perhaps in his mid twenties, dressed in a uniform identical to the one worn by the young lady downstairs rushed past them, obviously shaken, and in a hurry to leave.

“Yes, and who are you?” Valkovich asked in an irritated tone and a thick Russian accent as the threesome entered the room.

Ga answered. “My name is Ga. My companions are Sara and Ulrich. We are here on behalf of the Galactic Federation to conduct a census and survey of the facility. We have the full authority of the Prefect and the directorate.”

“I see.” Said the Captain, “Just the three of you?”

“No, there is another team arriving on Beta level as we speak.”

“Well, I have no time for a census or a survey. What do you need of me?”

“Just some information Captain, and to inform you of our presence in order to avoid … misunderstandings.” Ga replied.

“Well, do whatever you need to do. My office will not interfere, but we can be of no assistance either. We are quite busy now.”

“Is there some problem, captain?” Ulrich asked.

“We are just quite busy.”

“It was our understanding, Captain, from Mr. Ekbar, our assigned directorate representative, that everything was quite in order and peaceful on these lower levels,” Ulrich replied in a very calm tone to lull the Captain into providing more details. Ga and Sara watched and listened intently.

“Heh, the directorate” Valkovich scoffed.“They see no further than the monitors at the ends of their noses. They don’t want to know what goes on down here. They are just a bunch of politicized old fools who think they are in charge of this asylum.”

“Then I take it we were misinformed?”

“Quite. It’s the people down here. They are never satisfied. Always want more supplies; more space; more rights; more communication with the surface and other facilities; fresher air; fresher water; you name it. They always want more, more, more. It has gotten worse the last few weeks. They are organizing. There are rumors of a new leader, an organizer emerging, but we cannot find him. I have tried everything, so have my counterparts on the other levels. Our own officers and men seem to be thwarting our every move.”

“I see, has there been violence?”

“No, nothing more than a few minor skirmishes and protests – so far. But I am quite concerned. The ‘movement’ seems to be growing and becoming more intense. The more they organize, the bolder they become. We are quite understaffed. I fear the worst.”

Ga interjected at this point: “Captain, perhaps we can be of some assistance to you, and can serve both our mutual interests. The Federation wants an accurate picture of this facility and we have their full resources at our disposal. We will be happy to share whatever we are able to learn as we move amongst the people here. Sara here speaks virtually every major known language and dialect fluently. Our security passes give us access to the entire facility. I think we can be of assistance to each other.”

“Yes,” the Captain replied with a grin for the first time, albeit a somewhat sinister one. “Perhaps you can at that. I tell you what I will do. You will have full access to anywhere you wish to go – free from any restrictions from me or my officers and men. You may talk to anyone you please. We will give you whatever tools or supplies you may require within reason. In return, you give me information. You give me anything that may lead me to this … this… ‘messiah’ we keep hearing about. I want to break him with my own hands.”

Meanwhile, about an hour later on Beta level ‘Ifafi, Laila and Lugh had already begun their reconaissance of the first of several large holding rooms. In the southwest corner of the auditorium- sized space were a group of men, women and children sitting in Atlantis-format: circles within circles and others in cross-formation penetrating the circles. There was a hum droning from that part of the room, and as the three approached the assemblage they could hear the chanting quite clearly: “la ilaha illa Llah … illa Llah … Allah!”

Lugh looked at ‘Ifafi and Laila quizzically, and mumbled: “What are they saying? What language is that?”

“It is Arabic … actually I can tell that many of the leaders of the group are Persians. It is a famous Sufi chant.”

“So that means,” said Lugh, “that they are the ‘good guys’ maybe?”

‘Ifafi smiled and patted Lugh on the back while saying: “Oh yeah, Luggie. The chant means: ‘There is no God but God. God is all there is.”

Just then ‘Ifafi’s wristband iPod sounded and he looked slightly paled when he read the short message.

“What is it?” asked Laila. “I can see from your reaction that something is amiss.”

‘Ifafi replied solemnly: “Is it a bulletin from Headquarters. The anti-NWO rebels have just blown up the Eiffel Tower in Paris and set off a series of bombs at the Vatican and various churches in Rome. The situation is really heating up. The anti-NWO groups seem to be consolidating and the word is that they have reached agreement on a single top leader.”

“Shi – i -it!” exclaimed Lugh. “That means we got two fucking antichrists to hunt down.”

“Well, only one of them is located here … so we must find him first,” replied ‘Ifafi. This was just what ‘Ifafi and Ga had been worried about. Until recently, the anti-NWO groups were conducting small milita raids and terrorist attacks on smaller scales. But now that ‘the One’ was “on the run”, they had gained new courage. They could prove to be just as unmanageable and dangerous as the NWO groups.

“How do we recognize ‘the One’?” Asked Lugh. “Have we anything to go on other than the computerized simulations of how he might look at his age now, and the tracking device which seems to work intermittently at best?”

Laila replied: “Heh … from the information that has been gathered on him, I sincerely doubt that he looks anything like what a computer simulation would come up with.”

“You mean because he is probably a master of disguises?” asked Lugh.

“More likely a master of cosmetic surgery,” said Laila. “Remember that he spent quite a bit of time in the old Russia, in several countries in the Middle East, and also in Brazil. Extreme cosmetic surgery is quite common in all those places.”

Lugh looked over to ‘Ifafi who had his eyes closed and seemed to be mumbling to himself. Lugh was just about to say something to ‘Ifafi when Laila put her right index finger to her lips, signalling for Lugh to remain quiet. She then whispered into Lugh’s ear: “He is meditating along with the group. I am going to join in as well. It is quite beautiful … and calming.”

And so the three of them stood quietly on the outskirts of the outer circle and chanted softly along with the group for a good twelve minutes before ‘Ifafi signalled for them to move on. The other sections of the large room were filled with individuals wandering around in circles and talking to themselves, many were sitting on the floor and rocking back and forth … and others were playing cards in small groups, watching the big information and entertainment screen, or sleeping. In the northeast section of the room there was an organized bingo game in progress.

Lugh commented: “Well, I don’t see any suspicious behavior here … or at least none considering the circumstances anyway.”

‘Ifafi nodded: “You are right Lugh. This is not as bad as I had expected. But this is just the first of many rooms that have to be searched. I think we should split up and start asking some questions that might give us some clues as to NWO-group activity and the identity and location of Niall.”

“I agree,” said Laila. “But we must be very coy in our questioning. Remember that everyone here – either NWO-supporters or not – is rather paranoid. These people have learned to differentiate between persons and situations in ways that are yet unknown to us. We can expect most of them to talk in riddles or half-sentences. We will have to read their body language, their auras and you ‘Ifafi – of course – will be quite helpful with your mind-reading.”

“Perhaps,” replied ‘Ifafi. “Remember that everyone here has been subjected to brainwashing and subliminal messaging for years now. Even persons that firmly believe what they are thinking and feeling can pass a simple lie detector test. Similarly, my abilities are lessened when the mind is cluttered with much noise and chatter from psychosis, schizofrenia and subliminal garbage retained from the damned information and entertainment screens.”

They scoured the room, speaking with many, but the only references to ‘the One’ seemed to be mystical in nature. It was clear that these people did not know who ‘the One’ was in person: they knew neither what he looked like or where he was. They were just leaving the first room when ‘Ifafi received a text message from Ga, asking for a progress report. ‘Ifafi wrote quickly: “Let me get out into the corridor, and I will send you a telepathic message.”

Once in the corridor, ‘Ifafi briefly explained to Ga that Beta holding room number one was “secure” and that they were moving on to the next room. Nothing of importance had been gleaned so far, but ‘Ifafi would keep him informed as each room was secured.

Ga then quickly brought ‘Ifafi as up to date as possible by conveying mental images of the events in Valkovich’s office. Both realized that the mission was quickly becoming more urgent, and more difficult.

Ga turned to Sara and Ulrich as they re-joined him on Broadway. “I think we just made a deal with the devil, as they used to say.”

“Ironic for us, don’t you think?” Ulrich asked.

Sara chuckled, “Ja, gir man fanden lillefingeren, tar han snart hele hånden!” (Yeah, give the devil your little finger and he will take your whole hand!)

“Honestly, I don’t think we can trust any of the Security forces down here. They seem to all have their own selfish agendas. I think Valkovich does indeed want Niall as badly as we do, but for purely selfish egotistical reasons. Perhaps only to maintain his control over this facility, I strongly sense in him that he believes he truly is the ‘boss’ of these caverns.” Ulrich stated.

“Your perceptions serve you well my friend. I got exactly the same sense.” Ga replied.

“If we can’t trust the people who are supposed to be maintaining order, then is there anyone here we can trust?” Sara asked with growing concern, the humor having left the conversation entirely.

“There are always Lightworkers about in populations as large as this. I refuse to believe otherwise. We shall have to make them part of our quest as we encounter them.” Ga responded. “We shall have to seek them out. They will likely be where one would least expect.”

“Right now, I least expect them in the ranks of the security forces.” Sara stated flatly, and with a certain element of disgust.

“I think we may have to reconcile ourselves to that reality.” Ga acknowledged.

As they walked down the crowded corridor, Ga, heard music that he thought he recognized. As they walked toward the doorway from which the music appeared to emanate, they could tell that a small crowd seemed to be migrating toward the same source. A small, but stout woman greeted them as they entered, and addressed them, in a dialect Ga did not recognize. “Are you strangers here? I’ve never seen you before.”

Ga looked quickly to Sara for assistance, with a nod of understanding, Sara replied in the same tongue, “Yes, we just arrived, we are searching for food and our quarters.”

“The only food you will find in this place is food for the mind and the soul, are you followers of ‘The One’?”

“We have heard of him, and seek to know more.” Sara replied.

“Do you bear the mark of the Believers?”

Sara turned to Ga, and asked him in the new Merkabah tongue to explain what the woman meant.

Unsure, Ga looked at the woman intently, his mind reaching out to sense her thoughts: his aura began to glow as he concentrated on probing her mind. Within seconds, he turned to Sara and gave her a reply in the same Merkabah tongue.

Sara smiled as she quickly understood. “We bear no mark, we know not this mark of which you speak, we seek the truth, and by the truth we shall be freed.”

“Then pass into this hall, truth-seekers, and learn the truth of ‘The One’. The woman replied in almost artificially-perfect English.

As they entered a fairly large auditorium area, Ulrich turned to Ga and asked, “Would someone mind telling me what that was all about?”

“That woman was speaking an ancient dialect of Mayan, It hasn’t been spoken on this planet for well over a millennia.” Ga replied. “The fact that we could give her the coded reply, was itself ‘the sign’ she sought. I think we have stumbled onto a gathering of Niall’s followers. Remember, Niall was an expert in codes and ciphers. I am certain we are on the correct trail.”

As the gathering became more organized, the lights dimmed, the music stopped and those that had gathered grew quiet. All heads turned toward the far end of the hall, where a platform raised slightly from the floor. A lone figure ascended the platform and addressed the crowd in the same tongue the woman had used.

“Greetings to all from ‘The One.’”

“Truth for all!” was the chorused reply from the crowd.

The speaker continued in English, “I was sent to bring you a message. Our time is coming. In three days our leader will send his final word. He will unveil himself and his power for all to see. But, by that time, it will be too late to stop his will. He will bring forth a new world order by which we will all be freed and shall live as man was intended to live – not imprisoned and caged in these tombs, but in the light free of the shackles of oppression. It is now up to you, my friends, to gather your families and prepare for his coming. His coming will be as awesome as the Intervention. We shall overcome the domination of alien powers that seek to enslave our souls. Humanity shall rise again and ‘The One’ shall lead us to an era of new human domination. We shall reclaim our planet.”

Cheers erupted as the speaker concluded his words.

Ga turned to Sara and Ulrich. “Whatever is about to happen will happen in three days. We must get word to ‘Ifafi and the rest of our team. I will do that. Learn as much as you can about this man who just spoke to us and how to find him.”

Ulrich was still puzzled. “What is with the Mayan dialect? Can someone please explain that to me?”

Ga smiled and replied: “The Mayans were visited by both the Pleiadians and the reptilian aliens (from Orion and Zeta Reticuli — the Greys). The reptilians eventually chased the Pleiadians away and took over as Mayan gods – also introducing the doomsday prophecies into the Pleiadian- Mayan calendar, rituals of bloodletting and sacrifice, reptilian idols and images etc. These doomsday prophecies were – of course – part of the beginning of the NWO plan, and were set up to become self-fulfilling. It was the same breed of aliens that had implanted similar doomsday theories into previous cultures, psychics and religions. And all the way up until 2012, the bad aliens and the NWO’ers were actively exploiting the ignorance of the populace and the vulnerability of the earth’s environment by manufacturing and causing natural catastrophes, health epidemics, wars, terrorism etc. All this to bring about the final new world order.”

“Sonofabitch!” exclaimed Ulrich.

“Yepp,” replied Sara. “I couldn’t have said it better.”

Meanwhile, as they approached the doors to Beta holding room two, ‘Ifafi, Lugh and Laila could already sense the tension about them. The corridor leading up to the holding room were littered with old clothing, garbage, condoms and hypodermic needles. A few guards were patrolling back and forth, making certain that no residents were roaming or lurking in the halls. Obviously, security was a larger issue on this side of the Beta level. A guard met them at the door and after a short exchange and show of ID they three were allowed into the chaos. Chaos is the best way to describe what they saw. In fact, it resembled a mental institution more than an emergency residence. Personal hygiene issues abounded: naked persons here and there, others that had urinated in their clothing, most looked as though they had not bathed in months, several had a serious-sounding hacking cough and reddened eyes … Laila gasped, exclaiming: “Oh my God! Look over there … there is a woman giving birth. And I don’t see any health personnel around!” She quickly ran over to try to assist the two women who were attending to the mother-to-be, who was screaming bloody murder at the entire world and especially all men. She was also cursing “the One”, blaming him personally for her fate.

Not far away a fight had broken out and the guard had rushed over to try to intervene. ‘Ifafi went to help him hold the two men in the center of the squabble apart from one another. They were arguing over the identity of “the One”. The taller man with dirty blonde hair insisted that he had spoken with “the One” and that he knew that he was on Alpha level somewhere. He added: “Hell, man. Everyone knows that he is running this place.”

“Liar … you are a damned, fucking LIAR!” the other stocky, temperamental red-head screamed while scowling and foaming at the mouth. “There is no ‘the One’ … it is all a hoax by the NWO. ‘The One’ is just an icon; a talking head!” And with that they begin to scuffle and swing at each other again. ‘Ifafi and the guard were struggling to hold them apart so Lugh rushed over to assist them. ‘Ifafi asked the guard to escort the red- head to another part of the room while he spoke with the blonde.

The guy had a crazed expression, thought Lugh … but then again, so did everyone in that place. “Surely,” thought Lugh to himself, “if we finish by having to chase Niall in the underground passage under these halls of Hell, then that passage must be the tunnel at the end of time.” Once the blonde had regained his composure and received assurances from ‘Ifafi that he believed him, it was easier to ask questions about his statements.

“We have heard similar reports about ‘the One’”, my friend,” lied ‘Ifafi – just to gain his trust and exact more information out of the man. Suddenly the blonde, who had said his name was Wendell, looked at ‘Ifafi and Lugh suspisciously. “Who are YOU, and who else have you been talking to?”

‘Ifafi explained that they were part of a team sent to conduct a census, inventory, and survey, and that they were also hoping to meet up with “the One” in order to talk to him about improving conditions in the facility.

“You mean even you guys don’t have contact with ‘the One’? Figures … I knew this place had management and security problems, but this is even more fucked up than I imagined. Well, he is on Alpha level somewhere … just like I said. That asshole Jethro is brainwashed … ‘the One’ is not just a talking head – he is REAL! I talked to him.”

“Did he tell you that he is ‘the One’?” asked ‘Ifafi. “What did he look like … and how did you know it was truly ‘the One’?”

Lugh’s concentration was split between the interesting interrogation taking place between ‘Ifafi and Wendell and the birthing taking place across the room. The mother-to-be had given her final push and a baby’s cry was heard. Several persons were cheering and crowding around the mother and her mid-wives.

“Hey!” shouted Lugh. “Give them some space over there.” He ran over to help Laila, assuming that his presence was more needed over there at the moment.

Wendell explained that he had met the “good doctor” a week ago. He had been sent up to Alpha level to have some medical tests done.

“What kind of tests?” interrupted ‘Ifafi.

“I dunno,” replied Wendell. “They are always doing some kinds of tests on us … prodding, taking scans, probing, testing out our microchip implants etc. Anyway – do you want to hear the rest of this story, or not?!!”

“Of course,” replied ‘Ifafi. “Please continue, and excuse my interruption.

“So suddenly a tall guy – even taller than I – walks into the examining room where I was, flanked by an entourage of medical staff, suits and security guards. The funny thing is that the uniforms the security guards had on didn’t seem quite right.”

“How so?” asked ‘Ifafi, clearly interested in what the man had to say.

“Well, you have seen the guards here. They all look as though they have not changed their uniforms in two days. But these guys looked as though their uniforms had just been taken out of a shipment box. You could still see the folds and creases in the shirts and pants. They were new.”

“I understand,” said ‘Ifafi. Now Laila and Lugh had joined him.

“It’s a boy!” beamed Lugh.

“A beautiful little boy,” added Laila. “I have asked the guard to get a nurse up here to look after the new-born and the mother. I understand there is a medical facility on Alpha level that has examined the woman previously during her pregnancy.”

“Wendell, these are some of my colleagues,” said ‘Ifafi. “Wendell was just telling me about the esteemed doctor and his entourage.”

“Doctor?” asked Lugh quizzically.

“Yes,” replied ‘Ifafi with a glimt in his eye – signalling for Laila and Lugh to play along. “The One.”

“Ohhhh,” said Laila. “Of course! We have been looking for him. Do we now know where we can find him?”

Lugh was so excited now that he thought he might piss his pants. He tried to control his jitters by folding his arms in front of his chest, but upon seeing that ‘Ifafi disapproved of this seemingly authoritarian gesture, he quickly put them into his pants pockets.

“Wendell has spoken briefly with the good doctor on Alpha level. He was impressed by his height.”

“Does he have any other distinguishing features that you noted in particular,” asked Laila.

“Well, yes actually,” replied Wendell. “He limped a bit – must be an old injury to his left foot or leg … and I could have sworn he was wearing a wig. Mebbe he is bald. Who knows? Heh … men are so vain these days. Some are more concerned about their looks than women are.”

“Thank you Wendell,” said ‘Ifafi. “We are very glad to have spoken with you. Take care of yourself, and stay out of fights. There is not much point in arguing with persons that insist upon remaining ignorant.”

“True,” replied Wendell. “Very true.”

And with that the group decided to make their way up to Alpha level and join up with their colleagues. Lugh noticed that ‘Ifafi was preoccupied with something. “Something not quite right boss?” he asked.

‘Ifafi replied: “Wendell never did answer my question about how he knew that the doctor was ‘the One’. Something is not quite right there … I get the feeling that we got much information and some disinformation as well.”

“He does seem to know a little too much about security and administration here … and he spends much time on Alpha level. What do we know about Captain Valkovich?” asked Lugh.

“He is a Russian-Israeli … and he used to work for Mossad. He was eventually recruited by the NWO and worked for them for a short while but jumped over to our side in 2010,” said Laila.

“Well … I think we should keep tabs on Wendell, Sir” said Lugh.

‘Ifafi nodded in agreement, and said nothing more. Instead he began singing from “La Chanson Des Vieux Amants” by Jacques Brel:

“Moi, je sais tous tes sortilèges

Tu sais tous mes envoûtements 

Tu m’as gardé de pièges en pièges 

Je t’ai perdue de temps en temps”


And both Laila and Lugh joined in on the refrain, laughing in a true spirit of comraderie.



The next day, Jon Ekbar was chatting with Antonin in the internet chat room when he discovered that the fire wall had been compromised. “Shit! I think that we have been made. Must be ‘Ifafi and Ulrich. They don’t let up.”

“Those two angels need some wing clipping,” replied Antonin, referring to Ga and ‘Ifafi.

“Well according to them, they are planning to do some serious NWO-pruning,” replied Ekbar. “Okay – gotta run.”

And Ekbar was right: Ulrich was listening in. He turned to ‘Ifafi and related to him the comment about the wing clipping. ‘Ifafi was not amused, and muttered something like: “We shall see who gets clipped. That Ekbar needs to have his tongue pruned back. Who was he talking to by the way?”

“I dunno”, replied Ulrich. “But the computer on the other end was from an unknown IP address somewhere in Vrebatima. Arkhangelsk I think.”

“Figures!” muttered ‘Ifafi. “Better let Ga know that Antonin is working with Ekbar. At least now we know that Ekbar is not to be trusted.”

Ulrich nodded. And ‘Ifafi continued: “I am going to have a little talk with Laila. Let’s keep this between us for now.”

“Yes sir!” replied Ulrich.

Ga was indeed angered over the “wing-clipping” comments, and more than a little concerned that his own team may have been compromised by the little tryst between Laila and Ekbar. Of even deeper concern was the fact that “something” significant would happen in less than three days’ time that would appear to be proof of Niall’s anointment as “the One”, but there was no time to abort or to assemble another team. The team’s first descent into the lower levels had gleaned many scattered bits of intelligence, but putting the pieces together into a complete picture was proving difficult.

“Should we contact the prefect directly and tell him of Ekbar’s treachery?” ‘Ifafi asked.

“No. For two reasons, we don’t know whether or not there are others in the directorate that may be directly involved, including the prefect, and secondly, perhaps we can use this knowledge to our advantage. Ekbar knows his communication was compromised, but he is only guessing that it was our team. At any rate, if he believes it was us, he would expect us to go to the directorate and at the very least, he would expect us to isolate Laila from the team and Ekbar. We shall do the opposite.”

“Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?” ‘Ifafi asked, grinning.

“Exactly. We must have another chat with Laila before she speaks to Ekbar. This little ‘affair’ could get us some significant intelligence on how deeply compromised the directorate itself has become, but Laila must understand the risks involved. We shall try to protect her as much as possible, but there is significant danger. We need to go back down to the lower levels within the next few hours. We must find Niall before he can execute whatever plan he has.”

“I understand. I shall tend to it now,” ‘Ifafi said as he gathered his cloak and headed back towards Laila’s quarters.

‘Ifafi arrived at the door to Laila’s quarters just in time to see Ekbar coming down the corridor. “Mr. Ekbar, good to see you again, is there something you need?”

“Yes, Madame Laila sent a message to meet her here as soon as possible.”

“Ah, I see. Well, do you mind if I speak to her alone for just a few minutes … just to get a bit a business out of the way?”

“Of course not, Sir, I shall return momentarily. I have another errand in this area that I can run while I wait.”

“Thank you,” ‘Ifafi replied, smiling.

Ekbar merely nodded and sauntered off while ‘Ifafi pressed the door buzzer.

The door slid open and as ‘Ifafi entered he heard Laila’s voice from the adjoining room: “Jon?”

“No. It’s me, and we need to talk. I just sent Ekbar away for a few minutes.”

“Oh, ‘Ifafi! I called him here to tell him that he – that his and my affair had been found out, and also that we knew of his treachery.”

“That is why I am here. “Ga wants you to proceed as if nothing has happened. We want as much information from him as we can get without him knowing that we even suspect that he is a traitor. We need to know how deep this conspiracy goes. Let him take you into his confidence if possible. He will certainly be trying to milk you for information.”

“Are you suggesting that I ….?” Laila asked with her eyes wide open in shock.

“Yes,” ‘Ifafi replied, trying to be firm but compassionate.

“I don’t know if I can. It’s not in my nature to be deceptive.”

“Ga would not ask if he did not think it was important, crucial even. I know this is difficult and there is much danger. You must tell Ekbar nothing of what we saw or heard below. Even better, mislead him — give him false information. That will help us discover how deep the conspiracy goes. For now, convince him that we are quite frustrated and have learned little … or nothing. We will be making another descent in a few hours. That last bit is true. If I know Ga, he is trying to bring the conspirators to us.”

“I will try,” Laila replied, trying to smile.

“Play safely!” ‘Ifafi half-giggled in reply, with a wink.

“We shall begin our next descent in about an hour. ‘Ifafi, have you notified the rest of the team to meet at the tunnel security entrance?” asked Ga.

“Yes, my love, and I have packed us some food this time. The rations down there are pathetic.”

“Thanks. We shall concentrate our efforts upon Alpha level. The entire team will begin there and we shall spread out. It seems to be the most populous, and we have had more indications that Niall is spending more time there as well. Ulrich, with the help of some master pass codes from the Federation, has managed to hack into the master security computer tracking system for the entire facility. We should now soon know every move that our friend Ekbar makes as well as anyone else with an implanted security chip whom we wish to track. He has been trying to locate Niall’s NSA signal. We thought we had it momentarily on Zeta level, but it disappeared.”

“Zeta level? Isn’t that the air and water recycler and reactor level? What would he be doing down there?”

“Excellent question, but if I were trying to seize control of this place …”

“Shit!” ‘Ifafi exclaimed. “If he manages to take control of the reactor …”

“Not only that, remember the original purpose of this place. It was designed as an extermination camp and test facility for biological warfare. There are poison gases, biological and chemical weapons, and other alien and Terran nasties still stored down there. If the directorate has been compromised, as we know Ekbar could do, Niall could freely move around down there and security could not track him … or may even be helping him — either benignly or overtly. We cannot prowl around the engineering level hoping to catch him. It is simply too large, and we would obviously tip our hand. I don’t want to start any panic down here either. If word got out to the population down there that there was any danger of the place being flooded with poison gas or some other lethal pathogen, they would charge the tunnels which simply can’t handle that surge of traffic. Many would die attempting to flee, and we could become trapped down there ourselves.”

“We must move quickly, Ga!” ‘Ifafi stated, the fear evident in his voice.

As the team reassembled after the security checkpoints and was descending the winding tunnels, Ga pulled Laila aside and hung back from the rest of the team as they descended.

“Laila, I know what ‘Ifafi and I asked of you is … I’m trying to put this delicately…”

“Don’t. Firstly, I got myself into this. Secondly, I realize how important it is that we succeed and that we must know how deep this conspiracy goes. Thirdly, Jon is not such a bad lover, don’t let that fake haughty British thing fool you.” Laila replied with a wink and a smile.

Ga rolled his eyes a bit. “Laila, what does he know?”

“He knows we are doing more than a census and survey, as that would be quite impossible for a team our size. He didn’t mention Niall specifically, but he wanted to know who or what we are looking for. I think he knows exactly what our mission is.”

“And you would be correct. Did you tell him anything?”

“Only as ‘Ifafi told me. Nothing. In fact, I advised him our efforts had been quite frustrated. He is aware that we are returning now. I really don’t believe he knows that we are aware of his treachery. I think I was able to convince him that I was unaware of it at any rate.” She said smiling.

“Excellent my dear. You have done well.”

As they entered Alpha level, Ga turned to Ulrich. “I want you to go to the security office and ask our friend Captain Valkovich to allow you to plug your computer into their net. Assure him that you will give him any information we are able to obtain. I don’t think he will give you any argument. See what you can do about re-locating that NSA chip signal again. Perhaps plug directly into the sensor systems down here so we can get a better look.”

“I’m on my way.” Ulrich replied as he headed out.

“Sara, you’re with me. ‘Ifafi, you, Laila and Lugh spread out as best you can and let’s see if we can locate this bastard. Be aware that we have been compromised from inside the directorate and we don’t know how to identify the enemy.”

Sara suddenly felt a pain in her chest … almost like – a premonitory heart attack.



Ekbar had hurried back to his office and logged onto the chatroom, confident that Ulrich was otherwise occupied at the moment and would not be listening in. “Antonin”, he typed. “They are on the move and the situation is getting intense. It is only a short time before ‘ground zero’, and Ga and his team are determined to smoke Niall out before then.”

“I understand,” replied Antonin. “Have you made any plans to sabotage their efforts … I mean hitting them where it hurts, Ekbar? No more cat- and-mouse games … “

“Yeah,” said Jon. “My team will start picking off their strategic support – one by one. The first to go will be Sara; and she will be terminated shortly. If that does not slow them down enough then the next will be Lugh.”

“But what about Ulrich?” asked Antonin. “He is a danger to our communications!”

“Fuck Ulrich!” replied Jon. “He is a post-teenager with a knack for computer science. Besides, his listening in will be of no consequence in a few days time. Shit, until then we can have some fun feeding him false information in our chats when we suspect he is listening in. That will gain us some leverage over Ga and ‘Ifafi.”

“Good idea … and I see your point! Okay, I will inform the NWO-regional commanders that all procedures are on schedule as planned, and that any interference will be exterminated appropriately and swiftly. When this is finally over, Jon, I will invite you to Arkhangelsk for some of my special reserve vodka.”

“Sounds great!” replied Jon. “You supply the booze and the caviar, and I will bring the whores. I know a hot one named Laila.”

Both men chuckled and logged off abruptly. Antonin immediately realized that he had not yet told Ekbar about the code word “cage” which would help Niall to avoid detection. I will tell him first thing in our next chat, he thought.

Ulrich had caught the tail end of the chat between Ekbar and Antonin. He was confused about vodka, whores, extermination plans … and he heard his own name mentioned when he first broke through the fire wall. However, he did not know if it was he who was to be exterminated or if it was someone else. He broke out into a sweat and grabbed Valkovich on his way out of the room, saying: “Captain Valkovich! Come with me immediately and bring with you some armed guards. I believe that there is going to be trouble here on Alpha level. We must find the others quickly!”

Valkovich was quick to respond but Alpha was large and it took almost five minutes to locate ‘Ifafi and his team. Ulrich explained the situation to ‘Ifafi who quickly said: “Good work Ulrich! ”Valkovich, please leave half your team with Laila and Lugh, and then you and the other half of your team accompany Ulrich and I in search of Ga and Sara.” As they scampered off through the 

corridors there was a sudden black-out … and then a shrill scream. It was a horrible noise – a woman’s voice. It was Sara!

When they reached the other team, they found Ga holding Sara’s limp body – now a corpse. She had been gutted like a fish, opened up from throat to belly button. It was a shocking and gruesome sight. Ga had tears welling up in his eyes and muttered defiantly: “This is officially war now. Get the others and everyone stick closely together. We shall comb this place inch by inch … and you there, Captain Valkovich!”

Valkovich looked a bit worried when Ga shouted out his name. “Yes Sir.”

“Find fucking Ekbar and bring him to me … NOW! If he resists or procrastinates then bring him by force. I am going to make him talk or prune back that silver tongue of his. We will be waiting in your office.”

Ulrich stayed with Ga as two of the guards carried away Sara’s corpse. The third guard ran to summon ‘Ifafi, Lugh, Laila and the other three guards … and Valkovich made his way to Ekbar’s office.

When Valkovich reached Ekbar’s office he was out of breath. “Sir, I have orders to summon you and to accompany you to Alpha level. There has been a serious incident there and Ga is asking for you.”

Ekbar was sitting comfortably in his soft green leather office chair, leaning back and smoking a cigar. “Captain Valkovich! I have been expecting you. Please come in and shut the door. I have something delicate to discuss with you.”

Valkovich hesitated for a second but then walked through the doorway and turned slightly to shut the door. When he again faced Ekbar he was looking directly into the barrel of handgun with a silencer.

“You know the score, Captain. We have given you chance after chance to join our side, but you seem to have an agenda all of your own. I have told the NWO that I think you are trustworthy, but it would seem that some there do not agree. I have my orders. It is nothing personal.”

Valkovich was frightened but he refused to reveal any emotions to this tyrant and traitor. “Well perhaps we can make a deal here,” he said. “I can give you Ga’s team in exchange for my life, a small bounty and early retirement …”

“Save it, Valkie!” barked Ekbar. “You cannot give me shit. You are finished. I know that you have been out for bounty all this while, but you have been hunting for ‘the One’ — not Ga. I have Ga right where I want him … running feverishly through Alpha, looking for an assassin he will not find.” Ekbar emitted a sinister laugh and added: “You see – everyone on Alpha is either crazy or an assassin. But they will soon all be exterminated.”

Valkovich knew that he had been made. “So shoot me asshole!”

“No need to be vulgar or hasty, my comrade!” replied Ekbar, his lizard-like tongue spitting out the words quickly. “Open that side door over there to your left. We are going to take a little walk, you and I.”

They walked through a corridor Valkovich did not know existed, and after about four minutes they arrived at a storage room that was dark and damp inside. Ekbar walked a few paces towards Valkovich and pointed the gun point blank at his forehead and shot him dead. He then removed the silencer, wiped his prints off the gun and placed the gun in Valkovich’s right hand to make it look like suicide. After forcing Valkovich’s trigger finger to fire the gun once more in order to satisfy the forensic specialists, he then walked out of the storage room and mumbled: “No worry, mate. You have taken your secret with you.”

Ekbar then proceeded back to his office to finish his cigar, thinking: “Okay Ga. What is your next move? Looks like you will have to come to me instead.”

After several minutes of tense waiting in Valkovich’s office, Ga turned to’Ifafi. “Go see if Ulrich can locate them and …”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ulrich burst into the room. “Valkovich is dead. I tracked him and Ekbar into a small room off a maintenance and supply corridor on level 4. After about five minutes his chip sent an automatic termination signal consistent with someone who was dead.”

“And Ekbar?” Ga asked.

“That’s just it, he left the room, and it appeared as though he was headed back to directorate operations, but the signal just faded out and completely disappeared. I checked and double- checked the sensor net – there was no malfunction.”

“What the bloody hell?” ‘Ifafi exclaimed.

“There can be only one answer.” Ga replied, “But the ramifications are terrifying. Ulrich, go back and check the logs. Where was Ekbar when we picked up that signal on Zeta level?”

“I already did, Ga. I had the same thought. There is no record of Ekbar anywhere in the facility at the time we detected that signal.”

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Laila.

“Just the opposite, I think my dear.” Ga stated flatly.

“Ga, do you really think Ekbar is … Niall?” ‘Ifafi asked.

“Right now, it is the only ’inescapable’ conclusion. This means we must move quickly. We must get Laila out of here; she is human and mortal. We can no longer protect her, but I want Ekbar – Niall – or whoever the hell he is to think that she is still here. Ulrich, is there any way out of here without passing through any security checkpoints?”

“It is difficult, but there are maintenance hatches that lead directly to the central core. They are locked, but I can override the locks remotely. And anyone using that route will have to climb the ladders all the way to flight operations on level one.”

“If one needs ladders.” Ga replied with a small grin. “Lugh, you and ‘Ifafi will get a chance to stretch your wings after all. Take Laila to level one. Put her on the next train to either the Cheyenne Mountain or Shasta facilities. From there we will get her to a Celestial City for debriefing and possibly even obtain some DNA samples of our quarry. Retrieve her tracking device and communication transponder. Lugh you will also take ‘Ifafi’s tracker and com device and lead our friends on a wild goose chase long enough for ‘Ifafi to get back to our communications room undetected in order to send an emergency signal, and retrieve some items from our quarters, say twenty minutes, then come directly back here. Both of you and Ulrich get together now and plan emergency escape routes. I fear our friend will seal off surface access shortly. He expects me to come looking for him, I must lure him here.”

“Understood,” ‘Ifafi and Lugh stated simultaneously.

“’Ifafi, you know what I especially want from our quarters?”

‘Ifafi chuckled, “Yes, an angelic warrior never leaves home without it.”

“Good. And the emergency code you must send is ‘Enoch 53:6’.”

“I understand.”

“At that distance, with all the negative energy in this place, I will only be able to send you brief thoughts or images.” ‘Ifafi stated as he was preparing to leave.

“I have thought of that,” Ga replied as he reached into his bag that was still slung over his shoulder. He withdrew his hand to reveal three small reddish spheres.

“Are those what I think they are?” ‘Ifafi asked. “Yes, psychic amplifiers.”

“What might that be?” Laila asked.

“That’s Grey technology. They use it to amplify their telepathic and in some cases, telekinetic abilities, depending on the psychic abilities of the user,” Ulrich explained. “But … I’ve never heard of one working for humans or even incarnated angels.”

“Hopefully neither has anyone else. These are ‘modified’ for our use. Take one, concentrate on any thought or memory that stirs your strongest emotions, positive or negative. Love or hate, anger or fear, it does not matter as long as it is intense emotion.”

Lugh and ‘Ifafi did as requested. As they began to concentrate, the small spheres began to glow brightly in their hands and then faded. “There, they are activated as to each of us, and only for us. Keep them with you and close to your bodies.” Lugh pulled out a small pouch he wore around his neck and placed the sphere in it and replaced the pouch inside his blouse. ‘Ifafi did likewise, placing his sphere in a small pouch inside his tunic which he then buttoned securely.

“Adonai and good fortunes Laila. Your services have been valuable. We likely would not have smoked this fraud out so quickly had it not been for your sacrifice. He got bold and cocky, and he has now made a fatal mistake. Be well, and we will see you soon.”

“Adonai, Ga. My thoughts will be with you all. I wish you a quick success.” Laila hugged Ga one last time before turning to leave with the remaining team members. As they were leaving, a very excited young Lieutenant entered the room with two security guards and a prisoner in tow. ‘Ifafi turned quickly to see if he should remain. A determined Ga waved him on.

“Ah, Lieutenant, I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name last time we were in this office, umm you left rather quickly.”

“Lieutenant Ramirez, sir. This man was detained in the same area where your colleague was so brutally assaulted. He was carrying this.”

With that, one of the guards handed over a sheathed dagger. The handle appeared to be ivory and very old, inlaid with silver with some very elaborate carvings which appeared to be of ancient Arabic derivation. Ga took the dagger from the guard and pulled it from it’s sheath. On the long sharp blade there were obvious traces of fresh blood. Ga’s own blood began to boil as he looked at the prisoner. “What is your name? Why do you look familiar?”

“He is not speaking, sir. We know him as Wendell. He has been involved in some recent skirmishes.” Ramirez responded. “He is also the one that made that announcement about the One coming in three days, Sir.”

“Wendell, ah yes, our team met you yesterday. Not speaking, eh?” Ga stated angrily as he let his cloak and bag drop to the floor. He began to stare intently into the prisoner’s eyes, as he did so his wings began to stretch until they were fully erect.

“¡ Dios mio, ayudame por favor !” exclaimed Ramirez. One of the guards turned and ran out of the room, and the other fell to his knees.

Wendell began to shake visibly. “Tell me who ordered this!” Ga commanded, staring angrily into the prisoner’s eyes.

Wendell maintained his silence. Ga reached out and grabbed him by the neck with one hand and lifted the terrified prisoner several inches off the floor. “You will speak to me, or die here and now.” Wendell was still shaking, and beginning to turn blue before he tried to nod. Ga lowered him to the floor. “Now speak. Who ordered this assassination? And who told you to make that announcement about the One?”

“The tall one! The doctor!” Wendell screamed, and fell to the floor.

“Lieutenant, go to that terminal and pull up the personnel photo of Jon Ekbar posted with the directorate!” Ga ordered.

The lieutenant immediately did as ordered and turned the monitor towards them. “Is this the man?” Ga demanded.

“Yes, yes. That’s him, and now I shall surely die as well.” Wendell cried, now a weeping heap on the floor.

“Perhaps, but not by my hand today.” Ga replied.

“Lieutenant, who is next in command here after Valkovich?”

“I am, your Majesty.”

“Please, I am no deity, nor am I royalty. Sir, or just plain Ga will do nicely.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Well, Lieutenant, Valkovich is dead. He was murdered by Ekbar. Ekbar is truly ’the One’ we have been seeking. I will be trying to lure Ekbar, known to us as Niall, here shortly. You are in command of security here now. My colleague Ulrich will continue to require access to the computers and all systems your people can help him access.”

“Yes sir. I understand, I am yours to command Sir. You are a holy one. I never truly believed your kind really existed. I had heard. I thought it was legend. There are so many stories on the net.”

“I am very real, Lieutenant, and so is the threat we face. No one can be trusted. His minions are everywhere here. Take that one away and lock him in your most secure cell, and then return here. Be sure he is most uncomfortable. He should be completely shackled. I also want you to find out how many emergency breathing devices and gas masks are available on each level. Do this quietly.”

After they left, Ga went to the room Ulrich had commandeered as an office. He was busily studying a terminal monitor, tracking the progress of the others. “Ulrich, I don’t want to distract you too much, but we need to quickly come up with a strategy here while the others are carrying out their given missions.”

“Yes, I do not see any immediate danger here, they seem to be progressing without detection. I shut down all the security sensors inside the central core. There weren’t many as no one but maintenance personnel are supposed to be in there anyway. All of the maintenance access codes are on a different protocol with many overrides, an apparent security flaw in the system which has occurred over time due to a number of patches to the systems.”

“Excellent. We can use that to our advantage later. Now, let’s assume that Niall’s goal was to control these levels. My guess is that he can do it by threat of force. The most obvious would be his ability to kill indiscriminately. Remember, the power to control a thing, lies in the ability to destroy a thing. We also know that he has spent some time on Zeta level and at least once was distracted enough to drop his ‘cloak’ of invisibility to the sensors. We also know what is down there. I am also assuming that he does not intend to destroy the reactor or the facility completely. That leaves the chemical and biological weapons.”

“The most effective would be the nerve gas. There is some Sarin down there, More than enough to kill the existing population down here, but it is not nearly as efficient as the VX gases. Most of those were developed by the U.S. and Russia in the 1950’s. Less than 10mg is lethal within five to ten minutes – instantly, if it comes into contact with the skin.”

“Those ‘sprinkler’ outlets still visible in the roof of the main corridors outside. Are they still serviceable?”

“Probably so. The piping for them goes down the central core directly to Zeta level.” Ulrich replied.

“Where are the controls for those systems?”

“Well, there are manual valves in the central core as a safety precaution, but the valves and systems are controlled electronically from a control room on Zeta level, and there is also an auxiliary control center on Epsilon level that can probably be rigged to override Zeta level. I doubt even the directorate knows that. I stumbled onto it by accident while I was reviewing historical blueprints. Apparently Epsilon level was originally designed to be the Ops center, but that was abandoned after the Intervention and the new ops center where our quarters now are was then built, but it is still there and the computer says it can be re-activated.”

“Ulrich! I knew there was a reason I needed you!” Ga said smiling.

“But why, Ga? Why kill everyone here? What is the goal?”

“The original plan of the NWO, the Illuminati, and other such organizations, my dear friend. There is a huge store here of many other biological weapons they need badly to carry out their original plan of human domination by extermination of a sufficient number of humans in order to maintain control of not only population, but of eugenics. There are viruses like Ebola and HIV that can be engineered only to infect persons with specific genetic codes. There are many other biological agents stored here needed for that plan. Madmen like Niall have subscribed to those ideas for many years. It was Hitler’s ideal, now with the tools and alien technology to make it reality. Now, we must make Niall come to us.”

Both men were quite pensive for a few seconds before Ulrich said: “I sense a checkmate, Sir.”

“Yes,” replied Ga. “But for whom? We have taken his knight and removed his Queen. I figure that Antonin is his bishop … and I am about to call in a favor to take place in Arkhangelsk.”

“Sir,” said Ulrich quizzically. “There is one thing …”

“Yes, Ulrich?” said Ga.

“What did you ask ‘Ifafi to fetch?” asked Ulrich with slight embarassment at his curiosity.

Ga laughed and replied: “Why, my sword – of course. My sword.”



Antonin was just about to log onto the chat room when he saw a dark shadow flutter past his living room window. Seconds later there was a pounding on the door to his apartment. “Must be that crazy bitch below me again. I wonder what she wants now?” Antonin opened the door just a crack, saying “Да??! What is it?!!”

The door was pushed open with great force and three huge angels forced their way into the apartment, two of the them throwing Antonin down onto the old and tattered sofa in a rough fashion.

“Whoah!” says Antonin. “What is this? Is it the Angel of Death, or just Halloween come early?”

“You should be so lucky,” replied the third angel dressed in a black cloak, who suddenly took down the hood obscuring his face to reveal his identity.

Antonin gasped: “Goddamn! Lysiel! Oh shit! What do you want from me?” Antonin was clearly upset at seeing his old rival. Their last showdown had been near the border of Norway and Russia, shortly before the Intervention. It was a bloody affair. The NWO had lost several men and Lysiel’s forces also reported some humanoid casualties, including Lysiel’s young protége “Kristian”. Lysiel vowed revenge at the time, but Antonin was soon afterwards re-located to Damascus, where he served a short while before returning to Arkhangelsk.

“I told you that I would some day settle our score, Antonin,” replied Lysiel. Lysiel had now taken off his cloak and stood before Antonin in full glory. He was an impressive looking man with the light hair, caramel-colored skin, slanted eyes, classic Lyrian nose and chin, and sparkling amethyst-colored eyes that literally glowed. His plumage was stunning: gorgeous feathers in hues of white, golden brown, soft grey and cerulean blue. It all made Lysiel glow with fabulous light, and thus his nickname “the Bright One”. “You see, I received a call from an old colleague – actually someone we both know – Ga.”

Antonin looked even more uncomfortable, but said: “Yeah, that boring ostrich in Transforma”.

“Well it seems that you have been a very bad boy again Antonin, and the Federation has decided that you are to be sent away. Of course, I would much rather just exterminate you myself – right here and now, but someone wants to make an example of you.”

“Send me where?” demanded Antonin. “To Siberia … China? Been there, done that … boring!”

“No, I am not talking about a vacation dear comrade. You will be sent to a ‘re-education and rehabilitation camp’ on Zeta Reticuli. I understand that some of your former buddies from there are ecstatic at the prospect of meeting up with you again.”

“No fucking way!” screamed Antonin. “Those smelly traitors will never get their claws into me – do you hear me? NEVER!” Antonin began to jump up from the sofa but was held down by the two angels that had accompanied Lysiel.

“Relax now, my friend! I understand that the facilities there are quite ‘state-of-the-art’. Isn’t that how you used to refer to the NWO’s internment camps here in Vrebatima? I assure you that there is no better re-education and rehabilitation than a taste of one’s own medicine. You know – of course – that some religious groups on this planet once thought that prisons and camps were good for the soul in that they give the prisoner time to reflect upon himself and God. You will get plenty of time for reflection.”

“Never … I tell you, NEVER!” screamed an agitated Antonin, causing the two angels to restrain him even more. “So you get your revenge, Lysiel. But what does this have to do with Ga?”

“Ahh …” replied Lysiel. “It would seem that you are Niall’s ‘bishop’ and in order to secure a checkmate, you must be eliminated from the game. Your contact with Niall must be cut off.”

“Contact with Niall?” yelled Antonin. “I have no direct contact with Niall. I am in contact with my superiors and with an agent at the Denver facility where Ga currently is. Ahhh! Has that weasel given me up?”

“Which weasel are you referring to?” asked Lysiel. “Would you be referring to the weasel named Ekbar or your colleague in South America?”

Now Antonin was really confused. He had until now assumed that it was Ilya that had compromised him. He figured that that was how Ulrich had originally stumbled onto the chat room – through an anonymous tip from Ilya. But now he was feeling paranoid about Ekbar too.

“No,” he replied. “I am not buying it. Look I know that my communications with Ekbar have been monitored but Ekbar would never give up my location to you. Not even under torture. Besides, he does not even know where I am in Arkhangelsk … and we have never met. This is a set-up. Are you playing ‘good angel – bad angel’ all by yourself, Lysiel?”

Lysiel smiled and explained: “Ekbar IS Niall, Antonin. Did you really not know this? Sheesh … the NWO really does operate on a strictly need to know basis at all levels. And the Federation has known of your whereabouts the whole time. We could have picked you up at any time. And do not be too hard on Ilya. He also received a visit from a couple of emissaries from the Federation. In fact, shortly after his last conversation with you. You were compromised already then.”

“Niall is Ekbar?” replied Antonin in disbelief. “Does Niall – errr Ekbar – know that his identity has been made? Oh shit! The entire operation is …”

“Precisely …” replied Lysiel with great pleasure. “The entire operation is about to come to a grand finale. Such a pity that you will not be around to witness it. But I do understand that the weather on Zeta Reticuli is marvelous this time of year. However, funny thing about compromises. They are like links in a chain; one weak link weakens the next. And now it is time for YOU to compromise Ekbar, Antonin. Take him over to the computer boyz!”

The two angelic musclemen grabbed Antonin and slammed him down onto the office chair before the laptop computer.

“Now,” said Lysiel. “You shall log onto the chat room and tell Ekbar that you have an important message to deliver, and that your orders are to deliver it personally. You are already en route and will meet him in the Denver Airport facility lobby at 1900 hours. You will conclude the message with ‘Gotta run. BE THERE!’”

“No way …” protested Antonin, but the two angels would not have any resistance. They forced Antonin to log on, and when he began to type Lysiel gave the two angels orders to remove him. Then Lysiel took over typing the communication – exactly as he had dictated to Antonin.

Antonin screamed: “I feel sick. I have to throw up.” He ran towards the bathroom and slammed the door shut. The two angels started to run after him, but Lysiel stopped them saying: “Let him be. He is not going anywhere.”

Minutes later Lysiel said: “It has been quiet in there all too long. Go see what he is up to.”

The two angels broke down the door and stormed in, but there was no Antonin in sight. The small window above the bathtub was open and the cold wind was blowing inwards. One of the angels peered outside the window and reported: “The coward has jumped. He is dead.”

Lysiel ran downstairs from the tenth floor apartment to see for himself. “Well, so much for his vacation on Zeta Reticuli … but I have accomplished my mission, and settled an old score.” He then sent a communication to Ga telling him that all systems are “go” for the action at 1900 hours.

Meanwhile back at the facility, Ga and Ulrich were awaiting the return of ‘Ifafi and Lugh. They knew that Ekbar was probably setting up some trap for them if they stormed his office – probably a bomb or something, they figured. Ga hoped to set up Ekbar instead with this little ploy. Ga could not wait to challenge Ekbar on his “British” accent, on his limp that seemed more pronounced when he was out of Ga’s sight … and on his reported “tallness” – he must use elevator shoes, thought Ga. And he was particularly curious about the relationship between Ekbar and Wendell. Wendell seemed to know nothing about Niall’s real identity but nonetheless willingly carried out orders from Ekbar.

Meanwhile, back on Alpha level, Ga and Ulrich are still awaiting the return of Lugh and ‘Ifafi, continuing to make contingency plans, and scouring the computer and security systems for more flaws and weaknesses.

“Ga, I am picking up signals from the ID devices on Alpha level. Lugh must have returned.”

“Good, then Niall must assume that we are all here.” Ga then closed his eyes to send a mental message to ‘Ifafi. “Lugh has returned, do you have my sword?”

“Yes, my love. I am on my way back to a central core access and then back to you.”

“No. Go back up to the Central Dome. Mingle around, and make sure you are clearly seen on the video monitors. I will give you an escape route back here that will bypass the security gates. Wait for my signal.”

“I understand and I am on my way.”

With that acknowledgment, Ga sent ‘Ifafi a mental image of the security monitor he was viewing at that moment. It showed a secluded maintenance hatch that led directly back to the central core. A hatch which Ulrich had already unlocked remotely.

At about that time, Lugh walked into the security offices. “Did you have any trouble with Laila?” Ga asked.

“Oh, no. There was a maglev train departing for Cheyenne Mountain in five minutes. “’Ifafi managed to get her aboard quietly and safely using our federation ID. She is on her way and halfway there by now. While he was doing that, I hit every security checkpoint on the main level so they would think we were all up there. I’m sure they are pouring over the videos trying to figure out why I am the only one visible. It won’t take them long to figure that one out.”

“Excellent, I am counting on it.” Ga replied. “I am trying to bait a trap for our friend. Lugh, I want you to grab a rifle, take a security officer, and go back to the Central Core access and stand by. I may need you to assist ‘Ifafi up in the Central Dome on a second’s notice. Leave those tracking and communication devices here. Here’s an access hatch that Ulrich has already unlocked,” Ga said pointing it out on the monitor. “Also, Ulrich and I may relocate to a control room here down on Epsilon level,” Ga said pointing to another monitor Ulrich had been using.

“Will do. But I gotta tell you, down is no problem, but winging straight up that shaft is a bitch. There’s very little extra room to maneuver. Give me as much notice as you can.”

Mentally picturing the scene of Lugh and ‘Ifafi ascending that shaft in full wing made Ga chuckle. “Believe me, I will give you every second I can.”

In his somewhat Spartan but immaculate office in the directorate’s suite, Ekbar was studying several monitors in an array on the wall behind his desk. His bony fingers clutching the wireless remote device that controlled all of them.

What the hell are they up to? I knew I should have forced the Prefect to implant tracking chips in those fuckers before they set foot in this facility. One minute they are all on Alpha level … then suddenly three signals appear in the domes, but only one visible. That damned Lugh! I should have had him killed too. Now, almost instantly, all five signals are back on Alpha level, but now I see ‘Ifafi in the Central Dome … just casually strolling around in that damned cape. How are they moving about so quickly and freely between levels without going through the security checks? They must be using those supply lifts on the perimeter, but the security logs and videos say “no.” It is of no consequence. I know they are baiting me. Well, it’s time for me to give them a little surprise of my own. I must initiate the plan ahead of schedule, and destroy these fuckers once and for all.

With that final thought, he turned back to his desk and punched a keypad on the integrated console, keying in a special code. He then slowly and distinctly spoke to the computer microphone, “Open the cage.”

Within seconds, the small monitor on his desk flickered with dozens of coded acknowledgments of his message, except… where was Antonin’s signal? Ekbar then logged into the chat room and read Antonin’s cryptic message. “Hmmm … 1900 hours, you say! This could be a set-up. It does not sound like Antonin … and he must have sent this while en route to here as it is almost 1900 hours now.”

“Something’s happening.” Ulrich reported.

“What is it?” Ga responded.

“I have been trying to isolate Ekbar’s office terminal and codes. A short coded flash message was sent from his terminal to multiple terminals here at the facility and then through the net to virtually everywhere in the world. That same terminal is receiving hits now from… from everywhere.”

“The message that was sent, what was it?”

“I haven’t been able to break his encryption, it must be at least 512 bit encryption, but whatever it was was short, probably four or five words, maybe less, could be an alpha numeric code as well.”

“I believe he has pulled the trigger early. Whatever his plan, I think we are about to see it.” Ga replied solemnly. “Keep trying to break through that encryption. Try ‘cage’ as one of the words in the message.”

“Will do, programming now. Oops. He’s moving, and I’m actually picking up both his facility chip and the NSA signal.” Ulrich stated excitedly as he turned to the second monitor in front of him.

“He wants us to see him. He knows we’re in the system.”

“He’s heading to the facility operations center on level two, Okay, I’ve lost that damn NSA chip again but I still have the other one. He’s in the operations center.”

As Ga and Ulrich continued to watch the monitors for several minutes, someone alerted them to the constantly playing news and entertainment video monitor that was out in the lobby of the security building they had been using. Ga turned his attention to the screen and saw an image of Ekbar seated behind a desk. He heard someone outside yell: “It’s The One!”

At that moment Ga got a mental message from ‘Ifafi and Lugh simultaneously. “Ga, are you seeing this? He’s on every entertainment and announcement monitor.”

“Yes, supposedly he is in the ops center on Level II. Stand-by.”

Then, in the same Mayan dialect that Ga, Sara, and Ulrich had heard earlier, Ekbar/Niall began to speak: “Greetings to all my people of the Truth. Our time has come now. Our cages have been opened. We shall all be set free.”

At that point, a few bars of some eerie synthesized music that even Ga could not recognize as familiar began to play from everywhere. As it faded, Niall began to speak again. This time in English.

“My friends, our cages have indeed been opened. I am forced to come to you earlier than planned because our enemies are afoot. The enemies of the truth that seek to destroy me and our victory have arrived. They are here among us at the Denver facility, but I do not fear them. Soon, you will see me moving freely amongst you in order to spite them. Do not fear, our complete victory is at hand. These traitors will be identified to you so you can seek them out and destroy them.” The picture then faded to black.

“Ga, he is leaving the ops center. No, wait. What the hell? I am picking up several signals identical to Niall’s – most of them on Level II.” Ulrich reported excitedly.

“Follow the one that was in ops – and keep trying to isolate that NSA signal!” Ga replied.

“I’ll try, but it’s like a damned shell game. They are weaving and mixing. Looks like at least three are headed to the Central Dome. Several more are headed toward the tunnels access.”

“Lugh, go to ‘Ifafi now. Niall may be headed there.” Ga broadcasted telepathically to both Lugh and ‘Ifafi in a mere second.

“Lieutenant Ramirez, I need you NOW!” Ga commanded into the security intercom. In seconds Ramirez appeared. “Lieutenant, I assume you know that my team is the one this bastard is calling his ‘enemies’.” Ga stated flatly.

“Yes sir, I had assumed as much.”

“Tell me what you think of this man.”

“In the past few months, I have seen many people, some of them friends of mine, turning to follow this cultish figure known only as ‘The One’.

We knew they spoke this strange tongue, but I had never seen an image of him until today, though many of them have. Captain Valkovich, other security forces members down here, and I had been trying for months to penetrate them, but they knew us too well. But I am sure he has followers in the security forces that have been giving him or them or whomever is behind this, a lot of intel for months.”

“I had assumed as much.” Ga replied. “I will have to trust you implicitly Lieutenant. I need you and two of your most trusted officers to escort Ulrich safely to Epsilon Level and help set up whatever he needs, and secure an area down there as per his instructions.”

“Yes Sir, immediately Sir.” The lieutenant replied. “I also need you to give me sufficient arms and some trusted people to secure this building. Everyone else stays outside in the main caverns and corridors till whatever this is that is coming is over. Give all of your trusted people the breathing apparatuses I had requested. You and your team should have them as well. You should know Lieutenant that I suspect that these people have been subliminally brainwashed, possibly some given a form of post-hypnotic suggestion. They may be quite irrational.”

“Ga, I am now picking up at least three, maybe four of these identical Ekbar signals in the central dome.” Ulrich interrupted. “At least six more appear to be in the tunnels heading this way. There were more. Those I can’t account for right now.”

“Ulrich, gather up whatever you need here, and go with the Lieutenant to Epsilon level. We shall meet you there as soon as possible. Damn. We need a way to communicate securely.”

“Done.” Ulrich replied smiling. “I walled off a net link channel in the computer system and tied it into these.” He pulled two small devices resembling what Ga remembered as memory sticks or flash drives as they used to be called and a couple of small earplugs. “As long as the computers are up, they will work. I thought they may be handy. I have enough for all of us, but apparently you, Lugh, and ‘Ifafi have something more efficient.” He said with a chuckle. “These things have a built-in encryption that God himself couldn’t break. The tiny crystal power packs are the only limitation. They are good for about 10 hours on a charge.”

“Excellent.” Ga said smiling. “That will be more than good enough I think. Again, leave your other communications and the tracking device Ekbar gave us here with the others. No sense making ourselves that easy to find.”

The Lieutenant came back into the room flanked by three other officers. “Sir, this is Sergeant McConnell. He’s been down here longer than anyone, and knows this place like the back of his hand. He also knows who here can be trusted. He was Valkovich’s and my right hand as well as the eyes and ears in this place. He will stay with you. Officers Johnson and Powell here will go with us down to Epsilon. I have at least two friends down there I know we can trust.”

“Well done. By the way, where is that dagger you took from that swine assassin?”

“It is locked in the cabinet in Valkovich’s office. The digital combination is under the desk-pad on his desk.”

“Very well, move quickly Lieutenant. I don’t think there’s much time.” And with that, the Lieutenant, the two heavily armed officers, and Ulrich left. Ulrich was still busily watching a small monitor on a handheld device.”

“Ga, I spotted Niall! He’s here in the Central Dome!” ‘Ifafi’s mental message was almost a scream in Ga’s head. Ga looked at his timepiece. It was two minutes to 1900 hours. The plan was working.

“Easy love, don’t get too excited, you’re screaming in my head.”

“I’ve spotted him too, near the main security entrance to the tunnels.” Lugh interjected.

“No, he’s over here by the refreshment center where we all met up that first day!” ‘Ifafi argued.

The earpiece in Ga’s ear that Ulrich had given him popped to life with a soft buzz. “Ga, three of those ‘Ekbar’ signals have stopped at Alpha level. Three are continuing down further into the tunnels. I still haven’t been able to detect the NSA chip again.”

Ga looked up at the security video monitors that were focused on the entrances to Alpha level from the tunnels and saw three separate Ekbars emerge from all three entrances.

“Thanks Ulrich, looks like we are besieged by Ekbar doppelgangers. Be careful and avoid any contact. You must get to Epsilon level and set our traps.”

Ga turned to the Sergeant and stated, “Sergeant call up four armed men you can trust and meet me in front of this building in five minutes.”

“Yes, sir,” The sergeant replied.

Less than five minutes later, Ga, after having instructed Lugh and ‘Ifafi to stalk each of the Ekbars they had spotted and to take them at the first opportunity with least risk to themselves and others, was meeting with the officers the Sergeant had mustered.

“Apparently this man calling himself ‘The One’ is anything but one. We have spotted what appear to be multiple copies of this man. There are at least three of them on this level all with identical ID chip signals. Your hand-held security trackers have Ekbar’s signal programmed into memory. Use them to track each one. We will divide into teams. Sergeant you are with me. Apprehend the man if possible, kill if necessary. Wait for an opportunity posing the least risk to yourselves and presumed innocents.”

With that, the teams disbursed. It wasn’t long before Ga and the Sergeant spotted their quarry. He appeared to be alone and apparently unconcerned for his safety. He almost appeared to be acting like a celebrity or politician stopping every so often to attract small groups of admirers. Finally, after leaving one small group, he headed into a relatively un-crowded area of the main corridor. Ga figuring this was his best opportunity to confront Niall, or whoever this was, called out. “Ekbar, Niall, or whoever you are, stop and surrender.”

The man turned and pointed. “You, you are the leader of my enemies here. You will fail. The cages have been opened.” With that, several in the crowd started to advance toward Ga and the Sergeant carrying bottles or anything else that might be used as a weapon.

With that, the sergeant fired off three rounds of crowd dispersal gas canisters from the cannon integrated in his riot rifle. Some of the crowd began to disperse, others continued to advance. The sergeant fired warning shots at the feet of the persistent ones. Most fled, two or three continued to advance. 

“Shoot to wound them only. I will take out this Ekbar.” Ga instructed.

Ga shed his cloak and stretched his wings, in just seconds he was circling above his quarry. He grabbed the dagger he had retrieved from Valkovich’s office, and threw it, intending it to go into the man’s leg. At the last second, the man turned and ducked, and the dagger penetrated the center of the man’s back. Ga descended and fanned away the gas and smoke with his wings and knelt beside the body and turned it over. He noticed a faint line at the man’s neck. It was a mask! He peeled it away. The Sergeant came running up and exclaimed. “Oh my God! That’s the Prefect!”

Simultaneously, in the Central Dome, ‘Ifafi and Lugh were stalking their respective Ekbars …


ACT 10: “Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us!” Hamlet Act I sc. 4

“Lugh, work your way towards me, this one seems to be following me, and has at least one guard with him.”

“On my way, ‘Ifafi. Same here. I think we need to be in as open a space as possible – towards the center of the dome.”

“Agreed. On my way.”

As the pair converged towards the center of the dome, ‘Ifafi grasped the handle of Ga’s sword which was still sheathed, and loosened the tie of his cloak. As soon as they were within eye contact of each other, both ‘Ifafi and Lugh turned towards their adversaries which were advancing a few yards behind them.

Addressing them with all the authority of his angelic presence, ‘Ifafi stated “I don’t know who you really are, or what this little masquerade game is all about, but it will soon be over. We will find the real Niall and this charade will end.”

“No, it is over for you.” The Ekbar double closest to ‘Ifafi responded as he pulled out a gun.

‘Ifafi shucked his cloak and drew Ga’s sword simultaneously. A shot rang out, but was deflected by a lightening fast swing of the sword, as ‘Ifafi took wing towards his adversary faster than Lugh had ever seen any angel move, and with another fierce swing of the sword, the head of the fake Ekbar/Niall was rolling on the floor. The other Ekbar and his companion began to flee, as had anyone else within view. Lugh took flight giving chase, but the elusive doppelganger apparently also had an escape route planned as he disappeared into a hidden panel behind an information kiosk.

“I’ve lost him, dammit.” Lugh transmitted to ‘Ifafi.

“Let him go, I just got a mental image from Ga, we are needed below. Meet me back here. This poor bastard was just wearing a mask.”

By the time Lugh got back to ‘Ifafi, a small crowd of bold, but curious onlookers were beginning to advance as were a number of security force members. “We have to leave, now.” Ifafi said to Lugh who was looking at the unmasked dismembered head lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

“’Ifafi, remind me not to piss you off.”

“Yeah, that was a bit messy wasn’t it.” ‘Ifafi half- chuckled as the pair quickly made their way to their well-planned exit.

Back on Alpha Level, upon realizing the enormity of the conspiracy upon seeing the body of the Prefect laying before him, Ga had paused to send the image to ‘Ifafi.

Turning back to the Sergeant, Ga stated “I must return to our headquarters. Join your men. If you can apprehend one of these fake Ekbars, then do so, I have many questions. If you must wound one to do it, so be it. There has been enough killing here today, but the one we seek is not here. This has been a distraction, a ploy. I will not take a life without reason. Beware, they will have many allies and accomplices, even among the security forces. It is likely they will attempt to lead you into a trap. Keep them out in the open if possible, but they seek me, and my team. I will not be made the fool.”

“Yes sir”, replied the Sergeant.

Grasping the dagger from the body of the Prefect, Ga wiped the blade on the tunic of the body, and returned the weapon to his belt. He then grasped the small device Ulrich had given him as he turned to return to the security offices. “Ulrich, it is more critical than ever that you get to Epsilon Level and make your preparations. We need to immediately shut down all outside access to the facility. No one must leave, and no one must enter. He is still here, and I must make sure he stays here.”

“You’re correct that he is here, Ga, I picked up a faint signal from the NSA chip just a second ago. It appeared to be inside the tunnels, but it was too weak and to brief to get an accurate fix. I have picked up no less than twenty of these fakes though, all throughout the facility. Who the hell are they?”

“They are part of a deception, but also an elaborate plan to distract and ensnare us. One of them was no less than the Prefect himself. His body lies in the main corridor of Alpha level, near the entrance. They are wearing masks.”

“Holy shit! If the Prefect is involved, anyone can be suspect.”

“Exactly. Now you see why your mission is so critical. Do not fail me, Ulrich. All rides on your success now.”

“I shall make all possible haste, Ga. I will not fail.”

“Thank you, Ulrich. Keep me posted.”

Within minutes, ‘Ifafi and Lugh had returned to Alpha Level, and rejoined Ga at their makeshift headquarters in the security offices.

‘Ifafi looked around and asked, “Where’s Ulrich?”

“He’s on his way with the Lieutenant and two other trusted officers to Epsilon Level to hopefully set both our trap and our failsafe.”

“Good. What the hell are all these Niall/Ekbar look-alikes all about?”

“Obviously, it was Niall’s plan to distract and ensnare us down here, but there must be some other motive to it as well that I haven’t quite figured out yet. It is way too elaborate to be just a hoax, and way too transparent to be just a trap for us. Right now, I am assuming that is also a way to mask his own escape from this facility. He wants us to be chasing ghosts, so to speak, while he carries out whatever plans he has. I refuse to play his game!” Ga replied as sternly and angrily as ‘Ifafi had ever seen him.

“So what exactly is your plan?” Lugh asked.

“Ulrich discovered that the original plans for this facility, before the intervention changed everything, was to have the central operations center housed in a rather secure area on Epsilon Level. After the intervention, the newer facilities where our quarters were, were constructed. However, they left the original ops center abandoned, but still fully functional – as some sort of back-up, apparently. Ulrich believes he can bypass both the new ops center on level II and take control of all the environmental systems and other systems housed down on Zeta level as well. That is if Niall has been careless enough to overlook the old ops center and hasn’t done any major redesigns of the old systems that were down there. At the very least, we should be able to seal off the entire facility so that no one can enter or leave.”

“Ah, so whatever he has planned, you intend to trap him here with us.” ‘Ifafi replied.

“Exactly. He will have to come to us.”

“There are only three of us. Ulrich will be totally absorbed in his duties.” Lugh interjected.

“I am aware that we are spreading ourselves thin. We have a few members of the security forces. You haven’t met my new friend, the Sergeant. I believe he knows this place as well as anyone, and was loyal in my brief battle with the Prefect. I believe I have a way to tilt the odds a bit more in our favor as well. We will address that shortly, and I shall need your help. Which brings me to your escapade in the dome, ‘Ifafi.”

‘Ifafi seemed to almost blush. Lugh had never seen quite that reaction in an Angel. “Ga, if it’s about your sword, it wasn’t damaged. I just reacted. It was all I had.”

“It’s not about the sword, I’m glad it defended you well. However, I must give you both a few lessons in subtlety. Flying around the central dome in full few of literally thousands of humans and aliens is not exactly keeping a low profile.”

At just that moment, the device in Ga’s ear buzzed again lightly. “Yes, Ulrich. Speak.”

“I’m on Epsilon Level, but it wasn’t without incident. We were attacked by one of the Ekbar clones or whatever you want to call them and his entourage. The Lieutenant is dead. I was grazed by a stray shot. The other two security guards with me managed to kill the two guards with him, and wound the fake Ekbar, but he escaped.”

“Are you certain it was one of the fakes?” Ga asked.

“Yes, at that distance, and with whatever he is using to cloak the signal, I would have been able to pick up at least some trace of the NSA chip.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, just a slight flesh wound. Looks far worse than it really is.”

“Very well. We shall join you as soon as we can. Start your operation as quickly as you are able.”

“We must hurry now. Ulrich may have been detected and I don’t want to give Niall a chance to figure out what we are up to. I just wish I knew what his scheme is.” Ga stated flatly to ‘Ifafi and Lugh.

Deep below, now on Zeta Level, the real Ekbar/Niall was moving forward with his plan. He had managed to have constructed, under the prefect’s forged authority, a rather elaborate bunker, apartment, and suite of offices. He summoned his closest accomplice, a young human, who had been the Prefect’s Aide de Camp, Arthur Kent. Arthur, only twenty-three years of age, was descended from old British royal bloodlines and very much acted the part – always very formal, and his education and training very evident.

“Yes sir, you called?” the young man responded as he opened the door to Niall’s private office.

“Yes, how is our plan proceeding?”

“I’m sorry to report, sir, that the Prefect is dead. He was killed on Alpha level by Ga. ‘Ifafi and Lugh managed to escape the dome after killing an operative there. Ulrich was spotted in the tunnels somewhere near the entrance to Delta Level, but managed to elude our operative there, but was apparently wounded in the battle. We presume that ‘Ifafi and Lugh have re-joined Ga by now, but we still have not figured out how they are moving so quickly and freely, or why Ulrich had gone deeper into the facility alone, save for his security escort.”

“Bloody incompetents, all of them, especially our esteemed Prefect. I should have killed that bastard myself and then Ga would have been dead by now. All of this masquerade business of his seemed ridiculously complex, but it may yet serve its purpose. Well, it is of no matter, Ga and his team will die if I have to kill everyone on Alpha and Beta levels to do it, which is precisely our next move. Have Wilhelm prepare to flood both levels with the nerve gas agent.”

“Yes sir, but don’t you want to try to get at least some of our operatives out first? Also, should I send another team to search for Ulrich?”

“That would be my first choice, Arthur, but I don’t want to do anything to tip my hand to these … these … abominations. They must die. Nothing must interfere with the master plan. Ulrich is of no consequence, we shall eliminate him later. Arthur, you are too young to understand, but this has taken years to prepare. Some sacrifices are necessary. Were it not for the Divine Intervention, and the meddling of this infernal Federation, this would have all happened in 2012. People like you and I have been chosen to rule this planet. We have been given an opportunity like none other in human history. We have spent generations controlling genetics to achieve a superior race, and with our technology, the messy business of pairings and breeding is no longer even necessary. The day of the eugenics wars has arrived, and we shall be the master race – the only race. It is the next step in evolution. First however, we must eliminate … well … the undesirables. The engineered viruses stockpiled here and in sister facilities in Archangelsk and Brazil will be released on what is now left of the population of this planet, and will spread globally within seventy-two hours. The irony of the plan is that the very vaccines given to most of the population over the past generation to fight various other engineered viruses such as certain strains of influenza, polio and even HIV, were specifically designed to actually break down other parts of the human immune system, making it one hundred percent vulnerable to the weapon we shall release soon, while we and others like us, who truly have nothing to fear from this little bug, just sit back and watch.”

“Yes sir, I truly do understand, but there is something I have always wondered about. Won’t there be a few undesirables who may not be affected – some that for whatever reason weren’t vaccinated?”

“Probably, but they will be so few as to be insignificant, and can be easily found and eliminated in other ways This facility, and the few others like it, will finally serve its original purpose. Now, though, back to the business at hand. How long to prepare the gas for Alpha and Beta Levels?”

“At least ten to twelve hours, sir. It will have to be done manually and carefully to ensure there are no leaks down here. All the safeguards are yet to be tested.”

“Very well. Well let’s get it ready, but I’ll signal you before we begin. Make all haste.”

Back on Alpha Level, Ulrich was calling again and had instructed Ga on how to put him on the speakers at the terminal he had been using, “I’m in, and I now have control of the computers down here. It looks like everything is just as I thought. I have also established a link to our com system back in our quarters. I have just gotten a communication from Lysiel. It appears that the Federation agents in Buenos Aires have good news. Chavez, the brain behind the anti-NWO militia movement in South America, has been captured. And secondly, Ilya (Antonin and Niall’s accomplice) has just broken down in an interrogation round and he has revealed some significant information about Niall.”

“Yeah?” replied Ga eagerly.

“It would seem that Ilya was the one who hypnotized Niall years ago when his microchip was first inserted.”

“Hypnotized?” exclaimed ‘Ifafi. “For what?!!”

“Well, apparently it was part of the indoctrination procedures back then. But the important thing for us to know is that Ilya gave Niall a hypnotic suggestion that would help him to control his microchip detection. The suggestion was in the form of a code word.”

“Yeah, well? Spit it out man!” said an agitated Ga.

“The code word is: ‘cage’, and every time Niall hears that word his microchip signal is disabled — essentially making him invisible.”

“Can Niall control this himself … and does he know about it?”

“Apparently, they think that the only ones that know the code word are Antonin and Ilya. And, by the way, that was the other news: Antonin is dead — he committed suicide before he could be transported to the rehabilitation facility on Zeta Reticuli. The threat of deportation was what got Ilya to crack under the last interrogation. It must be quite a nasty place if these NWO guys are so afraid of it,” said Ulrich.

“No nastier than the NWO-facilities right here on Terra,” said ‘Ifafi with a smirk. “Besides, I have it on good knowledge from Lysiel that we are closing in on the ‘Big R’s’, and that they also will soon be transported to rehabilitation centers. So it will soon be a ‘status symbol’ to become rehabilitated. Personally, I feel that those ruling NWO and Illuminati family members need to be tarred, feathered and run off this planet as soon as possible … I am not even certain that rehabilitation of them is possible!” They both sniggered, and ‘Ifafi continued: “But didn’t Niall use ‘the cages have been opened’ or something like that when all this started? I’m guessing he must know and be using it. Maybe Antonin told him the code word.”

“Let us hope not, and perhaps the phrase including the code word is Antonin’s idea of a ruse. Sounds like his sick sense of humor. Well, well … this explains Niall’s disappearances on our surveillance system, and it also gives us some leverage. We must be VERY CAREFUL not to use the word ‘cage’ around him … and also to cut him off every time we think he will use the word himself,” said Ga thoughtfully.

“Cut him off?” asked Ulrich.

“Yeah,” replied Ga. “ ‘Ifafi and I must try to read his consciousness and thought patterns in detail every time we are in communication with him in order to anticipate what he might say. It is a good thing that Antonin is gone and that Ilya is under control… But this is very good news, that Chavez has been finally caught. The Federation is fighting against both the NWO and the anti-NWO militia groups, and Chavez’ groups were really starting to be a huge problem for us. I also must assume that Ilya, and Antonin are vital components of whatever the master plan is, and that Niall doesn’t know they are out of the picture. Alright then Ulrich, we will be joining you in a couple of hours or so down there. So finish your preparations quickly. Good work!”

“Will do, Thank you, sir.”

About that time, the Sergeant came in with a shackled and bloody unmasked Niall’s double in tow.

“Sergeant, you managed to catch one.” Ga stated with a smile.

“It wasn’t easy, sir, as soon as we picked him up, a mob started to attack us, until I grabbed his face and peeled the mask off and laid down some crowd dispersal gas canisters. I guess they figured a fake wasn’t worth the effort.”

“Very good Sergeant, what happened to the other one?”

“Dunno. He just vanished. Obviously there was some planned panic escape. I’ve been here since the place was first opened to non-CIA personnel in 2009, and I thought I knew every escape hole there was, but that guy simply vanished.”

“Do you know this one we caught?”

“Yes, sir. His name is Smythe. He was the head of the communications section last I knew. He was in charge of all the telecommunications functions of the entire facility.”

“Thank you, Sergeant McConnell. Meet the rest of my team, this is my partner, ‘Ifafi, and our dear friend, Lugh.”

“Very pleased indeed.” The Sergeant stated, shaking both their hands.

“Sergeant, Please cuff our friend here to that chair, hands behind him, and please excuse us. We don’t have time for the usual interviews and shall have to use some unorthodox interrogation methods that you probably don’t need to see.”

The sergeant grinned broadly and quickly complied with the request and exited the room.

“What are you going to do to me?” the prisoner asked.

“We are only going to find out what you know.” Ga stated flatly.

“I am former MI-6. I will tell you NOTHING.”

“Oh, I suspected as much. You don’t have to, but I hope there won’t be any permanent brain damage.”

“Brain damage?” the man’s eyes widened as the three angels approached him, shedding their cloaks with their wings beginning to stretch.

“Ifafi, Lugh, join me if you will.”

Ga placed his left hand on the man’s head. ‘Ifafi placed his right hand on Ga’s shoulder. Lugh placed his left hand on Ga’s opposite shoulder. The man began to tremble noticeably as his eyes rolled back in his head. Soon, the man began to scream.

After the Sergeant dragged the unconscious prisoner from the room Ga turned to his companions. “If what this man knew is even close to accurate, it is time to summon some help immediately. Then we shall join Ulrich on Epsilon Level.”


Conjuration of the sword.

‘Ifafi, Lugh,. I need your assistance here in an angelic ritual. Lock the door.”

Lugh locked the door, and they were directed to assume their places in the Great Triangle of Angelic Strength, which had been marked onto the floor with chalk. ‘Ifafi was on the left hand side of the triangle, Lugh was on the right hand side and Ga faced them at the apex of the triangle. Inside the triangle was a plinth supporting a large purple candle, which had been inscribed with various symbols from the Universal Language of Light and Latin words. The candle had been annointed with eucalyptus oil, and it burned a strong and steady flame.

Ga raised his sword above the flame from the purple candle in the center of the angelic triangle and began to recite in Latin the “Conjuration of the Sword” from the Grimorium Verum:

“Te Gladi, Vos Gladias, trea Nomine Sancto, Albrot, Abracadabra, Jehova elico. Estote meum castellumque praesidium contra omnium hostes, conspicuusque nonconspicuus, in quisque magiceum opum. Nomeno Sancto Saday, qui est in imperium magnum, et his alio nomine: Cados, Cados, Cados, Adonai, Elohi, Zena, Oth, Ochimanuel, primoque ultimo, Sapientia, Via, Vita, Virto, Principio, Oso, Otatie, Splendoro, Luce, Sol, Fono, Gloria, Mono, Porta, Vite, Lape, Scipio, Sacredo, Pravo, Messiah, Gladi in omnium meum negotia regnas et in illos res quem me resistunt, vincite. Amen.”

He then looked at ‘Ifafi and Lugh and asked them to chant the invocation together with him … in all thirty-three times. Lugh thought he would pass out by the time they reached the 29th invocation but a stern look from ‘Ifafi prompted him to snap out of his drowsiness. As they completed the thirty-third incantation Ga proceeded to consecrate his sword with the Power of Archangel Michael:

“Oh Holy One – Angelic Warrior of Warriors. I beseech Thee to lend me the power of Thy Holy Sword and the sharpness of Thy Mind in my battle with the Antikristus … herewith known as Niall. May the force of Holy Strength and the Light of Angelic Conviction be forged from Thy Sword unto mine. In the Name of the Almighty — the Name only recognizable in the scream of the infant at the moment of birth and the final gasp of the dying mortal at life’s transition – I stand before you O Archangel Michael and ask you to embody my consciousness, my Spirit, my Mind, my Body and my Sword for the next twenty-four hours. I am at your service O Lord. In the Name of the Almighty, and in the presence of my two angelic witnesses in this sacred Triangle, I tell you verily that: I AM MICHAEL … I AM … THE SWORD!”

And with that the flame in the purple candle was suddenly snuffed out but the room was all but consumed by Darkness. Ga had taken on the spiritual energy and visage of Archangel Michael and had begun to glow and vibrate with an amazing intensity, never before experienced by the angels conducting the ritual. Ga appeared to have grown to over two meters high in stature and his sword was ablaze with the power of Divine Light. Lugh’s mouth was hanging open in amazement, and ‘Ifafi just grinned from ear to ear while mumbling: “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

The sword was so powerful that Ga could barely hold it steady at first. It seemed to weigh 20 times what it normally did, and the slightest movement had enormous swing to it. They broke the triangle and ‘Ifafi and Lugh were sent to retrieve their own swords. When they returned minutes later they were challenged by Ga to a two-on-one practice duel. They were without a chance or a prayer … Ga’s new-found agility, strength and directness of mind could not be matched even by two against one.

“I think I am getting the hang of this now,” grinned Ga.

“Kewl!” exclaimed Lugh. “Could I try it?”

“Sure,” said Ga while winking at ‘Ifafi. They both knew that the only one that could manage the sword was Ga, as it was Ga that had conjured the force of the Sword of Michael into his sword and Ga that also had received the transference of Michael’s angelic warrior consciousness. Lugh could barely lift the sword above his head, and could not master the seemingly erratic energy of the sword at all. The sword actually threw him about from left to right until it finally literally flew out of Lugh’s hand and returned to the firm grasp of Ga, where it belonged for the next twenty-four hours.

Both ‘Ifafi and Ga had a good laugh, and Lugh looked sheepish and embarrassed at first but soon joined in on the laughter. And then while Ga went off to meditate, ‘Ifafi and Lugh practiced their fencing skills – each determined to show off his own sword mastery.

Ga returned shortly, refreshed, and summoned the Sergeant. “Sergeant, you will remain here, have your hazmat suits on if you or your men venture out into the main corridors, and have your breathing apparatuses ready. This man we seek is capable of anything. I need three of your best men and best shots fully equipped to accompany us to Epsilon Level in ten minutes.



Niall awoke suddenly from a series of vivid dreams – a kaleidoscope of pictures and memories from his childhood and early adulthood, streaming across the cinema screen of his mind in rapid succession. He yawned, rubbed his eyes and stretched, and then said to himself: “Well, well, well … this is finally it! This is the day I have been preparing for all my life. By midnight tonight I will rule the planet.” He laughed to himself while humming from his favorite Leonard Cohen song: “I’m coming now. I’m coming to reward them. First I will take the planet … then I will take the Universe!”

He still had an hour before he would meet what was left of his “staff”; it was only 5:30 a.m. He had luckily managed to avoid Ga, ‘Ifafi, Lugh and the other goon – Ulrich – so far. The fake Ekbar stunt was a huge success … even though he lost the Prefect and his communications manager. “That weasel better not squeal,” muttered Niall, thinking of the communications manager who had been wounded and taken into custody. Late the night before Niall had gotten word that Antonin was dead. As far as his sources knew, he had committed a courageous act of suicide. “Antonin is a organization-man though,” thought Niall. “At least he knows what loyalty to the cause is … he would rather die than betray the crusade – and especially in these final moments.”

“The Crusade”, thought Niall, “has been going on forever.” Niall knew that his own roots at least stretched as far back as the Knights of the Templar. The mission was the same then as now: to harness the spiritual connections of individuals on the planet, control their thoughts, behavior, speech and … ultimately control every aspect of their lives – making them slaves to the privileged few. No one in the long lineage had been successful until now, although Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler had all put some very important pieces of the puzzle into place. “And now”, thought Niall as he thought of his relatives, “it is my time … my time to bring it all together; once and for all.”

His “hide-a-way” on the bottom level of the facility was out of reach to all but his trusted staff, and even they did not know what specific room he lived in for the time being. His father “Avery” had taught him much about power and trust (or rather dis-trust). “Keep your friends nearby, but keep your enemies even closer within your view” he would always say. Avery was almost sixty years old when Niall was born, and he died in 1986, but – in spite of Niall being an illegitimate son – he provided for Niall financially, got him into Harvard, hooked him up with the “VIP’s” and always told him: “Niall, you are the future incarnation of myself – born even before I have left this damned planet. I cannot reveal your identity to my legitimate sons because they will destroy you. They are clever, and they have their roles to play but it is YOU, my son – that has ‘inherited’ the legacy of becoming the “Prince of the Planet! And it is YOU that will realize my dreams, and the dreams of our ancestors.”

A tear welled up in Niall’s right eye as he thought of his beloved father. He had first learned of their connection when he was eleven years of age. He had been “snooping around” in his father’s desk at home and came across his birth certificate. Lo and behold there was another family name listed for the father. Investigating further, Niall discovered a short while later that he had been adopted by his “father” the policeman when Niall was only six months old. Niall confronted his mother, who told him: “We did not want to tell you … we figured you would find out on your own when the time was right. You see, back then we had serious financial difficulties and your ‘real father’ approached your adoptive father with a proposal. Yes, he proposed to give your father a half million dollars to spend a weekend with me. I was quite beautiful then, I suppose. I did not want to do it, but your father insisted that it was the solution to all of our problems and would secure the future for us and for our future children … so I did it. Your real father was a very rich and very influential man, with a taste for the beautiful things (and women) in life. I conceived you and tried to give you a ‘normal life’ with public schools etc. as best as I could. Please do not hate your adoptive father … nor your real father. They are both good men, and both deserve to be called ‘Father’ by you.”

Niall remembered that day like it was yesterday. He now understood who this wealthy “uncle” that popped up every blue moon was, and even more importantly – Niall – even at such a young age knew what he needed to do in order to make his life a success. And so he began meeting his “uncle” discretely, and learned more about the workings of the world and the nature of humanity than any booklearning ever could teach him. It was – in fact – his beloved father “Avery” that introduced him to Machiavelli’s masterpiece “The Prince”, and who taught him about the “royal” bloodlines: Bundy, DuPont, Rockefeller, Collins, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Russell, Van Duyn and Rothschild. It was his “father Avery” that encouraged him to study foreign languages, martial arts, mind control and thought projection techniques, as well as psychology and the strategies of war-making. And it was “father Avery” that got him into Harvard and the Scroll and Key society.

That being said, Niall’s adoptive father was a drunken son-of-a-bitch, that beat Niall and his mother. His mother was – in spite of her distant links to the R-dynasty – rather weak and timid. She was no matriarch, but rather acquiesced to the men who “know best”. It pained her when Tom (Niall’s adoptive father) beat Niall, but when she tried to protest or intervene he beat her as well. In the end it was always Niall that had to pull his father off of her and keep the family business “in the family”. Niall hated Tom, better known as Thomas Andrew Finnegan. But he – officer Finnegan – was highly-respected in the local community, and soon – with the help of Niall’s real father – became a Mason and a local politician of note. Niall’s mother died of an overdose of sleeping pills after she learned of Avery’s passing. She received no recognition from the “family”, and her husband had been having an affair with his young and ambitious secretary. All three of his “parents” were deceased now … and Niall was glad. “This is MY legacy,” he thought. “And no one shall lay claim to a damned shit … not even my so-called ‘legitimate’ brothers that think they already own the world!”

The alarm on his watch sounded: it was time to “get up”. Niall scrambled towards the make-shift bathroom, pissed and stared at his visage in the old and worn mirror. He looked like shit. He began to shave, all the while humming: “… First I will take the planet … then I will take the Universe!”

Afterwards he did his daily calisthenics … military commando-training exercises he had done since his early days at the NSA. Suddenly he made a connection: “Damn! THAT is where I know that bastard from! Fucking Lugh! He trained with me at the NSA!” And with that Niall worked out harder and harder, until his beeper sounded: announcing the arrival of his “staff” at the agreed- upon meeting place on the lowest level. They would strategize the final events. Niall grinned from ear to ear: “Dare to struggle, dare to fucking WIN!”

After heading back into the tunnels en-route to Epsilon level to join Ulrich with their select security forces, the three angels began to telepathically discuss what they had learned from the “interrogation” of Wendell so that they would not be overheard. Ga started the discussion: “So, we were correct in our presumption that the real Ekbar/Niall is holed up in some sort of makeshift command center on Zeta level, but what do you two think all that ‘tunnel at the end of time’ business was all about?”

“Well,” Lugh began after a slight pause, “Whatever it is seems to actually be beneath Zeta level, but there’s not supposed to be anything ‘rad’ below Zeta level. I got the sense that Wendell believed it to be some sort of passageway but it must be some sort of inter- dimensional distortion of some sort that Niall or the NWO discovered. Do you really think they have found another one? I thought the Zeta Reticulans said that there were only three. The one in the Bermuda Triangle, the one in the Mayan Pyramid, and the disabled one in Egypt, but not another one on this continent. Depending on where it leads, it could be more than dangerous – it could be disastrous. I got the sense that Wendell’s knowledge was at least third-hand and more gossip-based. I didn’t figure it out at all till the few bits and pieces the communications chief provided fell into the puzzle.”

“Yes,” Ifafi interjected, “I got the same feeling. Don’t forget another ancient one was found under that pyramid in Bosnia in 2011. Shortly before the actual first contact with the federation. They must have found another one, and that is how Niall must plan to escape. Surely they have figured out by now that Ulrich has completely sealed off any other means of getting out of here.”

“I agree.” Ga replied. “I had feared something like this. Those two we interrogated did give us enough pieces of the puzzle to safely assume that the NWO and Niall have, in fact, found another gateway portal. We must assume it leads somewhere they or their allies control or feel safe. We need more intelligence, but let’s proceed with our plan … and with the assumption that there is another portal and that we must gain control of it.

It didn’t take as long as Ga had thought to wind down the four levels of the tunnel to get to Epsilon, Perhaps it was the intense conversations he, ‘Ifafi, and Lugh were having, or perhaps it was the tension of the situation with their own guards on high alert for possible ambushes – whatever it was, the trek mercifully ended quickly without incident. Upon their arrival, they found Ulrich in complete command of the new operations center and barking out orders to the handful of technicians he had obviously recruited in the short time he had been down there.

“Ulrich, I am most impressed. Where did you get these technicians?” Ga asked.

“Believe it or not, they are maintenance techs that used to work for your Ekbar clone or whatever you captured up on Alpha level a couple of hours ago. He had sent them down here to dismantle or disable all this equipment down here. Obviously, Niall or some of his people must have come across the same thing I did and were trying to disable it before we could do what I have just done.”

“Can you trust these people?” Ga asked.

“Heh, I showed them a couple of the vids from the security cams I was using to monitor you and ‘Ifafi in case you needed help. I told these guys to choose which side was going to win this little showdown. There were a few who resisted, the ones you see made the correct choice and are more than willing to take this asshole down. Apparently, Ekbar was loved by everyone. Oh, and we have another surprise for you.” Ulrich grinned broadly, and pointed to a glassed in office where a young man sat in a metal chair bound, gagged, duct-taped securely to the chair.

“Who the hell is that?” Lugh asked.

“That, my dear angel, is Arthur Kent. He was the aide-de-camp to the Prefect, and as I understand it from some of these other fellows, Niall’s ‘protege’. Apparently he had detected what I was attempting to do a few minutes ago on his monitor down on Zeta level and rushed up here with a couple of security guards. We were more than ready for that.”

“My dear friend Ulrich, I continue to underestimate your abilities!” Ga stated, grinning broadly. “This young man will provide us with the remaining pieces we need to solve the puzzle of Niall’s plans. You have done extremely well, and when this is done, you will get the lion’s share of the credit.”

“That is not why I’m here, Ga.” Ulrich replied. “I’m here because you needed me.”

Back down on Zeta level, Niall was taking one last opportunity to relax before a final briefing with his primary staff that will initiate the final steps of his plan. He was reflecting on how it had all come together in so short a period of time, well, relatively short, he thought and how ironic that the whole thing was based on an accident. It was in 1999, the final stages of the underground complex in Denver were well underway, when some workmen had accidentally over-estimated the amount of explosives needed to clear some debris blocking the lower shaft where the backup nuclear reactor would be located in the very bottom of the complex. The hole they inadvertently created in the cavern wall led to a previously undetected cavern. Inside the cavern was a wealth of alien technology that had been lost to time for many millenia. The NWO, FEMA, and the others involved in the construction of the facility, knew what they had found, with the help of alien allies, and after many years of very covert work, the time-space portal or rift they had discovered was tested and was ready for use. Imagine, ancient alien technology, buried for thousands of years, that could control what was essentially a naturally-occuring wormhole to literally send matter or energy to any point in time or space. Even with alien help, they still only understood a fraction of what the equipment and the portal could do, but it was enough. The portal, though, was not without limitations. It could only be used during periods of specific planetary alignments. December of 2012 would have been the optimum time, as the planet and the whole solar system passed through the equator of the Milky Way. THAT was when it was all supposed to happen. THAT was supposed to have been the end of the world as it had been, but the upcoming alignment beginning in just a couple of days would be sufficient.

“That DAMNED intervention and those DAMNED angels and do-gooder aliens of the Federation… FUCK THEM ALL!” Niall raged aloud, even though he was still alone. Just then, a tone sounded from his communications panel, reminding him that the briefing was about to begin.

Niall strutted into the conference room where his staff had gathered. Looking around the room, he asked, “Where’s Arthur?”

Wilhelm, Niall’s chief engineer for this project, replied: “He said something about someone tampering with the systems on Epsilon level and went up to check it with a couple of guards. I told him we had sent a repair crew to dismantle an old ops center up there and it was probably nothing, but he wanted to check it himself.”

“Very well, we can begin without him, have you made the final preparations for the nerve agent for Alpha and Beta levels?”

“Yes, sir. Just awaiting the final order from you or Arthur.”

“Very well. Proceed as soon as Arthur returns.”

Just then Niall’s communication device sounded … it was an incoming call. He pressed the button on the wrist-watch apparatus and brought the monitor closer to his face so he could see and hear better. “It is Arthur!” he exclaimed. “I guess he got away from them. Hey Arthur! We were just talking about you. You are missing the meeting. Are you on your way down?”

The blank screen soon showed an image: it was Arthur, still bound to a chair and gagged, struggling against his constraints. Suddenly a familiar voice took over on the other end.

“Well, well … if it isn’t ‘the Beast’! Having a cozy pow-wow? Heh, heh … like you used to say back at the NSA Niall: ‘shit happens!’”

“Lugh, you feathered piece of shit! I am gonna put you and your ostrich friends in a goddamned ca…”

“Whoa there!” interrupted Ga, who had grabbed the device from Lugh. “Stop that thought, and consider the odds my friend. By now you have figured out that we have not only captured Arthur and Ilya, but that Antonin and the Prefect are both dead. In addition … what is that Ulrich? Ahhh, excellent … in addition we NOW know where you are. ‘Ifafi! Grab some men and make certain that ALL entrances and exits to and from the bottom level of this facility are SEALED OFF COMPLETELY! Err sorry, Niall … I got a little involved in a couple of other conversations there. I did not mean to be rude. Now, where were we? Oh, yes … now that we are on our way down there – in full force I might add – to wrap you up and send you, your men and your big R-buddies and the rest of the one government royalty to Zeta Reticuli for rehabilitation, you may as well indulge me by telling me the rest of your sordid plan. Arthur here seems to have learned some fancy mind control techniques that are slowing things down up here. We may have to resort to water-boarding or some of the other interrogation methods you and your people are so fond of. What do you say to that Arthur?”

Arthur struggled against his constraints, and sweat was pouring down his face which was red with rage.

“Well, it sounds like Arthur is about to crack, Lugh? What do you think? Should we give Niall a show? Perhaps we should end by gutting Arthur the way Niall had Wendell gut poor Sara.”

Arthur was now hysterical, bucking back and forth and trying to scream through the gag.

“So, Niall … or Ekbar. How is this going to go down? Are you going to tell me what your plan is and surrender with an semblance of grace and dignity, or will we have to hunt you down like a beast?”


Arthur’s gag was torn off and Lugh pulled out a long knife … the very one that Wendell had used on Sara, and showed it to Arthur. ‘Ifafi then yelled out: “Okies. Bring him in!”

Niall and his men were now agitated. Niall did not really care what they did with Arthur, but he was afraid that Arthur would break down and talk. He barked into the communications device: “Put Arthur on the goddamned device!”

Ga answered: “Now, now Niall. No need to be ‘beastly’ and rude. Poor Arthur is busy at the moment. You see, he has just received a visitor … actually a mutual friend of you both. Here Wendell, say ‘hi’ to the ‘good doctor’!”

Wendell had a deranged look on his face, and Niall could understand why Arthur was now terrified. Wendell was literally foaming at the mouth and his eyes were bulging out of his head. “For chrisssakes man!” barked Niall. “Shoot the poor man and get it over with in a humane way at least. You will never put me in some damned ca…”

“Shhhhhhhh ….” interrupted Ga. “Calm down Niall. Wendell knows exactly how to do this. He is a ‘pro’ … in fact, he needs a killing from time to time — just like vampires need to feed on their prey, and like drug addicts need a fix. Show some compassion, Niall: Besides, when did you start believing in God and Christ?”

“Fuck you!” screamed Niall … enraged by Ga’s impudence. “When I get my hands on you Ga, I am gonna …”

But just then Arthur’s communication device went silent and blank. Niall looked at the others and merely said: “Well, it looks as if we need to press on. Follow me … and dump all your communication devices NOW!”

And with that, they quickly left their improvised command center, scampered through the poorly- lighted tunnels … quickly and as silently as possible. Niall had a pained look on his face. His foot was hurting from all the crazy running around the past few days, and he was not able to hide his limp.

Having left Ulrich and the twenty-seven trusted security force members to tend to matters elsewhere in the facility, Ga, ‘Ifafi and Lugh prepared to descend onto the lowest level – that which had been rumored to house “the tunnel at the end of time”. None of the three knew how the obscure lowest level had attained this ominous reputation, but all agreed that there was, in any case, no question that they would have to prepare themselves for extreme danger. Ga was deep in thought as the three angels blackened their faces and skin so that they easily would blend in with the darkness of the tunnels, and put on their grey-and-black camouflage protective combat gear. He was full of hidden emotion, while remembering how the NWO, the Illuminati, the Vatican, politicians, scientists, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and businessmen had all – together with governments – contributed to the “Big Deception”. Sure, the Mayan calendar and other predictions were fairly accurate, but none actually forecast the “end of the world” – only the possible dire consequences of tumultuous planetary cycles. The power elite had attempted to make all aliens, angels, spiritual guardians on higher vibrational frequencies … and even God himself … into “bogeymen” – all pieces in a large puzzle designed to inspire a ubiquitous fear so that the privileged few could more easily control the world population, and thereafter also colonize other planets in our own galaxy and beyond. The truth was, that the laboratory-devised bio-pandemics, the falsely blaming of CO2 gas emissions (although not healthy for the planet) for global warming, the implantation of fear of evil aliens, and the disturbance of the continental plates by way of underground nuclear testing and numerous other failed experiments using stolen alien technology were the true cause of “Apocalypse” … and a far greater threat than the natural challenges caused by changes in the Sun, which affected all planets in our solar system. And it was all for greed, power and control. Niall represented one of the final “threats to the Galactic Federation”, of which Terra was now a part. He must be stopped at any cost. Ga took a deep breath and mumbled “Adonai” as he put on his shiny black radio helmet, and picked up his sword.

Lugh looked over at ‘Ifafi who was buckling up his steel-toe combat boots, and watching Ga with both love, pride and concern. “Well, ‘If … it looks like this is finally IT … the moment we have been preparing for. I figure we will kick Niall’s ass all the way to Zeta Reticuli,” he quipped.

‘Ifafi slapped him on the back in a comradely fashion and replied: “You bet Luggie! It is not wise to piss off a bunch of angels. Normally our work is not supposed to be ‘personal’, but after what they did to poor Sara … “

“Yeah,” agreed Lugh. “But we are not so mean. After all, we did spare the communications officer.”

“He will surely get some comfortable prisoner job,” said ‘Ifafi. “The Zeta Reticulians need technical help rebuilding their communications network after the attack from Orion before the reconciliation. As long as he behaves, they will treat him well. Niall – on the other hand – is another story. The grey’s have a real bone to pick with him for stabbing them in the back years ago during the Clinton administration. Mebbe he will commit suicide like Antonin did.”

“Heh heh …,” replied Lugh while glancing over at Ga who was flexing his sword in an agility test. “That … or be killed while trying.”

‘Ifafi was staring at his beloved Ga (or “Mule” as he often called him when they were in private). Ga’ga (he never used his full angelic name – only Ga) was special in many ways, but even more so because he was a mixed breed … a mulatto (a mule). Having incarnated onto Terra as a humanoid and assumed his angelic body and consciousness while still in his present incarnation made him highly-respected amongst his angel peers. This because he had literally “earned his wings” through consciousness evolution. No one ever doubted that Ga’ga always had been an angel, but for an angel to willingly incarnate as a humanoid for several lifetimes in order to re-gain one’s wings was a true act of angelhood.

Although angels are “recycled” just as all other matter, angels’ physical lives tended to be centuries long in most cases, and angelic souls in the repository on the “other side” were often used as seed material for new souls and healing material for trauma-stricken angels that had passed away. That made all angels “related” to one another and to all beings in the seven Universes (humanoid and otherwise).

Ga seemed unaware of his revered status, or perhaps that is because angels neither tend to boast nor to openly admire others. By the same token, angels do not differentiate between themselves and their brethren that took a different course “after the Fall” and came to be known as “Fallen Angels”. Every angel has the potential and capability to be gentle and loving or severe and dark. No angels “hate”, but some find their source of strength in the Light and others in Darkness – both being equally valid, as Divine energy is composed of both Light and Darkness. ‘Ifafi never really understood how humanoids had managed to segregate good angels from so-called dark angels. He knew that he could be a nasty “muthafucka” when extremely provoked. It was not so much acts of provocation or hurtfulness that annoyed ‘Ifafi but rather the “intention” to cause pain and separation for Divine unity. Like Niall and his cronies … But then again, there were many things that ‘Ifafi did not understand about Terrans. Like for example confusing Jesus (or Sananda) with God; or perceiving God to be someone sometimes ambivalent, sometimes surly, sometimes forgiving and a sometimes downright mean old man in the sky … Why do humanoids always look up into the sky when they talk to God? Do they truly not understand that God is all around them … and that even they themselves are composed of Divine energy, which reproduces itself and evolves – thus making each humanoid “divine”? ‘Ifafi had tried to discuss some of these questions with Ga, but he never showed much interest in cross-cultural angel-humanoid issues. It was as though Ga (“mule”) wanted to forget his humanoid past. He certainly embraced his angelhood fully enough, and knew his angel lore and history better than ‘Ifafi himself did.

Ga had once (after lovemaking) asked ‘Ifafi if he thought he might have fallen in love with him had he (Ga) still been humanoid. ‘Ifafi had just laughed and said: “Of course!”, but it did get him to thinking. Why had he (‘Ifafi) not fallen in love with humanoids before … and why did he not have the “hots” for Lugh or Lysiel, for example? Perhaps he was attracted to “mules”; just the way many humanoids and other galactic citizens are attracted to mixed breeds. There is, after all, a sense of both discovery of that which is different and self-discovery in such relationships. But then again, ‘Ifafi and Ga had many angel friends that chose partners that were almost duplicates of themselves in terms of appearance, personality and personal styling. However, even identical angel twins could be told apart, as the most minute element of differing soul energy shines like an emerald in a bed of rubies.

And what about Lugh? thought ‘Ifafi. He never talks about love affairs. ‘Ifafi did not even know if he was sexual or asexual. Although some angels have their preferences, all angels are potentially bisexual – but not all angels practice sex. And some only have sex occasionally with humanoids in order to procreate or to instill an angelic revelation in the partner. In such cases, the angel can assume whatever gender it chooses. I will have to have a private talk with Luggie about these things one day, thought ‘Ifafi. He laughed to himself while remembering that Lugh did not even realize that he and Ga were a couple until recently. Some angels cannot see the heavens for the clouds, thought ‘Ifafi to himself, this time laughing audibly.

“What’s so funny?” asked Lugh, attracting the attention of Ga as well.

“Nothing,” replied ‘Ifafi. “I just really love you guys!”

“Same here,” answered Lugh, and all three raised their right fists in an angelic sword salute exclaiming: “Adonai!”

“Well, I guess this is it.” said Ga. And looking at his two comrades he asked: “Are we ready?”

‘Ifafi and Lugh nodded in accordance, and Ga replied: “Good. Let’s do it! But remember, once we are on the lowest level we must only use the radio communication devices in our helmets for short, encrypted messages in emergency situations. Otherwise we must communicate telepathically.”

The two angels nodded, and they resolutely walked towards the unmarked door described to them by Arthur in their interrogation of him. When they reached the door they saw that there was a simple electronic combination lock on it. Ga looked at ‘Ifafi and they both smiled knowingly. The wrong combination would set off an alarm, but the combination could be nothing other than the number of the Beast itself: 666. Ga took a deep breath and pressed the 6-button three times in rapid succession. A green light flashed on the lock device and they were in.

Ga was the first to cross over the threshhold, followed by Lugh and then ‘Ifafi, who quietly closed the door behind them. He could sense heart palpitations from Lugh and gently but firmly put his right hand upon his left shoulder, and sent a consoling thought: “It will be just fine, my angel. Light always outshines the Darkness.” Lugh simply nodded as the three quietly began walking down the dimly-lit corridor in the direction of the room where they had earlier detected Niall’s communication device. Not surprisingly, the room was empty and from the look of things the inhabitants had left somewhat in a hurry. ‘Ifafi messaged Ga and Lugh telepathically: “They cannot be far off. I can smell Niall’s body odor mixed with that cheap cologne he always uses.”

Lugh had to control himself from releasing a snicker, which had just as much do to with his nervousness as the humor in the remark.



Niall was pissed. How dare these so-called “angels” judge him or question his destiny. What was about to happen had been planned for decades – no, centuries. What was about to occur had been prophesised for dozens of generations. His entire life had been for this moment. This was the very purpose for which he had been born!

He thought back to his earliest years at the NSA. How it had been him that had been selected to help coordinate the Reagan administration’s massive and highly secret REX 84 program and the companion “Garden Plot” and “Cable Splicer” operations. It was one of the most clandestine operations in the history of what was then the United States to secretly establish dozens of concentration camps to be operated by FEMA for “dissenters” and enemies of the NWO, as well as other “undesirables”. This whole complex in Denver was initially his idea, although its mission had changed by the time construction began. HE was the one selected personally by the administration before he was even thirty years old for such a vital part of the plan.

He was the one who came up with the chemtrails plot in the 90’s. Who would question what could easily be dismissed as vapor trails from commercial jet traffic? Who would suspect that they were secretly seeding the atmosphere with chemicals designed to impede natural human spiritual awareness and consciousness, reduce specific ethnically targeted population growth, and prepare the way for the ultimate bio-engineered disease he was about to unleash? The HIV and H1N1 pandemics had been just precursors of the final product. It took years of planning and implementation and now these damned “angels” had the audacity to think they could stop it? NO! HELL, NO!

Niall quickly assembled his team in his makeshift command center. “Wilhelm, we can not wait. If Antonin is dead, the Archangelsk operation is compromised. If Arthur talks, we are all lost. We must launch everything now and hope our operatives and backups elsewhere in Vrebatima, Brazil, and Asia will follow. Prepare to send out the launch codes on my order. Prepare to gas Alpha through Epsilon levels. I want no one to survive. I am going below to prepare for our exit. The planetary alignment is not yet complete to get us to our primary target … we need another twenty-four hours at least. I will have to see what options we have. I will signal you through our back-up data channel through the computer. From here on, no voice communications and no non-encrypted data.”

“Yes sir.” Wilhelm replied.

“Go ahead, and call my security and body guards, I am going below to prepare. We will need at least three or four of my … stunt doubles as well. I want the rest of my doubles to remain here. I suspect our angel friends will be here very shortly. They honestly believe that they can stop us. What fools they are. You will be ready for them Wilhelm. I am counting on you. I only wish I could see that damned angel Ga beg for mercy before he dies an as excruciating death as only you can give him.”

“We will be ready my Lord, and I shall make that feathered trash squirm.” Wilhelm replied smiling.

Meanwhile, not so very far away Ga and his team were communicating with each other telepathically: “Ga, we only truly have bits and fragments from Arthur on what we’re dealing with here. Apparently it’s a natural phenomena controlled by some sort of ancient alien technology the old FEMA and NSA discovered down here when they built this damned place. How did they keep it hidden for so long?” Lugh asked as the trio made its way through the maze of connecting tunnels revealed by the deep probe of Arthur’s mind.

“I’ve been considering that. Of course, few of the plots of the old NSA and FEMA along with the NWO were generally known until after the Intervention and the Terran transition into the Fourth Density in 2011, and only then after it was obvious that all of their plans had either failed or were useless. The Federation still only knew about what most of the leaders finally gave up. It makes sense that only a handful of select individuals knew of the existence of this – whatever it is – if this was their ‘last hurrah’ or last chance to effectuate their ‘final solution’ for humanity. There is simply no-telling how many had to die to keep their secret,” Ga replied.

“Pffft. Final solution!” ‘Ifafi scoffed. “You mean genocide and eugenic selection based on the idea of a so-called ‘master race’ of ‘superior’ humanoids. Ha! Don’t they realize that what makes humanity special is its diversity – that as flawed as they are, that all are reflections of their creator?”

“No, my love, none are so blind as those who refuse to see, nor as ignorant as those who refuse to learn. I truly loathe and despise their ignorance as much as much as their arrogance in believing that they can ‘create’ a superior race by destroying what truly makes human-kind unique,” Ga replied. “If they truly have found a gateway or portal through time and space, we must not only find it, but I’m afraid we will have to destroy it or at the very least, make sure they can’t use it. That certainly is something that should not be in the hands of the likes of such as these.”

It wasn’t long before the trio was at the final gateway to whatever it was they were seeking. They knew if Niall wasn’t already there, he would be soon. They only hoped that Ulrich’s safeguards would be enough to foil whatever Niall had planned before he was to make his escape. Ga was taking a calculated risk in not directly attacking Niall at his Zeta Level command center as Niall would easily anticipate that and would be ready for it. No, he would have to intercept him here, it was a last chance he knew, but he would not even entertain the possibility of failure.

They stood in front of the huge round steel door. There was no keypad on this one – or any other readily apparent way to open it. “Now what?” asked Lugh.

“We wait. Based on what we know, this is the only way in or out.” Ga replied, looking around. Back the way they came was just a maze of interconnecting tunnels, ultimately leading back to the back passage to Epsilon level from where they had come. To the left of that was an elevator, obviously the primary entrance to this chamber. To the right of the passage from which they had come was a grate about four feet high secured with a single lock.

“There. The ventilation shaft. It probably leads to the main air shaft and probably to the central core. It looks like it was put in as an afterthought. My guess is that all the equipment they used to dig out this area required some extra ventilation,” Ga said pointing.

“Fine, but umm, I don’t seem to have my key to that lock,” Lugh quipped.

Ga scowled at him as he removed his sword and in one seemingly effortless swing cut right through the lock as though it was hot butter. He pulled on the grate and it easily swung open.

“After you,” Ga stated as he grinned at Lugh and ‘Ifafi and motioned for them to enter the shaft. They all crouched and entered the air shaft. The shaft went only about seven or eight meters back until it opened into a large vertical shaft that rose straight up for at least sixty meters. “That must go all the way to the surface, or nearly so,” Ga stated as they emerged into the shaft. The shaft was poorly lit by only a few flickering fluorescent fixtures affixed to the sides of the shaft.

“I think your theory is correct. This must have been something built and used after they found whatever is behind that door. This shaft is definitely man-made, and I see no other outlets or access grates in the entire shaft. There must be some sort of outlet at the top, as I could feel air moving through here as we came in,” ‘Ifafi stated while looking up the shaft.

“Agreed. What exactly are we waiting for?” Lugh asked.

“Niall,” replied Ga flatly.

It was then that they heard a sound coming from the ventilation shaft. Ga quickly moved back towards the grate. The large metal door began to swing open. A man in white coveralls emerged, accompanied by a single guard in the uniform of the security forces for the facility. Ga could hear them talking as they emerged.

The man in coveralls was speaking with a thick Russian accent. “Our divine leader is on his way. He will be here shortly with additional guards. He is moving up our schedule. Something has happened, but voice communications have been cut off. The message said something about preparations for an attack on Zeta level and he wants us to be prepared with guards here as well. He should be here in the next ten minutes or so.”

Ga looked at ‘Ifafi and Lugh and telepathically transmitted: “This is our chance to get inside. We must take out both of these guys. I will go inside. You two will wait here for Niall.”

Lugh and ‘Ifafi both nodded in agreement. And with that, Ga slowly pushed the grate open. Knowing it would squeak as it did the first time they opened it, he merely stepped back into the shadows as the two that had emerged from the big steel door came forward to investigate. The security guard advanced with his weapon drawn, but he stepped a bit too close. When he did, Ga charged and the grate knocked the idiot back directly onto his ass, which was all Ga needed as he drew his sword and put it to the guard’s throat. ‘Ifafi and Lugh followed immediately and secured the man in the coveralls.

Quickly rendering the pair unconscious and securing them in the shaft, Ga turned to his two angels and stated, “You two wait here for Niall. Let me know when he arrives. You heard these two. We only have minutes. I’ve got to see what’s in there.”

“Be careful, Ga,” ‘Ifafi stated with a pained and worried look.

“I will.”

Ga turned and entered the doorway. He hadn’t taken but two or three steps when he heard the machinery begin to hiss and the door closing behind him. The door must have an infrared or motion sensor, Ga thought out loud so that ‘Ifafi and Lugh could hear his thoughts. There is a control panel to open it on this side.

As the door closed behind him, a single spot light turned on above his head, and footlights on the floor illuminated to reveal a catwalk to what appeared to be an escalator now beginning to move downward. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, another security officer moved to draw a weapon and fire. Ga reacted and threw his sword immediately, impaling the guard through the center of his chest.

Ga retrieved his sword and stepped onto the escalator and crouched down to hide behind the handrails. The escalator was a long one, outside of airports and subways, Ga could not remember ever having seen so long an escalator, or one set to move so quickly. Ga quickly peeked above the handrail, but saw nothing but more darkness with the exception of the footlights along the bottom of the escalator. As he neared the bottom, he drew his sword, stood and stepped off. As he did so, dozens of lights flickered to life. The cavern was enormous, and not man-made. At the top of the cavern at least 40 meters above his head, he could make out dozens of ancient stalactites hanging from the ceiling. About ten meters in front of him, more lights were flickering to life. There was a glass room just to his left framed in steel beams, which appeared to house a small number of very advanced computer consoles and various monitors. Ga could recognize some of the technology as originating on Orion, the rest was Terran. Past that, in what appeared to be the center of the cavern, there were two huge cylindrical columns approximately fifteen meters high and about twenty meters apart sitting on large square bases. All around the circumference of the columns were symbols that Ga could not read. They bore striking resemblance to a combination of the most ancient Egyptian and Mayan glyphs, but there were others he had never before seen. The columns were made of a seamless shiny metal with a strange greenish- yellow tint that Ga could also not identify. Just past the columns, the floor seemed to disappear into a pit. On the floor, 5 meters or so directly in front of the space in the center of the columns, was what appeared to be a complete replica of the Mayan calendar also made of the same strange metal, but with additional rings and symbols, also many of which Ga had never seen, but others appeared to reference various star systems and planetary alignments.

Suddenly, Ga heard ‘Ifafi transmitting telepathically and with some definite excitement. “Ga, he is here, but he is not alone, he has at least three of the doppelgängers and I count six armed guards. Assuming that he is among them, and these are not all doubles, one of them that sounded like Niall was bitching because the door wasn’t open nor was someone named Markhoff there to meet them.”

“That’s Niall. ‘Ifafi, do not engage them yet. See if they can open the door from that side, and learn how they do it. I had to kill the guard who remained on this side. There appears to be no one else here. Apparently they have decided that that door and two security guards is all the security they need for this … whatever it is. Be prepared to probe the mind of the guy in the white coveralls if necessary. I would guess that he is the one called Markhoff and also that he must be the technician that operates the equipment down here. He may be critically important. Do not destroy his mind. Whatever this is … it is probably ancient alien technology, and may be of crucial importance to the Federation. It could also be a Pandora’s box. I’ve never seen anything like it. It truly may be the tunnel to the end of time.”



“Shit! Where are they?” Ulrich blurted out to no one in particular.

“Sir?” asked the young female assisting him monitor all the systems – watching for any clue as to what Niall had planned.

“My colleagues. According to this, they are somewhere inside solid rock. Obviously there are some tunnels or something down there that’s not on these charts, but, since we are picking up something it means there are sensors tied to this damned computer system down there too.”

“Sir, someone is testing those old overhead sprinkler lines again, seems like they are charging them with… compressed air?”

“It means someone is testing the integrity of the system and flushing out the water they ran through before. Compressed air means they are designed to distribute gas. Are our safeguards in place?”

“Yes sir. We have full control of the electronic valves on each level. We also have people at the manual cut-offs. I can shut this down now if you wish.”

“No, Ga doesn’t want us to tip our hand this early. Wait until this test is over and the line depressurizes. If they attempt to re-pressurize with anything, then shut it down immediately.”

“Yes, Sir. Sir, I think I may be able to help you locate whomever it is you’re looking for there.”


“Yes, I managed the data storage and maintenance division, you know, data archiving. Well, anyway, the system is so huge, and used to control so many systems, it requires a regular course of downloads and archiving. I was doing the routine yearly scans of the memory core, and found some files that had been walled off and not even my maintenance overrides would let me see what they were. At first I thought it was some patch or something for the operating system, but they weren’t set up like apps, but more like data files – huge ones. I asked my supervisor about them, and he said he wasn’t aware of them. I went straight to the directorate with it, and Mr. Ekbar told me not to worry about it because those files would never be archived as there was only one copy, and I had best forget I ever saw them.”

“Hmmm, and being the good hacker that I suspect you are, that only whetted your appetite.”

“The young woman looked down, apparently blushing, “Yes, sir. I got into them, and it wasn’t easy, there were even booby traps set all around the memory partition. I thought I had been detected a couple of times. Maybe no one was watching for that second or two, but, anyhow, the data files were freaking huge. There was an overlay of the entire complex with at least two levels below that aren’t even supposed to exist. Then there are literally thousands of files I couldn’t recognize as anything but raw data of mathematical equations and calculations, and there were lots of symbols I couldn’t recognize. Sir, I have a Ph.D in both mathematics and computer science, and I have no idea what some of those symbols were.”

“Can you find them again?” Ulrich asked anxiously.

“Yes, it will take me a few minutes.” “NOW! Get it up now!”

“Yes. Yes sir! Immediately!”

“Sir. You wanted to be alerted to any outgoing data or voice transmission requests from Zeta level.” A young male technician shouted over the din of the conversations in the room.

Ulrich walked quickly over to the console the young man was monitoring.

“They are attempting to globally transmit a short encrypted signal over and over. I believe we have it blocked, but they won’t know that, unless they are supposed to get some response. Impossible to decode this encryption, it’s at least 512 bit tech. There’s hundreds of trillions of permutations possible,” the young man stated rather frantically.

“Hmmm. They’re up to something alright. Keep it blocked and keep them as blind and deaf as possible without them detecting that we have control of their systems. Keep trying to break that encryption.”

“Yes, sir” the young man responded. 

Meanwhile, down on the lowest level: “Ga! Niall, all of them, they’re leaving! Damn is he pissed!” an obviously excited ‘Ifafi transmitted telepathically to Ga.

“What happened?” Ga replied.

“Apparently the two we captured were supposed to meet them. The Ekbar that I presumed was Niall tried to use some sort of voice command or chant to open the door. It sounded like that ancient Mayan thing you told us about that first day. A voice I presume to be the computer system said something like ‘level three security measures now in effect, voice commands not accepted’. Niall or whomever he was started screaming obscenities to everyone there and was especially pissed at you. I simply won’t repeat most of them.”

Ga chuckled. “See if you can reach Ulrich, and see if he can trap them in that elevator. I presume they are headed back to Zeta level to fix whatever is preventing them from coming in here. Signal me as soon as they are gone, I will come back to the door and try to open it from this side. Looks like it may need a fingerprint or other ID to work. We’ll see. Bring our prisoners with you. They will be useful.”

Ga, still reconnoitering the enormous cavern, determined that it was indeed empty but for him and the lone guard who lay dead on the floor. He shed his cloak, went over to the body, and with one quick motion severed the right hand from the body. “Sorry old man, but you won’t be needing this anymore.” Reaching down to pick it up, he spread his wings and gracefully ascended past the long escalator, and landed on the platform in front of the large door, and next to the small panel atop a single pylon attached to the platform. Slapping the bloody hand onto the panel caused the panel to flash to life. After scanning the hand with some sort of laser system, a numeric panel flashed up on the right side of the bloody hand. “Great, 666 again would be just too easy, but, then again, whatever the code is would have to be easy enough for even this guard to remember. Wait! The date of the intervention! The date the world was supposed to end. When all this was discovered, they planned to use this as an escape to anywhere on that day.” With that, Ga removed the bloody hand from the panel and letting it drop to the floor, keyed in 122112. When he did so, the entire panel turned a bright green, and the machinery operating the door hissed back to life.

As the door slowly swung open, ‘Ifafi and Lugh quickly stepped inside, dragging their reluctant and somewhat woozy captives behind them. As they passed the panel where Ga was still standing with his wings still somewhat outstretched, ‘Ifafi looked down and saw the hand, and looked back up at Ga with a somewhat quizzical expression, but before he could say anything, their two captives also saw the bloody hand on the floor. The man in the white coat wrenched himself loose from Lugh’s grip and ran to the railing and began retching over the side. Lugh quickly went over and removed the gag and again grabbing the man’s arm. The other guard began mumbling angrily against his gag.

“A truly unfortunate incident, the guard drew his weapon and was about to fire,” Ga said sadly, and hung his head somewhat. “I had figured the panel used handprint or at least fingerprint ID to open the door. It worked on the first try. Bring those two and come with me. I’ve never seen anything like this. We must prepare. Niall will be back soon.”

The group proceeded and, as before, the door began to close behind them. As they stepped onto the escalator, ‘Ifafi and Lugh could see the enormity of the cavern and the large apparently ancient alien artifacts ahead and below.

“What the hell? How could they keep all this secret?” Lugh exclaimed.

“I strongly suspect we are only seeing the tip of this iceberg. Those artifacts have apparently been here for at least a few millennia, there’s no way to be certain. I strongly suspect carbon dating or other conventional forms of determining the age of these artifacts would be totally useless. I can’t even identify the metal or alloy, or whatever it is from which they were built. There could be much more to these artifacts in other chambers that we can not see. There has to be an energy source for it somewhere. Touch it. It’s warm and has a slight vibration. The artifacts or equipment or whatever it is – it’s active.”

“Yes, and if you tamper with it without knowing what the hell you are doing you will destroy us all, and take most of the planet with you,” The man in white coat suddenly blurted.

“Oh, our new friend wishes to speak?” Ga turned to the man as they were all stepping off the escalator. “Would you like to tell us your name?”

“Markhoff. Dr. Alexander Markhoff. I am now the only surviving person on this planet that can access the ‘time tunnel’ as ‘The One’ likes to call it.”

“Well, Dr. Markhoff, my name is Ga, this is my partner ‘Ifafi, and our friend and colleague, Lugh. Please tell me more. What exactly is this thing? I’m afraid you will have to be brief, I’m expecting company soon.”

“Eh, what’s the harm, you will never defeat Niall, ‘The One’, and if I don’t you will only use your mind probing techniques to steal what you want and render me mad. I’ve heard about you. The three of you will never defeat him, even if you are angels or supernatural beings or whatever the hell you are.”

“Don’t believe everything Niall says, my dear doctor. Now, about this … whatever it is.”

“Deep within that abyss just past the two columns you see there is an energy field of enormous power. Whether it is natural or alien induced is anyone’s guess. As far as I have been able to determine, it’s all been here for well over ten thousand years, but it could go back thirty or even fifty thousand years, there is just no way to know. The energy field seems to become particularly active and stronger only during periods of certain planetary and even galactic alignments. When it becomes more active, the energy field somehow produces tachyon particles of varying levels depending upon the particular alignment. The columns you see there, well, at first we thought they were some sort of ‘safety valve’ to prevent a cataclysmic buildup of a tachyon field which … well, which could destroy the planet, or a good chunk of it, catapulting it into some time-space loop or continuum. Of course that is only theoretical.”

“Of course,” said Ga somewhat sarcastically. “Get to your point doctor. What are they?”

“Well, they do serve as a safety valve. We were only partially correct though. As we managed to interpret some of the symbols on the columns and the chart on the floor there, we discovered it was much more. I can demonstrate.” 

The doctor stated gesturing toward the artifacts.

“No tricks, doctor. Lugh …”

Lugh escorted Dr. Markhoff over to the round artifact that Ga had thought was a near replica of the Mayan Calendar.

The man bent down and placed his hand on one of the symbols and pushed that symbol inward slightly. He then walked around to nearly the opposite side and did likewise to another symbol. Slowly two of the inner rings began to turn in opposite directions, and the center of the artifact simply slid away. Ga then noticed the top two rings of the columns also slowly rotating in opposing directions and then stopping. The doctor stepped back, as did Lugh. 

Suddenly, a beam of white light came from the round artifact. At that same instant a red beam and a green beam came from each of the two columns, all three beams converging at a point directly above the round artifact. What happened next literally took his breath away. The room darkened briefly, but for the three beams of light. Then, suddenly, the entire chamber was filled with a three dimensional representation of what appeared to be the entire galaxy, and they were standing near the center of it, with planets and solar systems swirling about them.

“What the hell?” gasped Lugh.

“It took four years to get this far, another six or so to figure out what we had here. You are looking at a map of our galaxy, with a few adjustments, we can zoom out and see other galaxies as well. In over twelve years, we have only scratched the surface of the data stored in this device.”

“Sananda and Michael be praised, this must be truly ancient technology,” ‘Ifafi exclaimed.

“So you are telling me it is a map of the universe – or what?” Ga asked, now beginning to get impatient.

“Well, the map is sort of a guide to using the device. What you see right now is our universe as it is aligned at this particular point in time and space. You must forget about linear time as most humans see it, and think five dimensionally now. When the columns are properly aligned, they somehow focus the tachyon fields produced by the energy field so as to form a sort of vortex through time, space, and even thought, sort of like the lens of a projector. Visually, it appears as a tunnel of light between the two columns and across the abyss. In reality it is tightly focused tachyon particles.”

“And where does this ‘tunnel’ lead?” Ga asked.

“Well that’s the trick isn’t it?” Dr. Markhoff responded somewhat sarcastically. “At first we sent probes through the tunnel to try to see what was at the other end. They were never heard from again. Until, one day, during an excavation of a newly discovered tomb in Egypt, I think it was in late 2008, one our probes was uncovered along with artifacts buried more than three thousand years ago.”

“WHAT!?” exclaimed Ga.

“From that, we knew the settings on the device when that probe was sent through as well as the planetary alignments at the time, and the energy measurements of the field. In short, we then had a reference point. With the help of some of our friends from Orion who are (or rather were) deeply interested in the device, we learned that it is a device for transmitting matter or energy to virtually any point in time and space within the limits of the energy field at that given time. During the final months of 2012 through the first part of 2013, I think that the field was so strong, intergalactic travel would have been possible, but the project was shut down for months and we didn’t know how to do that at the time. After the Intervention and your last little hurrah with the Orions, they haven’t been back. We do still have some of their computer technology they had brought to help interpret the charts, symbols, and data. The problem is, we haven’t found a way to use the device in a two-way sort of function. The tunnels stay open only for a few minutes until the tachyon field dissipates, then, whoever or whatever is on the other side is simply – there, indefinitely.”

“I believe you said you were the last person on this planet who can operate this thing. Is that correct?” Ga asked.

“Yes, my colleagues from Orion, of course, are back on their world. Two years ago, in an attempt to restart the program, Drs. Hanover and Marshall were killed or lost in an attempt to cross through a portal we had established to a planet in the Orion system only five years in the past. A couple of AI robots we had gotten from some renegade greys, and two technicians made it through fine, but there was some sort of anomaly that caused the field to dissipate quicker than usual. They were lost in transit. We have since learned how to predict the anomaly, but I am the only one left with all pieces to the puzzle.”

“How would they have gotten back?” Ga asked.

“That was the beauty of that particular target and time. They sent transmitters through that would signal an Orion ship to pick them up. We had the Orion security codes to send what would appear to be a legitimate distress signal.”

“Ga,” Lugh interjected, “If they know how to control this … time vortex … we must destroy it. If Niall or his people control such technology, they could conceivably go back in time to create an alternate reality. They could even find some way to prevent the intervention and take control before 2012.”

“NO! You can’t destroy it! You will destroy the planet!” Markhoff exclaimed.

“Well, we shall see. We obviously can’t let Niall have this technology. If we can’t destroy it, we must make sure no one can use it.”

It was at that moment, that Niall’s voice boomed from speakers somewhere in the cavern. “Ga, I know you are down there. I don’t know how you got in there, but I assure you that you can not stop me. In a little more than hour, nerve gas will start to flood Alpha, Beta, and Gamma levels of this facility. In less than ten minutes every living being on those levels will be dead. After that, the central domes on the surface will be likewise gassed. One hour after that, missiles will be launched from this facility and several sites in Montana, Brazil, Russia, and Central Asia. We also control missiles on orbiting platforms above each pole. Those missiles will release a bio-weapon — a virus that will infect every human on the planet. A select few who carry an artificially created genetic immunity to this synthesized virus will survive. I’m afraid it will be quite ugly, symptoms are reminiscent of the bubonic plague and ebola, but mercifully, it won’t last more that a few weeks. Chemtrails have made delivery of the agent quite efficient. And the H.A.A.R.P. technology will take care of the rest. Yes, we did manage to miniaturize and make the system portable before the Intervention took down the facilities in Alaska, Greenland and Norway.”

“Yes, but I seem to have your escape route blocked at the moment don’t I?!!” Ga almost smirked.

“Here’s the deal Ga, surrender the tunnel chamber to me in ten minutes and I will spare the lives in this facility. Then, if you and your accomplices think they can stop my missile launch, well, I’ll be gone anyway won’t I?!!”

“No deals, Niall, come and take it if you can.” “Damn you, I will take it, and this miserable planet will finally be under our control.”



“Ga! Come in! Can you hear me?” Ulrich was becoming frantic. He had overheard the conversation between Niall and Ga through his monitors.

Ga felt the slight buzz of the com device Ulrich had given him. He had placed it in a pocket and forgotten it in the excitement. “Yes, Ulrich, we’re here.”

“Here where? I’ve been trying to locate you for over an hour. According to your coordinates, you should be inside solid rock. One of my new friends up here found some hidden computer files. We’re accessing them now. It looks like there are at least two levels not on the directorate charts or diagrams.”

“That would be about right, we are in a huge cavern – there is a deep abyss going way down into the planet, with some sort of incredible energy field that emits tachyon particles.”

“Tachyon particles? That means that you have found some sort of temporal anomaly?” An astounded Ulrich replied.

“And more, much more. There are some ancient alien artifacts that apparently have some way of keeping the field under control, and can even be used for matter-energy transfer across space and time. Our new friend down here, Dr. Markhoff, showed us a 3-D holographic star chart of the galaxy stored in the artifact that will blow you away. There is also a computer lab down here that I can already tell has both Orion and Terran advanced technology.”

“That would explain the huge cache of data files with the unusual symbols and equations my new friend up here found. That is … uncanny. Now that I know what they are for, perhaps I can make something out of them. These alien artifacts, do they have some odd or unusual glyphs or symbols?” a curious Ulrich asked.

“Yes, let’s see if we can get you some video feed and access to these computers.” Ga stated as he turned to Dr. Markhoff. “My friend on Epsilon level wants a peak at this little toy of yours. I would appreciate it if you would make that possible.”

A disgusted Dr. Markhoff glared back. “These computers are isolated and linked directly to the main computer core. I will not give you the encryption codes to get in.”

“Ulrich, I suppose you heard that?”

“Give me a minute, I’m pinging for them. There’s at least one Orion computer system down there you say?”

“Yes. But what does that matter?” a curious Ga asked.

“Give me just a minute.” Ulrich began frantically typing in codes and then his hands went to the large touch controlled monitor and began quickly searching the various systems and subsystems. In just moments, he exclaimed: “Gotcha! … Ga, I’ve isolated the Orion computer down there. They use a different operating system that has to be patched to communicate with Terran technology. I worked on those patches myself, they all basically work the same way. Once I’m into the translator program, I can open a back door into both the Orion and Terran systems. The encryption codes are unnecessary, it will just take me a minute or two. Can you get inside that lab?”

Ga grabbed Markhoff by the collar and said: “Open the fucking door, or I swear I will cut off your hand while you’re still alive – and use it just like I did that poor guard’s!”

Markhoff appeared genuinely frightened for the first time. He walked with Ga over to the door to the computer room and placed his hand on a panel next to the door. As he did so, the panel lit up to a green color, and the door slid open.

“We’re in.” Ga stated flatly.

“Excellent. Go to the any one of the active Terran computers, and key in exactly what I tell you!” Ulrich stated urgently.

Ga sat down at a terminal, and began quickly typing in the codes that that Ulrich was sending him. It wasn’t long before Ulrich had access.

“Mother of God!” Ulrich exclaimed as he could see the artifacts for the first time and began putting the pieces together. “This is … well, the implications are truly frightening. If they can truly control this, then they could go back and change the entire course of human history. It appears from these calculations we are trying to decipher that this is exactly what they were attempting to do!”

“We have come to the same conclusion down here dear friend, and I suppose you heard Niall’s offer of a deal?” Ga replied.

“Of course I did. We’re monitoring everything that is happening at his control center and all incoming and outgoing communications from Zeta Level as you requested. We blocked something that was sent out globally. It must have been his launch codes. They still apparently don’t know that we’ve totally penetrated their systems.”

“Then you know that we are expecting company down here very soon. I think blocking access at the single door will only be temporarily effective. We can’t hold out down here forever, and most importantly we must take Niall down now, before he can deliver on his threats. You have to get a signal out to Lysiel and the Galactic Federation as to what we’ve stumbled onto down here.”

“We’ll have your back, trust me!” Ulrich replied.

“I’m counting on it, and by the way, they apparently have a separate security system for all this stuff down here. I need you to find it!” Ga replied.

“Already on it, boss.”

Ga then turned to Dr. Markhoff. “Where is Niall trying to go?”

“I honestly don’t know. My orders were to run calculations for travel based on available portals with the current stellar alignment. The computers have come up with half a dozen definite possibilities. I have no idea which one he intends to use.”

“Well, then, how long is the window open for using these possible portals?”

“It depends on a number of factors. It can be hours, days, or in some cases, weeks.”

“You, Sir, are being evasive … and it’s really starting to piss me off!” Ga replied angrily.

“Ga, he’s got to have this guy to turn the damn thing on doesn’t he?” ‘Ifafi asked.

“Apparently, and so do we, if we want to know anything about how all this works,” Ga replied tersely.

“Well, I’m just thinking. It’s logical to assume that this thing has been sitting here doing its thing for tens of thousands of years. So, its primary function of regulating this energy field must be totally automatic. You have already said this thing is far too dangerous for anyone to control. Without years more study, and definite rules and safeguards about how it should be used, this thing could truly destroy humankind. Whomever or whatever left this here, did not intend for any man of this time to have it. I just can’t believe that. I think whomever left it here, used it to go home and for whatever reason, couldn’t get back — yet.”

“Yet?” Lugh asked somewhat perplexed.

“I see what you’re getting at. Someone or something did leave this here, and fully functioning apparently. And for a being or entity for which linear time is irrelevant, it doesn’t matter whether it’s been here for a few years or a few dozen millennia!” Ga replied.

“Perhaps, they intended to use it in 2012 when the planet passed through what is essentially the equator of the Milky Way. The good doctor here did say the field was definitely more powerful at that time, but they were using this thing for experimentation. Maybe they interfered with someone trying to use it to come here. Maybe that is what caused the anomaly that killed the doctor’s colleagues!” Lugh chimed in.

“And our friend here says they learned how to predict and ‘correct’ for the anomaly, essentially canceling it out. You may have something there,” Ga stated, grinning at the doctor.

“No! Don’t you idiots think we thought about that? Why it’s here, who left it, are they coming back? We have found absolutely no way to access the energy field off-planet. Believe me, we tried everything. It’s not even detectable from orbit. The anomaly is just that. An anomaly caused by variations in alignments or stray comets, or any one of dozens of random elements that combine to change the frequency of the field. We simply found a way to determine those frequency changes in time to compensate for them.

“The ‘One’ will be here soon, and soon you will be dead. The New World Order will finally come to pass and mankind will be able to live in peace, free from alien interference … and free from the bickering of national politics that still hang over from the old ways. Vrebatima and Transforma will always be only a step from another war as will the bickering religious fanatics all over the planet unless the ‘One’ unites the planet. Then, the undesirables, the degenerates, and war mongers will be forever gone. What will be left will be mankind as God must have truly intended … a perfect society. One world government and one world religion … all under “the One”!”

“And to achieve this ‘New World Order’ you will allow him to slaughter millions of innocents?” ‘Ifafi asked incredulously.

“It is necessary to purge the undesirables, much like a surgeon must remove a cancer to save a body, we must excise this blight on the planet. What will be left will be only the best of humanity.”

“And who makes these decisions as to who is ‘worthy’ to survive?” ‘Ifafi asked.

“Niall, the ‘One’… of course. He has been both blessed and cursed with this burden. If you were truly angels of the creator, then you would know this. But, since you don’t understand, you are truly abominations and creatures of hell – just as Niall has taught us.”

“Yeah, right!” ‘Ifafi quipped. “Y’know, Ga, we had discussed a mind probe on this one, but right now that kinda frightens me.”

“Agreed, besides, we may need his mind intact for later.”

A few minutes later, the com device still in Ga’s ear buzzed again, “Ga, I found the security programs for … wherever it is you are; the only reference I see is ‘Level X’ but someone is attempting to delete all the security access codes.”

“Deleting them?” Ga asked.

“Yea, well, if you can’t get around something, the next best thing you can do is delete all the security codes. That would re-initiate the system to the original default settings. What are they trying to do Ga?”

“Open this door. Can you stop it?”

“No, by the time I spotted it, they were almost done. The default code is probably an eight to twelve digit alpha-numeric code, but they probably have that. By the time I find it, they will already be in.”

“Understood. Any unusual movements on Zeta level last few minutes?”

“Now that you mention it, we have picked up at least eight ‘Ekbar’ ID chips down there. Must be where the doubles were going. Also, I have some video monitors showing several directorate security forces were headed that way.”

“Well, looks like we will have company soon. Send what you can.”

Ga turned to Lugh and ‘Ifafi: “Guys, looks like they’re on the way. I suspect the door will be opening very soon. ‘Ifafi, Lugh, secure these two in here, make sure their hands are secure and that they are gagged. I want them visible, but they can’t get to these terminals. If Niall gets past me, one of you two must kill Dr. Markhoff here. We CAN NOT let Niall access this device.” Markhoff’s eyes grew wide and he was about to scream as Lugh grabbed a roll of duct tape laying on a work table and covered Markhoff’s mouth.

Ga continued, “Take the guards’ rifles and sidearms and station yourselves as clandestinely as possible on either side of the top of this cavern. The only way down here that I have seen is through that single door and down that escalator. Niall simply can not get off that escalator. That is our last line. One more thing: the real Niall will want to kill me himself. He’s probably given orders to his people to that effect. ‘Ifafi, my love, whatever happens, I’ll be with you always.”

With that, Ga stepped outside the enclosed computer lab and back into the cavern near the artifact. He drew his sword, held it straight up and began repeating the ritual invocation to Michael:

“Te Gladi, Vos Gladias, trea Nomine Sancto, Albrot, Abracadabra, Jehova elico. Estote meum castellumque praesidium contra omnium hostes, conspicuusque nonconspicuus, in quisque magiceum opum. Nomeno Sancto Saday, qui est in imperium magnum, et his alio nomine: Cados, Cados, Cados, Adonai, Elohi, Zena, Oth, Ochimanuel, primoque ultimo, Sapientia, Via, Vita, Virto, Principio, Oso, Otatie, Splendoro, Luce, Sol, Fono, Gloria, Mono, Porta, Vite, Lape, Scipio, Sacredo, Pravo, Messiah, Gladi in omnium meum negotia regnas et in illos res quem me resistunt, vincite. Amen.”

The sword began to glow and suddenly felt as light as a feather. Ga could feel the “strength of the sword of Michael” sear through his flesh, muscles and skin. “Yes!” he exclaimed to himself. “I am ready for anything.”

Within minutes, Lugh and ‘Ifafi had their prisoners secured and had flown to ledge perches on either side of the cavern near the cavern’s ceiling. Ga, with his sword drawn, took his station directly between the escalator and the artifacts.

In less than ten minutes, Ga could hear the door mechanism hissing to life and the escalator motor began churning. In just a few seconds, Ga could make out at least five Niall/Ekbars flanked by several armed guards standing on the platform near the top of the escalator. Niall seemed taller than before. “Must be elevator shoes,” thought Ga.

“All alone Ga? You’re really making this much too easy.”

Ga could tell the voice was Niall’s even though the heavy British accent was now gone, but the lighting was too dim to see which one was actually speaking … even if it was one of the Niall’s he could see.

“If you think I’m so easy, then come on. Let’s find out. Or are you just content to hide behind one of your doubles? You truly are the biggest coward I have ever come across.

“Come on, you and me, right here right now. I’ll find a sword for you to use. I’ll even bind and cloak my wings so we can make it even.”

“As tempting as you make that sound, I really haven’t the time. Now I could just have one of these guards simply put a bullet through that thick skull of yours, but really that would be just disgustingly and disappointingly easy. I think I will just have them shoot you in the legs.”

Almost instantly two of the guards pulled their rifles and were about to fire when two shots rang out from above and the two guards went down.

“Ah, so you’re not alone. It must be Lugh and your lover, ‘Ifafi. Oh yes, your dear Laila told me all about you two. Imagine, perverted angels. You truly amaze me, Ga. But, wonders never cease. I will have to make it a point to make your lover suffer horribly before he dies.”

“I will not let you use that artifact. I will not let you launch your bio-weapons. My people have control of your computers. We know everything. We blocked your launch orders. It’s over Niall.”

At that moment, two more security officers raised their guns and advanced to the escalator and got on followed by two of the Ekbar/Nialls. As they did so, two more shots rang out. One of the officers fell back over the escalator, the other tumbled down several of the steps before slumping over, motionless. Immediately after that, shots began ringing out toward the top of the cavern and the powder flashes that had been seen by the other officers. Lugh and ‘Ifafi launched from their perches, automatic rifles firing at the platform, falling straight down into the abyss several meters below the cavern floor before spreading their wings and pulling straight up at incredible speed while still laying fire at the platform. Surprised by the speed and agility of the two angels, as well as the barrage of bullets, most of the officers on the platform began retreating for the door followed by most of the Niall doubles.

One of the Niall’s near the escalator screamed, “No! You idiots! Take this one out here! The one just standing there! FIRE!”

One of the remaining officers, pulled his rifle up and took dead aim on Ga, and pulled the trigger. At that instant, Ga raised his sword and with a flex of his arm, deflected the bullet back toward the escalator. Then he too took flight. Unbeknownst to anyone, the deflected bullet landed in the bottom of one of the steps lodging inside one of the sliding tracks.

Thinking Ga had retreated, Niall turns to the couple of remaining doubles and four remaining security officers, ordering them onto the escalator. At that same moment, the retreating officers and Niall/Ekbars were met outside the cavern door by Ulrich, uncharacteristically dressed in full riot gear and bearing an automatic rifle, along with Sgt. McConnell and sixteen of his trusted security officers from Alfa and Beta levels – all similarly attired with weapons drawn, ready to fire and positioned so that they were blocking every exit. Several of the officers and a couple of the Niall/Ekbars simply dropped their weapons and raised their hands in surrender.

“Sergeant, you will find a ventilation shaft over there. In about 2 meters, it will open unless they have wings. Secure your prisoners there with a couple of armed guards with them and at each of the two entrances to this level. They can still come down that elevator shaft if the elevator is shut down. You and the rest of the men follow me into that cavern. I still hear gunfire in there!” Ulrich ordered with all the authority he could muster.

“Aye, sir!” the sergeant replied as he began yelling orders to the men.

As soon as he was done, Ulrich motioned him to advance into the cavern. As they were advancing into the cavern, Niall, and the remaining doubles and security officers were advancing down the escalator when it suddenly jolted to a stop, sending the first couple of officers stumbling and falling forward. 

Taking the cue, ‘Ifafi swooped down hitting both of the hapless officers in the head with the butt of his now-empty rifle knocking them out, as he attempted to regain flight, one officer behind one of the Niall’s drew down, took aim and fired, hitting ‘Ifafi in the shoulder. Unable to sustain flight with the injury, ‘Ifafi fell to the cavern floor, and lay there limp and unconscious.

Upon seeing this, Ga, immediately swooped towards the officer with his sword drawn, and with one mighty swing beheaded him instantly. As the remaining officer on the escalator raised his gun to fire at Ga, a shot rang out from the platform, and the officer fell limp over the railing. Ulrich, standing next to Sergeant McConnell who had fired the deadly shot, yelled: “You have no where to run! Give it up Niall!”

Unnoticed by anyone, several of the pieces of all three artifacts had been rotating. Suddenly, a bright flash of light filled the cavern, and a tunnel of light suddenly appeared and extended across the abyss and then, between and past the two columns, across the round calendar artifact and to within a few meters of the base of the escalator.

Glancing over at the computer lab, Ga could see that Dr. Markhoff and the guard were still bound and gagged. “What the hell?” He quickly thought to himself, but turned to the three persons remaining on the escalator, all dressed as Niall. “Don’t even think about it. Look over there. Your man didn’t activate the artifact. Besides, I will never let you get off that escalator even if I have to kill all three of you to stop you!”

Despite the fact that all were carrying sidearms, and glancing at the remains of the be-headed officer, two of the men immediately dropped them and ripped off their masks. They both screamed and pointed, “Him! He’s the one you seek!”

Ga, again glancing over at his beloved ‘Ifafi, just as Lugh descended to tend to his fallen comrade, turned back to Niall and stated: “It’s finally down to you and me, Niall. Drop your weapon. My challenge is still open, you can have ‘Ifafi’s sword. I will still splay you open for all to see.”

At that moment, the light from the tunnel of light projecting through the columns became more intense and began to swirl with literally millions of brilliant colors. Within the fantastic display of light could be seen thousands of symbols from the Universal Language of Light, including all of the artifact symbols.

“We all need to leave. It’s never done that before. You’ve done something to the device. You may have destroyed the damn planet!” a truly terrified Niall screamed.

From the top of the platform, Ulrich yelled: “Ga, I think something is coming through the tunnel from the other side!”

“The other side of wha…” Before Ga could even finish his question, five angels in fast flight emerged from the mouth of the tunnel of light swooping straight upward before reaching the base of the escalator where Ga, had confronted Niall. Niall began firing wildly at them, as Ga lunged, cutting off Niall’s hand which had been holding the gun. Ga then turned to see Gehirael, Aviel, Pasisiel, Sarafsion, and Zeburial landing around them. Before Ga could come out of his shock and greet his angelic friends a familiar voice echoed through the tunnel. Turning around to look, Ga beheld his good friend and comrade Lysiel – beaming like never before.

“Lysiel! How did … I mean wha …?!!”

“Greetings my friend! As you see, God works in many mysterious ways and those that truly find abode in the Kingdom Within will perceive and partake in many miracles.”

The others were completely spellbound and dumbfounded. The silence was quite intense for about 30 seconds before Lysiel stepped out of the tunnel and walked over to Ga, giving him the traditional angelic greeting.

“That we have come to your assistance in this way is not the true miracle, Ga. It is you – yourself – that has manifested the true miracle.” Lysiel then took the sword of Archangel Michael from Ga’s hand and flung it into the air above their heads, saying: “Behold!”

A funnel of light with symbols swirled from above their heads and within seconds touched ground between Ga and Lysiel. Ga and the others were momentarily blinded by the light but when their sight had been regained every one in the cavern – including Niall – gasped with astonishment. Standing before them was the great Archangel Michael, holding his sword in one hand and a rose in the other. Archangel Michael then called out to Lugh and Ulrich: “Come my dear ones … and bring ‘Ifafi with you.”

Lugh and Ulrich quickly lifted ‘Ifafi to his feet and brought him over to Archangel Michael. Ulrich – somewhat terrified – quickly pulled back several feet.

“Do not be afraid and do not be modest my precious son,” said the Archangel to Ulrich. “Come closer.”

And then Archangel Michael reached out to ‘Ifafi and projected a ray of light into his wounded shoulder – causing the bullet to fall to the floor and instantly healing ‘Ifafi. “Thanks boss!” said ‘Ifafi. And then suddenly correcting himself: “I mean, thank you your Excellency.”

All were quiet, and both Lugh and Ga were a wee bit worried for the consequences of ‘Ifafi’s nervous levity. However, Archangel Michael just smiled and said: “Come on over here and give your bro’ a big hug!”

All the angels broke out in laughter. And then Archangel Michael looked over to Ulrich, and said in a stern voice: “Ulrich, please advance!”

Ulrich was shaking like crazy from nervousness. He glanced over to Ga and then to ‘Ifafi, both of whom just nodded that he should do as commanded. Ulrich then stood up tall and walked over to face Archangel Michael.

“Please kneel on one knee Ulrich.”

The other angels immediately understood what was about to happen, and gasped with joy and astonishment.

Ulrich kneeled as told and closed his eyes.

“Open your eyes, son. You will want to remember this moment with all your senses – for the rest of your life.”

When Ulrich opened his eyes he was given a golden ring – just like the ones worn by Ga, ‘Ifafi, Lugh and the other angels. And then Archangel Michael touched him on his head with his sword saying: “With this holy sword I do bless you and welcome you into the League of Angels of the Fourth Density. And with this rose I imbue you with the loving courage to bear the wings now sprouting onto your shoulders.”

Ulrich could feel a weird sensation rippling through his shoulder blades, and within seconds a fine set of blue-greyish silver wings appeared on his back. They were not as fantastic or as large as those of his comrades, but he had earned his wings!

“WOW! I mean thank you Sir … errr your Excellency!”

“It is because of your undying faith, your courage and your adherence to the Kingdom Within that you have received this honor and blessing, my son. I have no doubt that you will one day soon again stand before me – to receive induction into the angelhood of the Seventh Density, along with your friends Ga and ‘Ifafi.”

And then Archangel Michael turned to Lugh and said: “Dear Lugh. Reach out and take my hand, son.”

As Lugh took the Archangel’s hand he felt his wings pop at their shoulder base and begin to grow. All gasped in amazement as the old wings gave way to a beautiful new set of firey orange- red, turquoise and gold-specked plumage.

“Lugh, you are herewith promoted to the Seventh Density of the League of Angels. Congratulations, and thank you for a job very well done. Now: en garde !” said Archangel Michael after throwing Lugh His sword. “’Ifafi!” he shouted. “Throw me your sword mate!”

And so Lugh had the most fantastic moments of his lifetime, sparring in fun with Archangel Michael. Most of the angels had gathered around, leaving just a few to guard the prisoners. When the fun and games were over, Archangel Michael took back his sword, returned ‘Ifafi’s sword and announced that he would be leaving but that he first would communicate a message for all to hear:

“When I leave this cavern this portal will disappear with me. It was never meant for usage by Terrans, and certainly not at their present stage of spiritual development. The device has actually been here for eons upon eons. While it can be used to cross time and space, it was initially designed for inter-dimensional travel for angelic beings during the earliest days of humanity when more ‘hands on’ help was needed. There are literally thousands of such devices scattered across the Universes to help fledgling worlds along. BUT – I reiterate – they were never intended for human use.”

And with that Archangel Michael and the device disappeared, leaving all astounded.

Ga then said: “Well, the show is over. Time to get back to work boyz!”

“Yepp,” said Lysiel. “But first I do have one announcement to make which I think you will all enjoy. On our way here, we rounded up Niall’s co- conspirators and we have also taken control of his bio-weapons and portable H.A.A.R.P. equipment … thanks to the data uncovered by Ulrich and the information gleaned from Ga’s prisoners, especially Arthur.”

Turning to Niall, Lysiel said: “Niall, you were never ‘chosen’ to be an antichrist. You have always had free will – just as all beings in the universes. You and your cronies got way out of your league playing around with angelic and alien technology that you did not have the ability to truly understand. True intelligence is comprised of many kinds of intelligence, including the intelligence of compassion and love – which you seem to be lacking. It has been decided that – in the spirit of divine compassion – your life and the lives of your accomplices will be spared, but that you will join the others for re-education on Zeta Reticuli. If that does not work out, then your souls will be sent back to the Interlife for regeneration. Now angels, let us get these prisoners up to Alpha level for final interrogation and seal off this basement. The first order of business will be to replace Niall’s faulty microchip.”

As he was led out Niall looked over at Ga and scowled while yelling: “It ain’t over yet, Big Bird!”

‘Ifafi quickly grabbed Ga and kissed him hard on the lips to keep him from responding, and said “All in a day’s work, babe. Hey! I am starved. Let’s get some grub.”

Ga kissed ‘Ifafi back and whispered: “Tes quofta, ‘Ifafi.”

And ‘Ifafi responded: “Yeah, I know … and I love you too Big B…”

“Whaaa?!!” shouted Ga, now chasing after ‘Ifafi, who was laughing and running behind Lugh and Ulrich for protection. Suddenly Lugh raised his sword and said: “What do you say guys?!!”

And all four angels shouted: “UN POUR TOUS, TOUS POUR UN !” (One for all, all for one!).



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