Truth or consciousness …

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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
– Arthur Schopenhauer

These are confusing times for most people. Not only are many political, social, historical and scientific “truths” being exposed as lies and half-truths every day now, but the entire foundation of what life, death, existence, universe etc. are all about is being redefined. For many it feels as if all is going to hell. For me, this is a big relief … not a relief that things are so bad, or are misunderstood, but rather relief that so many people are now seeing the gaps within the accepted “fake” / outdated concepts reality and are now looking to the “impossible, and incredible” for new questions and consciousness. I no longer lie awake at night wondering when the masses will “wake up”. It is happening! New scientific research is being presented nearly every week which shows the connectivity of all beings and entities, as well as exposing the fallacies of religion, politics, economic theory and historical presentations. Now I am free to focus more on sharing scientific research that backs up the intuitive knowledge I have spoken and written about for decades, because my audience is growing. However, I must not forget the pain of separation and disillusionment my loved ones may still experience in slowly experiencing that stability and reality are not what we thought they were. I am not especially over-intelligent. But I did – by design – take a bit too much soul memory and soul intelligence with me when I incarnated this time around. It is therefore that I am psychic and know things that are not immediately logical or visible to human eyes. I also get much information through channelings from other spiritual entities, from other dimensional beings and aliens, and from the dead. I have one foot on the Earth, and the other beyond.

So, please remember that it is easier to take a step forward rather than to bury oneself in fear and denial, and thus to refuse to admit that the present and past are not to be held onto at all costs. Consciousness changes by definition, and that process is easier and faster for the willing.


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