Listen to the children!

It is a challenge in our time to maintain a balance between dialogue and freedom of expression, so that different voices are allowed their right to expression. May those voices provoke thought and discussion, but not encourage blind hatred and violence. The problem is that on this planet we are so concerned with “who wins” a debate, a discussion, a fight, a war etc. Why not think less about “winning” and more about learning and sharing, which can result in consensus regarding solutions we can all live with for awhile?

But perhaps that is too « kindergarten » … ?
— Adam Donaldson Powell


“Entre Nous et Eux”, oil on canvas, 90×65 cm. is about keeping a frozen smile and trying to remain “politically correct” in a Western world that is literally under “cultural attack” by the sheer numbers of refugees and immigrants, and further complicated by European countries’ relative naivité and unpreparedness for multiculturism. It is therefore that the background resembles the Norwegian, Czech, Russian, French, Dutch, British, US etc. flags with the red, white and blue colours … but which are are increasingly inundated with falling leaves which eventually become lively foreign objects, cultures, traditions, religions etc. — and all the while with more and more persons competing for celebrity, money, resources, ideologies and power etc. It symbolises an irreversible shift in cultural and social values and traditions, and the tensions churning and burning underneath. It is about the new “n-word” which is socially and legally forbidden to express in public forums. The penalty is being stamped as “a racist”, and prosecution.
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