To My Beloved (my Sufi poems).

  … three more beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century): Ahhhh … Tonight this dervish shall embrace the Wine Seller, and dance in the flames of drunkenness with my Lover. qaddasa Allahu sirrahu … I too smell the perfume, Master, and I am not…

The Death of AIDS.

Many would have us believe that AIDS is under control, and that all is “normalized”. Sure thing, bro! (or do we just need to feel like we have moved on … ?) AIDS has changed the world in more ways than we may possibly…

Salute to Larry Kramer.

Do read Larry Kramer’s rant from 2012: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ACT UP, WHEREVER YOU ARE …” And to you, dear Edmund (White): please reconsider what you deem as “asshole” behaviour, and just who – in fact – may be guilty of such. By the way,…

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