undressing my shemale.


undressing my shemale.

i have had you
many times before …
and in many places:
in toilets in four-star restaurants,
in discotheques,
in taxi cabs and in limousines,
in unsafe parts of town,
in luxury hotel rooms.
we have run the gamut.

i have always demanded
to watch you strip for me.
but tonight …
tonight i want to undress you.
never mind the clothes;
i want to strip you of
your role-playing, and
your insecurities —
drowning in attitude.

just tonight,
i want to make love
to the “you” that you
never show to a lover:
tonight, i want to retake
your psychosexual virginity …
tonight, i want to
experience you —
“a stranger,
in a strange land.”

oh yeah …
oh yeah …

let’s suck,
and let’s fuck …
but let us do it now!”

(oh baby …
ohhhh … )

My stranger.



So sweet
are your suggested promises.
My stranger.
My unobtainable
moment of passion.
You coax me;
you cast me aside.
We can only have each other
in our leap-frog dreams:
both out-of-sync and yet
totally — oh so totally …
in syncopation.
The relentless fantasy is more
than the sum of reality’s
individual parts.
I see you everywhere;
in the gait of strangers …
in my memories.
Beginning from the
waist down …
easing toward the toes
and then quickly
darting upwards
to a fleeting and
photographic flash
of your insignificant face.
My stranger.
My passion.
My stranger …
So sweet.


Voy a joderte …


voy a joderte.
y tu lo sabes muy bien.
voy a joderte.


du är söt!
du sekret sex.
men jag jagar inte efter män eller kvinnor.
de jagar efter mig.
och du kommer att jaga efter mig också,
min sexiga vän.

du kommer att jaga efter mig också.