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Playing with language to create new ways of writing.

    Playing with word combinations, word sounds, word color and smell associations, as well as levels of language and speaking help to make poetry and prose cinematic and colorful — without long and tedious passages. I also use languages (in both pure and…

To My Beloved (my Sufi poems).

  … three more beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century): Ahhhh … Tonight this dervish shall embrace the Wine Seller, and dance in the flames of drunkenness with my Lover. qaddasa Allahu sirrahu … I too smell the perfume, Master, and I am not…

‘… the delicious and always new pleasure of a useless occupation’ — Henri de Régnier

Dance with me. a good south african red wine, caesar salad and vegetable pie, poetry flowing freely from an endless cognitive-emotional waterfall, yet unfinished oil paintings haunting me with outrageous suggestions, and — in the background — a delicious recording of “Valses nobles et…

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