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To My Beloved (my Sufi poems).

  … three more beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century): Ahhhh … Tonight this dervish shall embrace the Wine Seller, and dance in the flames of drunkenness with my Lover. qaddasa Allahu sirrahu … I too smell the perfume, Master, and I am not…

World AIDS Day … Jisei – death poems and daily reflections by a person with AIDS.

Here are the main texts from my book “JISEI”. 辞世 JISEI – DEATH POEMS AND DAILY REFLECTIONS BY A PERSON WITH AIDS (poetry and short texts in journal format) My first public performance of my poetry in New York City was at a trendy…

JISEI: en français

Attention, attention ! Les portes du métro se sont fermées et il n’y a pas de sortie et pas d’arrivée au-delà de la vacuité. bulles … qui naviguent … allant au-delà des nuages … porter un toast au champagne … à ma mémoire ……

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